Status Staffing Solutions Job Vacancy as Receptionist 2024: Permanent Position for Matric Certificate Holders

About the Status Staffing Solutions
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Whether clients require staffing for short-term projects, seasonal surges, or long-term positions, Status Staffing Solutions prides itself on its knack for identifying the most suitable candidates. Furthermore, the agency places great importance on deeply understanding the businesses they serve and the industries they operate within. By gaining profound insights into clients’ needs and industry-specific challenges, Status Staffing Solutions ensures they can offer tailored staffing solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. This client-centric approach is a cornerstone of their success and underscores their commitment to delivering unparalleled service and value.

About the Status Staffing Solutions Job Vacancy as Receptionist 2024
Status Staffing Solutions is offering candidates a permanent work position at their office for those who are looking for a vacancy as a reliable Receptionist. The Status Staffing Solutions Job Vacancy as Receptionist is an exciting opportunity for individuals seeking a stable career path as they extend an invitation for a permanent employment position within their office premises. This employment opportunity specifically targets individuals interested in securing the role of a dependable Receptionist within the esteemed Status Staffing Solutions team.

Your duties as Receptionist are as follows:

  • Welcome, greet, and manage visitors at the office premises.
  • Project a professional and suitable image of the company.
  • Demonstrate a pleasant demeanor, confidence, and maturity.
  • Manage the front desk/reception area.
  • Respond to, filter, and redirect incoming phone calls.
  • Provide accurate and fundamental information in person, over the phone, and via email.
  • Undertake office administrative tasks as directed by the Office Manager.
  • Maintain the appearance of the front office.
  • Ensure the cleanliness and organization of meeting rooms and boardrooms.
  • Offer drinks to all guests and prepare beverages as needed.
  • Prepare drinks for management upon request during meetings.
  • Ensure correct placement of table settings.

For application purposes, please kindly take note of the Status Staffing Solutions Job Vacancy as Receptionist 2024’s Reference Number: PC001595.

General Duties as Receptionist

  • Welcome and greet guests upon their arrival at the office.
  • Guide visitors to the appropriate person and office.
  • Manage incoming phone calls by answering, screening, and forwarding them.
  • Ensure the reception area remains tidy and presentable, stocked with all necessary stationery and materials (e.g., pens, forms, and brochures).
  • Offer basic and accurate information in-person and via phone/email.
  • Receive, organize, and distribute daily mail and deliveries.
  • Uphold office security by adhering to safety procedures and overseeing access via the reception desk (monitoring the logbook, issuing visitor badges).
  • Procure front office supplies and maintain stock inventory.
  • Update calendars and arrange meetings.
  • Coordinate travel arrangements and accommodations, and prepare vouchers.
  • Maintain accurate records of office expenses and costs.
  • Perform additional clerical receptionist duties such as filing, photocopying, transcribing, and faxing.

Eligibility Criteria
Before applying for the Receptionist position at Status Staffing Solutions, it’s imperative to ensure that you meet specific eligibility criteria. Each requirement listed below represents essential qualifications for this role and will be used to evaluate your suitability for the position. It’s crucial for candidates to fulfill all of the following criteria to enhance the chances of a successful application. Failure to meet these requirements will negatively impact the outcome of your application. We highly recommend that you take note of these criteria for your personal reference.

The Status Staffing Solutions Job Vacancy as Receptionist Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Gain 2 years of experience in a similar position.
  • Pay attention to detail.
  • Develop problem-solving skills.
  • Improve customer communication.
  • Maintain a presentable appearance.

Application Instructions
Apply online SStatus Staffing Solutions Job Vacancy as Receptionist 2024 at:

We recommend using Google Chrome as your primary web browser when accessing the specified website.

When filling out the application form, please ensure that your responses to the designated fields are accurate and relevant. It’s essential that all personal information provided accurately reflects your current circumstances.

The selection committee, of which you are a part, will carefully review the submitted information. Therefore, it’s crucial to verify that there is no inaccurate information. Applicants found to have provided false information may face consequences.

By submitting your application, you authorize the selection committee to use your personal information for registration purposes.

Applications will be thoroughly scrutinized and evaluated to verify the authenticity of applicants. Individuals found to have submitted false information will not be eligible for registration within the specified timeframe.

Candidates must use the provided portal exclusively to process their applications. Submissions via alternative methods, such as in-person delivery or fax, will not be accepted by the selection committee.

Closing Date
Applications for the Status Staffing Solutions Job Vacancy as Waiter must be submitted before the closing date on 30 April 2024.

Applications received after the specified deadline will not be considered by the selection committee. Any submissions arriving after the designated cutoff will not be acknowledged while the registration window is open.

We strongly encourage applicants to submit their applications as early as possible. Doing so will provide ample time for a thorough review of the information provided. Please ensure that you prepare and submit your applications promptly.

Notification of shortlisting will only be sent to candidates who advance to the next stage. If you do not receive any communication from the selection committee within 10 days after the application deadline, we regret to inform you that you have not been selected for further consideration.

Throughout the recruitment process, Status Staffing Solutions reserves the right to decide whether to schedule appointments. The decisions made by the selection committee are final and binding in all respects.

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