AfriSam Bursaries 2021: Great Programme for Your Brighter Future

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About AfriSam
AfriSam is the company behind your commonly used construction materials that are of high quality and usage. Specializing on materials such as cement, aggregate, and ready mix concrete, AfriSam has been a key player in the development of Africa’s infrastructure over the past few decades.

With its long history of greatly contributing to the continent’s physical development, AfriSam has become a brand that is well-respected and holds a level of admire within the local society. The company has been a reliable supplier for all things construction. Whether your needs or big or small, AfriSam is ready to provide its best to fulfill your construction needs.

AfriSam Bursary Programme
Believing in their vision, which is to build and develop younger communities for a positive African future, AfriSam is currently providing funding for students under the AfriSam Bursary Programme. This programme is mainly intended for students who are pursuing their tertiary education.

Reference code: BO2021

This bursary programme caters to a specific list of key subjects that are relevant to the AfriSam company’s vision and mission. All of these study fields are within the undergraduate studies spectrum. These fields include:

  1. Mechanical (Degree/BTech)
  2. Electrical (Degree/BTech)
  3. Internal Auditing (Diploma/BTech/Degree)
  4. Cost Management Accounting (Diploma/BTech/Degree)
  5. Financial Management (Diploma/BTech/Degree)
  6. Financial Accounting (Diploma/BTech/Degree)

AfriSam Bursary Value
All grantees of the AfriSam Bursary Programme will be entitled to a handful of benefits which is used to support their educational endeavors. Kindly be informed that these funding are strictly disallowed to used for other suspicious purposes, such as paying off loans or debts.

The funding will take place during the entire course of the grantee’s course, on condition that the candidate maintains a stable and impressive academic track record for the degree courses. The bursary will cover these following expenses:

  1. Registration fees
  2. Tuition fees
  3. Examination fees
  4. Reading materials
  5. Accommodation fees.

AfriSam Bursary Requirements
Compared to other bursary programmes, registering for the AfriSam Bursary Programme is rather fuss-free. There are only four basic requirements that all candidates must fulfill before they can apply for the programme. However, just because there are only three requirements, that doesn’t mean you should undermine them. All candidates are expected to take these requirements seriously.

To seem more details regarding the requirements of the progamme, you can access them through their website. The criteria for this programme’s eligibility are as follows:

  • Must hold valid proof of South African citizenship
  • Has an exemplary academic track record during their ongoing studies (65% average in academic results)
  • Need of financial assistance
  • Will be available to work in the AfriSam company if requested
  • Good behavioral standards
  • Will be available for possible relocation.

Note: AfriSam bursary scheme is meant to provide financial support to registered undergraduate students who are currently registered for first year of study at a recognized South African University.

How to Apply
Please forward with The following documents:

  • Matric results
  • Certified copy of ID
  • CV/resume

Reference: BO2021

Send your application to: [email protected].

Send it before closing date: 08 June 2021.

If you have met all of the aforementioned requirements, you are all set to apply for the AfriSam Bursary Programme. The instructions itself are pretty clear and simple. Unlike most registrations, this one doesn’t require you to visit a website and register online. All you have to do is download the application form.

Once you have downloaded the application form, it’s time to fill it out. Make sure the information you have provided, especially personal details, are all accurate and correct. The programme has a zero tolerance policy for applicants who provide false information. If caught red-handed, their applications may risk being revoked.

After you are done filling out your application forms, please double check for any typos or misspellings. With all the correct information on your form, your application is good for submission. To send in your application form, please send it to this following email: [email protected] However, if you feel more comfortable hand-delivering your applications, you can drop them off on the on-site Human Resources Department office.

Contact AfriSam
AfriSam Customer Service (Head Office) & General Enquiries
Tel: 0860 141 141 / (011) 670 5500
Email: [email protected]

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