Gauteng Dept of Social Development Learnership 2021: Get NQF Level 5 FETC Certificate in Early Childhood Development

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About the Gauteng Dept of Social Development
The Gauteng Dept of Social Development is a governmental establishment that commits themselves to achieve a peaceful, nurturing, and self-reliant community. The department aims to bring positive contributions towards their local society by initiating efforts into their self-development. This is done by initiating multiple social development services to bring out the society’s abundant potential.

Taking social development seriously, the department strives to be an inclusive institution that caters to underprivileged group who require immediate assistance. These groups include children, the elderly, people with disabilities, females, and families on the poverty line. By allocating suitable services for the right people, the Gauteng Dept of Social Development hopes that this could motivate other institutions to invest into the well-being of their citizens.

About the Gauteng Dept of Social Development Learnership 2021
The Gauteng Dept of Social Development is providing learnerships for people who already have an NQF Level 4 FETC Certificate in Early Childhood Development. Under the Gauteng Dept of Social Development Learnership 2021, participants will be entitled to a series of theoretical assessments and practical sessions under a real-time working environment. This is a wonderful opportunity for individuals to upskill themselves greatly before you even have to enter the job market. Not only will you obtain the attributes needed to become a talented worker, but you may become a valuable asset to future employers.

If you are selected for the Gauteng Dept of Social Development Learnership 2021, awardees will need to sign an official contract before you can join the learnership. The terms and conditions of the contract with last throughout the total duration of the programme, which is 18 months. The learnership will start from 2021, and learners will be assigned to an Early Childhood Development Centre to carry out their duties.

Eligibility Criteria
Candidates who are interested in joining the Gauteng Dept of Social Development Learnership 2021 will need to adhere to a set of eligibility criteria. All these items will be used by the selection committee to fully assess their candidates on a fair basis. It also allows the committee to filter out candidates who truly deserve this learnership. To guarantee a level of success, pay attention to these eligibility criteria below.

The Gauteng Dept of Social Development Learnership 2021 Requirements are as follow:

  • Has an ECD Qualification (NQF Level 4)
  • Became a full-fledged volunteer at any ECD Qualification Centres
  • Received a letter issued by the Principal of your respective ECD Centre confirming that you will participate in the 18-month learnership
  • Has a Grade 12 qualification.

Employment Equity Preference
The Gauteng Dept of Social Development implements their Employment Equity policies onto the learnership. Certain designated groups will be offered preference during registration as a means to promote diversity within the programme.

Candidates originating from these backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply:

  • Young individuals of different genders and races
  • People who have disabilities
  • Children from foster homes
  • Orphaned youths who are connected to military veterans
  • Families who are headed and supported by children.

Application Instructions
Download application form Gauteng Dept of Social Development Learnership 2021.

Alternatively, you can drop by your nearest Department of Social Development’s offices or institutions to acquire an application form.

Once you have the application form in your hands, be sure to read all of the instructions on it. You will be required to fill in all queries with personal, accurate information. Additionally, there are also a few special notes that you will need to heed, such as information on passport numbers and Curriculum Vitaes. Failure to follow the correct application instructions will revoke your registration.

Besides the application form, candidates must also prepare these supporting documents below:

  • A valid copy of your Identity Document
  • A valid copy of your Grade 12 qualification
  • A valid copy of your NQF ECD Level 4C qualification
  • Legitimate proof of residence in Gauteng
  • Legitimate proof of being related to any military veteran
  • Legitimate proof of household income of sponsor as well as their Identity Document
  • A brief background description issued by a social worker assigned to child headed families
  • A valid ECD qualification from orphan and foster children
  • A letter issued by the Principal or ECD centre confirming that you will spend 18 months in the ECD centre under proper mentorship
  • Your most updated Curriculum Vitae
  • If you are a foster child: a legitimate court order.

All applications must be sent directly to the candidate’s nearest Departmental Regions and Institutions. Candidates discovered to be sending applications that are missing in documents will not be eligible for registration. Similarly, candidates who are found to be sending in their applications through e-mail will not be acknowledged by the committee as well.

Closing Date
Applications for the Gauteng Dept of Social Development Learnership 2021 close on the 30 September 2020.

Candidates must submit in their applications before the deadline. Any late applications will not be tolerated by the selection committee and you will automatically be disqualified from registration.

Committee Contacts
Should you have any further enquiries or concerns about the Gauteng Dept of Social Development Learnership 2021, do not hesitate to deliver your questions to these contact persons below.

Telephone Numbers: +27 11 355 7932 or +27 11 255 7616

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62 thoughts on “Gauteng Dept of Social Development Learnership 2021: Get NQF Level 5 FETC Certificate in Early Childhood Development

  1. I Pfananani I hold higher certificate level5 Earlychildhooddevelopment I would like to be part of this opportunity to gain more knowledge and since I have the love of children but the only thing I don’t understand here is why this requirement exclude us who are not working or volunteering I would like to advice the organisers to include everyone Thank you

  2. I’m also interested .
    I am very passionate and eager to use my power to help where needed.volunteering is my things

    1. Hello my name is Sbongiseni dzingwa I’m a freshman out of school just finished my matric last year and I would really like to be part of this project, I am a hardworking person and I dedicate myself to work.thank you please hit me up – and @ –

    1. I would like to apply for the position iam hardworking working person if i have a chance to work i will not disappoint

      1. Matumelo
        I would also like to apply for this position,but I’m currently studying at Roodeport Campus and its my last year doing LEVEL4. I’m studying education and development nd ECD as the bonus to the course…I love kids ,and and I’m a hard worker with good communication skills..please reply me on this number –

  3. I would like to work for you as am a young man who is a hard worker and I can offer my best for the success of the business

  4. Hi my name is Nthabiseng Yvonne Mpakane , I’m interested in the post .
    Because I’m a hard worker and I’m a fast learner and I’m know how to work with the team , and if it is necessary for me to work alone I can manage .
    I’m a person who respect her job .

    For any contact my number is –

  5. My name is Thabo legodi i really need this opportunity to work I’m are herd work I don’t mind working over time MY number is –

  6. I really want this job , I am passionate and hardworking lady am ready to face any challenges
    my no –

    1. I am interested to learn and gain more skills and as worker am willing to work with a team and serving the community is passion

  7. Hi am zwonaka mulaudzi.i would really appreciate the a fast learner and a hard worker and love the job

  8. Hellow My Name is Zandie Mlonyeni ,20 years old would love to have this job am a very passionate determined hardworker .

    Please reply at this number –

    1. Hallow my name is Thandeka Mseleku I would like to apply for the above mentioned position, Am a very hard working single mom who is always willing to learn new things everyday and if you can try nd hier me as one of you employees you wll never regret having me as one of your employees. And my cotuct details is –

  9. Hi my name is Tinny Nyembe m really interested in this job m a hard worker and fast learner and I will do anything at any given time and I would like to start immediately.thank you my number is -.

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    Kind regards
    Zamalebuka Hlengwa

  11. To whom it may concern

    I need a job asap i need to apply I’m suitable confidence that i meet all the qualifications needed in this post i therefore would like to start work asap immediately with effect i need a new experience please can url assist me with the email address to apply

    Your Regards
    Zamalebuka Hlengwa

  12. To whom it may concern
    I would like a opportunity to have a permanent job i would be available immediately I’m suitable a hardworker and i have confidence that i will make all my higher management proud of the difference in the company I’m trustworthy and honest at all times i would love to start work immediately

    Your Regards
    Zamalebuka Hlengwa

  13. Greetings

    Dear :Sir/madam
    I’m interested in the posted job i will take whatever measures to ensure i meet the company’s standard and always keep my higher management happy and do beyond of what us experted i need this job

    Your Regards
    Zamalebuka Hlengwa

  14. Good day ma’am /sir

    I am interested in this position available. I am a dedicated, hard working, reliable, motivated and honest individual. I always do what is expected of me and try my best to do what is expected of me. I believe that I am a suitable candidate for this position. Looking forward to hearing from you guys soon.

    Kind regards

  15. I would like to to get this job.course I very much fond working with people n I very much like helping others

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  17. Hi..I’m moeshfeeqa a very hard-working female..I’m a realiable person & welling to work shifts & very bubbly person too..I hope to hear from use soon.

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  19. Good day Mr/miss

    Iam very interested about this post,it is meant for me because I’m very passionate and hard working person when I deal with people.
    Iam that guy who like to work as a team.

    1. I need this Job i currently stay in Rustenburg. I finished my matrix on 2013.and i did Transport and Logistics at Orbit Tvet College.

  20. My name is patience dube,l’m 36 years old famale from Zimbabwe currently living in JHB in town.l start to go to school 1991to 2002,I pass English, science, Gorgh,isuzulu and history.l got work permit, l can work under minimal supervision. I’m hardworking lady who is Reliable, honest&friendly .thnx.

    1. Helping and serving desperate people is my passion. I am also a very brave and patient patient person so this post is my perfect match.

      Kindly help me apply for this job for me to serve the nation. I am willing to relocate at any time soon.

      Kind regards
      Lebohang (-)

  21. This is a great opportunity for a person whom is interested and love to work with people and help. Serving is a great passion for one to have.

  22. Good day sir /madam

    I am interested in the position, I believe I am the best candidate for this job opportunity.

    1. I am Cortni Goeieman. And I’d be honoured if I was granted this opportunity. I promise I’d do the jobs required of me too the best of my ability.

    2. I’m interested in this oppotunity, how can I apply for this oppotunity as I didn’t saw an email/fax number

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