HP (Hewlett Packard) Inc Bursaries 2023: Financial Assistance for Undergraduate Students

About HP (Hewlett Packard) Inc
HP Inc. South Africa is a technology firm that was founded on the principle that businesses should strive for more than just financial success. They need to work toward making the world a more pleasant place. HP Inc. is making investments in the tertiary education of young people who are brilliant and driven, and whose higher level skills are required by the South African economy.

These investments are a part of HP’s efforts to combat climate change, protect human rights, and ensure digital equality. They have the self-assurance to foresee a future in which invention is the driving force behind amazing contributions to mankind as a result of their over 80 years of deeds that illustrate their objectives.

About the HP (Hewlett Packard) Inc Bursaries 2023
HP (Hewlett Packard) Inc is offering financial aid for undergraduate students studying Computer Science or Engineering in a higher learning institution. The HP (Hewlett Packard) Inc. Bursaries are an open-door initiative that encourages applicants from a wide variety of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. If you are selected as a recipient of the prize, you will receive the assistance you require to pursue the academic qualification you seek. You are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this chance if you have achieved outstanding success in your academic pursuits and have demonstrated other admirable characteristics as a student.

Awardees of the HP (Hewlett Packard) Inc Bursaries will be entitled to the remunerations below:

  • Tuition expenses
  • Accommodation costs
  • Daily meals
  • Prescribed study materials.

Eligibility Criteria
First and foremost, you must familiarize yourself with the HP (Hewlett Packard) Inc Bursaries’ eligibility standards. Each of these criteria will influence whether or not you would be an excellent candidate. In case you’d want to double-check your credentials, please refer to the list of qualifying prerequisites provided below. Ideally, if you want to enhance your chances of success, you should be able to meet all of the requirements on the following list.

The HP (Hewlett Packard) Inc Bursaries Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Displays an impressive academic track record
  • Obtained an average aggregate score of at least 65% or more in your latest exams (mid-year / June)
  • Officially recognized as citizens of South Africa
  • Pursuing an undergraduate degree in the fields of Computer Science or Engineering.

Application Instructions
Apply online: HP (Hewlett Packard) Inc Bursaries 2023.

If you think this opportunity’s right for you, feel free to access the online application portal above. This is where you will need to put in all the required information that will be integral towards the entire registration period.

In addition to sending filling in the boxes, candidates will also need to provide the documents below:

  • A copy of your Identity Document/Refugee Permit
  • A signed Consent Form (Download the Official Consent Form)
  • Legitimate proof of income of your mother or death certificate (if deceased)
  • Legitimate proof of income of your father or death certificate (if deceased)
  • Legitimate proof of income of your guardian (if applicable)
  • A proper profile picture
  • Legitimate proof of your acceptance/registration
  • Legitimate of your address
  • Your National Senior certificate
  • Complete academic track record.

All these documents must be included in your application dossier. Incomplete dossiers will not be considered for the programme.

Alternatively, you can apply using your handphone, since it is much more practical than applying via computer. If you are using an OS Android handphone, you can use Google Chrome as your web browser. Since Google Chrome is automatically available in OS Android handphones, you don’t have to install any other browsers.

On top of this, you will be required to write an application essay based on these prompts:

  • Please share some information about your personal history and the conditions of your family
  • Describe the accomplishments you’ve had and the leadership roles you’ve held up to this point (academic, sport, community service, etc)
  • Where do you excel and where do you fall short in your own life?
  • How does the course of study you’ve chosen relate to your skills, interests, and the kind of job you want to pursue in the future?
  • Personal Statement. Please compose a personal statement to serve as the main focus of your application profile, taking into consideration what you have stated in the preceding paragraphs.

Closing Date
Applications for the HP (Hewlett Packard) Inc Bursaries must be submitted before the closing date on 30 September 2022.

By enrolling as quickly as possible, you can ensure that your application is secured as soon as possible. However, this does not guarantee instant success and is just intended to provide you with a secure position throughout the recruiting process.

Candidates that submit their applications after the deadline will not be considered by the selection committee. All entries received past the closing date will be immediately rejected, regardless of their content.

HP (Hewlett Packard) Inc has the right to offer or deny employment to anybody at its discretion. The selecting committee’s judgments are final and binding on all parties involved.

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