OVK Grain Procurer Learnership 2024: Positions Available in 2 Locations

About OVK
OVK, a prominent entity in South Africa’s agricultural sector and related industries, has its headquarters situated in Ladybrand. With a steadfast commitment to advancing the local agricultural community, OVK offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to foster prosperity among producers and stakeholders. Central to its mission is the provision of invaluable inputs to agricultural producers, facilitating product acquisition and marketing, and offering expert guidance to the public on agricultural matters.

Diversifying its portfolio, OVK specializes in a wide array of high-potential agronomy, encompassing dry beans, maize, fruits, vegetables, and wheat. Furthermore, the company has expanded its scope to include animal farming, dairy production, veld grazing, and more, thereby broadening its reach and impact within the agricultural landscape. Upholding core values of sustainability and ethical conduct, OVK has earned the trust and reliance of its industry peers and stakeholders. By consistently delivering on its promises and operating with integrity, OVK remains a cornerstone of support within the agricultural community, driving growth and innovation across the sector.

About the OVK Grain Procurer Learnership 2024
OVK is searching for applicants who would like to obtain new theoretical knowledge and practical working skills as a professional Grain Procurer in the agriculture field. Enroll in the OVK Grain Procurer Learnership program and seize the opportunity to contribute to the expansion of the OVK Group’s market share. As a participant, you’ll play a pivotal role in procuring grain and ensuring the sustained delivery of services to existing and potential clients beyond OVK’s geographical boundaries. Moreover, you’ll take on the responsibility of servicing producers within the designated area, establishing and nurturing vital client relationships to facilitate ongoing business growth.

In addition to procurement duties, learners will gain hands-on experience in various aspects of grain management and client servicing. This includes managing SAFEX clients and options, overseeing administrative tasks and meeting set targets, as well as strategically planning logistics for clients. Furthermore, participants will delve into portfolio management, actively monitoring clients’ SAFEX positions and implementing effective marketing strategies to optimize outcomes. By engaging in these multifaceted responsibilities, learners will acquire invaluable skills and insights into the dynamic field of grain procurement and client management, laying a solid foundation for a successful career in the industry.

The OVK Grain Procurer Learnership is a currently based in these locations: Ladybrand (Free State) & Hopetown (Northern Cape).

Eligibility Criteria
Prospective applicants for the OVK Grain Procurer Learnership are expected to meet the eligibility criteria outlined for the program. Each criterion listed below serves as a determining factor in assessing your suitability for the learnership opportunity. It is crucial for candidates to ensure compliance with all of the following requirements to increase the likelihood of a successful application. Failure to meet these prerequisites may adversely impact the outcome of your application. It is recommended to carefully note down each item on this list for your personal reference, aiding in thorough preparation and adherence to the stipulated criteria.

The OVK Grain Procurer Learnership Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Obtain an appropriate B-degree in marketing.
  • Consider registering as a SAFEX Trader with SAIFM for added advantage.
  • Ensure possession of a valid driver’s license.
  • Master advanced knowledge and proficiency in Excel.
  • Cultivate a strong customer service orientation.
  • Hone excellent communication skills in both English and Afrikaans.
  • Develop outstanding numerical skills.
  • Enhance your sales and marketing skills.

Application Instructions
Apply online (OVK Grain Procurer Learnership 2024):

Candidates must complete all fields on the application portal with their personal information. Additionally, it is recommended to include any relevant additional documents pertaining to the position and the latest version of your Curriculum Vitae (CV).

Furthermore, applicants must furnish a succinct overview of their employment and educational background, along with a brief Cover Letter. Ensuring clarity and completeness in these sections is crucial prior to finalizing and submitting your applications.

It is imperative that applications are exclusively submitted through the designated online platform mentioned above. Any attempts to submit via alternative methods, such as email or fax, will not be acknowledged by the selection committee.

By submitting their applications, candidates grant OVK authorization to utilize the provided information for registration purposes. All submissions will undergo thorough evaluation, and any instances of falsification within applications will result in immediate disqualification from the selection process.

Closing Date
Candidates must send in their applications for the OVK Grain Procurer Learnership before the closing date on 02 May 2024.

The selection committee maintains a strict policy of zero tolerance towards late submissions, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the specified deadline. Any applications received after the closing date will result in automatic disqualification from the registration period, underscoring the significance of timely submission.

As the deadline approaches within the next few days, candidates are strongly encouraged to initiate the application process promptly. This early preparation affords individuals ample time to meticulously review and refine their application materials, thereby maximizing their chances of a successful registration.

Throughout the recruitment process, OVK retains full discretion in making appointments. It’s important to note that all decisions rendered by the selection committee are conclusive, emphasizing the importance of thorough preparation and adherence to the outlined procedures.

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