CLS Human Capital Specialists Job Vacancy as Receptionist 2024: Employment for National Senior Certificate Holders

About CLS Human Capital Specialists
Established in 1996 by Pieter van Rooyen, CLS Human Capital Specialists is a trusted provider of Human Resources and Organisational Development solutions. The commitment to excellence is demonstrated through partnerships with small and medium businesses, offering specialized services designed to cater to the distinct needs of every company.

CLS Human Capital Specialists is dedicated to delivering cost-effective and comprehensive services to clients spanning diverse sectors. The approach is centered around understanding the unique needs and challenges faced by clients in various industries. They take pride in their ability to customize services and products to meet the specific requirements of each organization they serve.

About the CLS Human Capital Specialists Job Vacancy as Receptionist 2024
CLS Human Capital Specialists is seeking for candidates keen on obtaining professional employment with the credible company as a reliable and welcoming Receptionist. The Receptionist role at CLS Human Capital Specialists presents an exciting opportunity to be the initial point of contact for clients and visitors, offering guidance to the appropriate departments and facilitating seamless communication with the team. Key responsibilities encompass efficiently managing phone calls, recording detailed messages, and maintaining an organized flow of mail to enhance operational efficiency.

Your duties in this role will include the following:

  • Welcome customers and visitors with a positive and helpful demeanor
  • Attend to and aid all walk-in individuals
  • Inform clients as necessary
  • Provide support for various administrative duties, including photocopying
  • Ensure the cleanliness and orderliness of the reception area and common spaces
  • Manage inventory and place orders for office and kitchen supplies
  • Handle office equipment and inquiries efficiently
  • Answer phones professionally and direct calls appropriately
  • Assist colleagues with administrative tasks
  • Receive and distribute mail items accurately and promptly
  • Forward essential emails to the relevant recipients
  • Prepare beverages for tea time and meetings
  • Schedule meetings as required.

The CLS Human Capital Specialists Job Vacancy as Receptionist is based in this location: Pretoria, Gauteng.

General Duties

  • Welcome and greet visitors courteously.
  • Effectively manage security and telecommunications systems.
  • Address queries and complaints received via phone, email, and general correspondence.
  • Transfer calls as needed for efficient communication.
  • Take and ensure messages are promptly delivered to the appropriate staff member.
  • Efficiently manage the availability of meeting rooms.
  • Receive, sort, distribute, and dispatch daily mail accurately.
  • Prepare vouchers in a timely manner.
  • Handle transcription, printing, photocopying, and faxing duties.
  • Record and maintain accurate records of office expenses.
  • Manage travel arrangements effectively.
  • Coordinate both internal and external events seamlessly.
  • Oversee the inventory of office essentials such as stationery, equipment, and furniture.
  • Supervise office services, including cleaners and maintenance service providers.
  • Assist the HR team in recruitment, onboarding, and termination processes.
  • Maintain safety and hygiene standards in the reception area consistently.

Eligibility Criteria
Believe you possess the qualifications for the CLS Human Capital Specialists Job Vacancy as a Receptionist? Waste no time – submit your application promptly! Before doing so, review the eligibility criteria for the position. These criteria will help you assess your suitability. To enhance your chances of success, ensure you meet all the requirements listed below.

The CLS Human Capital Specialists Job Vacancy as Receptionist Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

1. Basic Qualifications

  • Acquire a National Senior Certificate.
  • Attain a Diploma in Office Administration.
  • Accrue 2 years of experience in Office Administration.
  • Engage in the procurement of office equipment and consumables.
  • Establish communication with suppliers.
  • Manage office facilities and coordinate housekeeping.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in MS Office, including Word, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Ensure access to own transport.

2. Personal Competencies

  • Embrace positive thinking.
  • Demonstrate composure in various situations.
  • Value individuals and their contributions.
  • Adhere to set timescales.
  • Thoroughly check details and information.
  • Effectively manage tasks and responsibilities.
  • Produce high-quality output.
  • Take prompt and decisive action when required.
  • Examine information critically and analytically.
  • Develop expertise in relevant areas.
  • Adopt practical approaches to problem-solving.
  • Generate creative ideas and solutions.
  • Interact effectively with people.
  • Establish rapport with colleagues and stakeholders.
  • Articulate information clearly and concisely.
  • Make well-informed decisions.
  • Embrace change and adaptability.
  • Invite and welcome constructive feedback.
  • Understand the needs and perspectives of others.
  • Uphold high standards of performance and conduct.

Application Instructions
Apply online: CLS Human Capital Specialists Job Vacancy as Receptionist 2024.

Utilize Google Chrome to access the specified website provided above.

Complete the application form by entering the most pertinent information in the appropriate fields. Ensure that all personal details provided are accurate and align with your current circumstances.

It is crucial to verify that no fictitious information is included in the data you provide, as the entire selection committee, including yourself, will review it. Any indication of false information from applicants may jeopardize their standing.

Candidates, in addition to their profile picture and Curriculum Vitae, are requested to submit essential supplementary documents along with their CV. It is essential to compile these documents promptly. Your CV should be in PDF or Word format and devoid of any handwritten or other markings.

Upon submitting your application, you authorize the selection committee to utilize your personal information for event registration purposes. Please be aware that providing these documents is specifically for the purpose of registering your details in their database and does not assure your inclusion in the potential Learnership for the year 2024.

Candidates must submit their applications via the mentioned website. Submissions through alternative methods like hand delivery or fax will not be accepted by the selection committee.

Closing Date
Applications for the CLS Human Capital Specialists Job Vacancy as Receptionist must be submitted before the closing date on 30 April 2024.

Ensure you secure your application by registering early, aiming to secure a stable position during the recruitment phase, although success is not guaranteed immediately.

The selection committee strictly enforces a zero-tolerance policy for late applications. Submissions received after the closing date will be automatically disqualified during the evaluation process.

CLS Human Capital Specialists retains the exclusive right to extend or decline employment offers to individuals during the recruitment process. All decisions made by the selection committee are considered final and binding on all parties involved.

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