Cartrack Job Vacancy as Customer Care Agent 2024: Permanent Employment for Matric Candidates

About Cartrack
Cartrack, a distinguished global provider of data analytics solutions catering to mobile asset management, asset recovery, and workforce optimization, has built its esteemed reputation upon a robust Software-as-a-Service platform. Renowned for its inventive strategies in mobile asset management and recovery, Cartrack consistently explores new frontiers in innovation.

With a dedicated focus on technological progress geared towards elevating the client experience, the company excels in fleet management, stolen vehicle recovery, and insurance telematics services. Cartrack stands out as a service-oriented organization that specializes in the comprehensive in-house development and deployment of cutting-edge telematics technology and data analytics, among various other competencies. This unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence solidifies Cartrack’s standing as an industry leader.

About the Cartrack Job Vacancy as Customer Care Agent 2024
Cartrack is seeking for candidates who would like to seek professional, reliable employment with the company as a credible and qualified Customer Care Agent. The position of Customer Care Agent at Cartrack calls for experienced customer care agents to be stationed in our customer care department, delivering prompt and effective first-call resolution to our valued customers. We seek individuals with outstanding work ethic, energy, and the ability to deliver exceptional telephonic customer service. The ideal candidate will be a self-starter with a positive attitude, always ready and willing to assist customers. This role presents an opportunity for individuals who can thrive in a customer-focused environment and contribute to maintaining high standards of service.

A compelling opportunity is available for seasoned Customer Care Agents at their organization. As a world-leading smart mobility technology company, they proudly serve over 1,750,000 subscribers across 23 countries. Their collaborative and dynamic teams are experiencing rapid growth, providing an environment where all team members have the freedom to shape the products and technology. The vibrancy of the workplace culture, coupled with the global impact of their innovative solutions, makes joining the team an exciting prospect for skilled Customer Care Agents. With the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing success and influence cutting-edge developments, individuals in this role can play a pivotal role in the company’s journey.

The Cartrack Job Vacancy as Customer Care Agent is currently based in Rosebank. This is a permanent position. For application purposes, please kindly take note of the Cartrack Job Vacancy as Customer Care Agent 2024’s Reference Number: cartr_000474.

General Duties

  • Responding to inquiries regarding a company’s products or services
  • Handling the processing of orders and transactions
  • Resolving problems and addressing technical issues
  • Conveying details about a company’s offerings
  • Engaging in proactive outreach to customers
  • Managing and resolving customer complaints
  • Gathering and analyzing customer feedback
  • Responding to customer reviews
  • Compiling and documenting valuable knowledge into informative content
  • Monitoring and tracking customer service key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics.

General Requirements
Do you feel confident in meeting the qualifications required for the position of Customer Care Agent at Cartrack? Waste no time – promptly submit your application! Before doing so, carefully review the eligibility requirements for this job opening. These criteria serve as a guide to help you determine if you align with the expectations for the role. Strive to meet all the listed requirements to enhance your likelihood of success in the application process.

The Cartrack Job Vacancy as Customer Care Agent Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Graduate from Matric
  • Accumulate at least 2 years of customer care experience
  • Possessing retentions experience is advantageous
  • Exhibit strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Embrace a solution-oriented approach.

How to Apply
Apply online: Cartrack Job Vacancy as Customer Care Agent 2024.

To access the previously mentioned web address, it is advisable to use Google Chrome as your web browser.

To submit your application, you must create an account on the application site and log in during the registration process.

The information you provide will be utilized by the selection committee for event registration purposes. By submitting your application, you authorize the committee to employ your personal information for their investigation.

To be considered, candidates must submit their applications through the provided website. Submitting documents through alternative methods, like hand delivery or fax, will lead to the rejection of the application by the reviewing committee.

Closing Date
Applications for the Cartrack Job Vacancy as Customer Care Agent must be submitted before the closing date on 29 February 2024.

Register promptly to secure your application, although success is not guaranteed immediately; it aims to secure your position during the recruitment process.

Applications arriving after the deadline will not undergo review by the selection committee. Regardless of content, submissions received after the closing date will be promptly declined.

Cartrack reserves the right to extend or decline employment offers to individuals. The decisions of the selection committee carry ultimate authority and are binding on all involved parties.

Committee Details
If you have any inquiries or concerns related to the Cartrack Job Vacancy for the position of Customer Care Agent, we encourage you to reach out without hesitation. Feel free to forward your questions or express any concerns to the designated contact person mentioned below. Your queries will be addressed promptly and comprehensively.

Telephone Number: +27 10 140 3099

Email Address: [email protected]​​​​​​​

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