Meriting Youth Development Bursary 2021: Opening 30 Positions to Study Project Management

About Meriting Youth Development
Meriting Youth Development is an establishment that helps members of local communities to upskill themselves in order to find credible job roles in the market. By facilitating a combination of hard and soft skills training, the organisation ensures that participants are well-versed and prepared for the competitive job market. By implementing integrity, respect, and trust, the Meriting Youth Development ensures that their job readiness programmes provides the best for people interested in entry-level job roles.

About the Meriting Youth Development Bursary 2021
Meriting is offering a Youth Development Bursary for 30 passionate candidates who show a high level of interest in the professional field of Project Management. The Meriting Youth Development Bursary is a great 120-course opportunity that allows you to deepen your understanding of the world of project management.

As a participant, you will be exposed to the key components in becoming a qualified project manager. You will be required to come up with creative solutions and develop your managing abilities. Upon successful completion, you will be entitled to an NQF Level 5 qualification.

If you find this to be a suitable opportunity for you, don’t hesitate to register for the Meriting Youth Development Bursary.

Eligibility Criteria
If you’re convinced you to want to participate in the Meriting Youth Development Bursary, go ahead and sign up! Don’t worry if you’re still not sure if you’d be a good fit. All you have to do now is review the prerequisites below and compare your qualifications to the standards set out by the selection committee. If you want to have a chance of getting accepted, make sure you meet all of the requirements. Failure to do so may not result in immediate disqualification, but it may lower your chances of being accepted.

The Meriting Youth Development Bursary Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Has an interest in project management
  • Prepared to undergo through the entire course of the programme
  • Willing to perform their best
  • Has problem-solving capabilities
  • Can come up with creative solutions
  • Has a strong drive in the field.

Application Instructions
Apply via email: [email protected] (Meriting Youth Development Bursary 2021).

Candidates will need to send in their most updated Curriculum Vitae (CV), Identity Document, and your latest qualification to the email address above.

Make sure your CV contains the relevant information, such as your strengths, skills, and qualifications. This document is a great chance for you to showcase yourself as a potential candidate and why you deserve to be chosen.

By submitting your applications, you are granting permission to the selection committee to use your personal information for the purpose of registering you for the event.

Candidates are required to submit their applications to the email address above. Attempts to submit materials via other means, such as hand delivery or fax, will be rejected by the selection committee.

Closing Date
Applications for the Meriting Youth Development Bursary must be submitted before the closing date on 30 October 2021.

It is possible to guarantee that your application is protected as soon as possible by registering as soon as feasible. However, this does not guarantee immediate success and is just designed to give you a stable position during the recruitment process.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted by the selection committee. Candidates that submit their applications after the deadline will not be considered. All submissions submitted after the deadline, regardless of their substance, will be discarded without further consideration.

Meriting Youth Development has the right to offer or refuse an appointment to anybody at any time in its sole and absolute discretion. The decisions of the choosing committee are final and binding on all parties engaged in the process.


  1. I would like to take this opportunity
    I’m willing to work and learn at the same time I promise to do my best

  2. I would like to take this opportunity

    I’m a generosity person who is willing to do any work

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