Gauteng Dept of Health – Student Nurse Intake 2024: Study Towards the Diploma in Nursing

About Gauteng Department of Health
The Gauteng Department of Health is an institution established under the local government that dedicates itself towards providing assistance for the general public in the field of healthcare. As public servants, the department mainly helps underprivileged demographics originating from local communities in Gauteng. Oftentimes, these communities are prone to diseases, but may not have the financial means or accessibility to seek proper healthcare treatment. In order to improve these conditions, the department works hard to provide protection and sustainability for the vulnerable at a cost-friendly price, without sacrificing its quality.

Working together with other institutions and other fellow stakeholders who are passionate in this field, the Gauteng Department of Health has racked up several accomplishments over the years. Just recently, the department has been focusing on TB and HIV-related diseases. After spending a lot of time combating these two issues, the department has successfully managed to lower the percentages of deaths and contribute to stronger health outcomes in public.

Gauteng Department of Health – Student Nurse Intake 2024 Bursary
Future nursing students residing in the Gauteng Province may apply for the Gauteng Department of Health Nurse Intake 2024 Bursary to continue their studies. Under the programme, selected applicants may stand a chance to pursue their Diploma in Nursing for the 2024 period in any one of these recognized institutions below:

  • Chris Hani Baragwanath Nursing Campus
  • Bonalesedi Nursing Campus
  • Ann Latsky Nursing Campus
  • SG Lourens Nursing Campus.

Upon acceptance into the programme, participants will be subject to an agreement that will bind them together directly with the Department of Health. Throughout the entire duration of the programme, not only do participants have to attend the entirety of the lectures, but they will also need to be involved in all of the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) sessions. This will require students to make time for shifting on nights, weekends, and public holidays. Despite the tight schedule, it is a great opportunity for young students to get an inside glimpse into the Gauteng Department of Health work environment. From big hospitals to clinics, all selected grantees will benefit from this programme a lot and can transform them into better future nurses.

Eligibility Criteria
Interested candidates of the Gauteng Department of Health – Student Nurse Intake 2024 Bursary must meet all of the eligibility criteria to be considered qualified for the bursary. Please make sure that you take note of all the items below to have better chances of getting accepted:
1. Minimum Requirements

  • Officially recognized as a citizen of South Africa
  • Currently living in the Gauteng Province
  • Has any one of these accredited school leaving certificates:
    • Senior Certificate
    • National Vocational Certificate Primary Health
    • National Senior Certificate
    • Currently in Grade 12.

2. Educational Qualifications

  • Senior Certificate
    • Biology HG D or SG C
    • English HG D or SG C
    • Mathematics HG D or SG C
    • M score of 17
  • National Vocational Certificate
    • 60% in the Vocational Subjects (Public Health, SA Health Care System, Community Oriented Primary Care and The Human Body and Mind)
    • 50% in Fundamental Subjects ( Life Orientation, Maths/Maths Literacy, and English First Additional Language).
  • National Senior Certificate
    • Life Sciences Level 4
    • English Level 4
    • Maths Literacy Level 5 or Mathematics Level 4
    • APS of 27 or above (Life Orientation is included in half of the overall score).
  • Grade 12 Learners
    • Fulfill all of the National Senior Certificate qualifications stated for the Gread 11 final results.

3. Working Competencies

  • Come up with solutions for problems
  • Displays patience
  • Connects with people easily
  • Organizes their workload efficiently
  • Displays leadership skills
  • Knows how to be flexible with their time
  • Able to maintain a calm demeanor during crisis
  • Displays exceptional communication skills
  • Strong understanding in computer literacy
  • Possess study capabilities
  • Is honest with their opinions
  • Has a high level of empathy.

Application Instructions
Register profile now Gauteng Department of Health – Student Nurse Intake 2024 Bursary.

  • Take a look at all the information boxes on the Register Profile Page
  • Type in all of the complete information that is needed in the boxes, proceed to click the “Save” button
  • After you have registered your profile, click the Login Button, proceed to type in your Username (which is your ID Number) as well as your Password
  • Press the Update Resume button to continue filling in all of your personal information
  • After you have entered everything in, press the “Training Programme” button
  • Proceed to click on the “Apply” button, from here on, you can take a look all of your profile information
  • Find the “Centre” button, and list out the four options in any order (based on your priority)
  • Press the “Submit” button
  • After sending in your applications, a Reference Number will be displayed. Please kindly take note of it and do not lose your Reference Number.

Application Closing Date
Applications for the Gauteng Department of Health – Student Nurse Intake 2024 Bursary must be sent in before the closing date on 29 September 2023. Any applications sent past the deadline will not be considered for selection. To ensure a smooth and efficient registration procedure, it is highly advisable that you do not wait until the last minute to begin your applications.

Announcements will be directly made to shortlisted applicants. Should you not hear back anything from the committee within a total period of 3 months past the deadline, we regret to inform you that your applications has not been accepted by the committee.

You Should Know

  • The Student Nurse Intake will officially commence on February 2024
  • If you are unable to meet the eligibility criteria, you may opt to improve your school leaving scores
  • Successful participants of this intake will be entitled to a beneficial amount of financial assistance which will be granted as an existing bursary
  • Candidates are heavily required to be heavily knowledgeable in the key subjects of Maths, Life Science and Biology, hence the extensive educational requirements. The reason for this is because Nursing is a complex field which requires strong understanding of human anatomy, diseases, and must be able to conduct several calculations in order to serve better.

Important Notes

  • Future candidates of the Gauteng Department of Health – Student Nurse Intake 2024 Bursary must register for a profile before you can continue with your applications
  • All boxes must be filled in with correct and complete information – candidates discovered to be falsifying any information, or leaving any boxes empty will be disqualified from the application procedure
  • Valid documents of your available certifications must be uploaded on the Application portal, but is best to keep physical copies of these documentation as shortlisted candidates will need to bring them to the selection centre
  • Only ONLINE applications are accepted – applications sent through other mediums such as e-mail or hand deliverywill immediately be disregarded
  • All of the items on the eligibility criteria must be fulfilled in order to be considered qualified enough for the programme.

Gauteng Department of Health Contact Details
Physical Address: 45 Commissioner Street, Johannesburg, 2001
Postal Address: Private Bag X085, Marshalltown, 2107
Phone Number: +27 11 355 3000/3503
Fax: +27 11 355 3811

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  1. Iam interested in studying nursing in 2023 I have matric I did life science mathematics and physical science

  2. I have been trying to apply for this bursary for 3vyears now with no luck. I think it’s because of my level 3 in Life Sciences and level 4 in Mathematical Literacy. Just last week I was at one of the institutes to register for the upgrading of my Matric results. I am 31 of age but I am going back to school in order to qualify as a nurse. For nursing is my calling and I will respond to it. It’s never too late, thuto ga e golelwe. If your levels blocking your way to reaching your dreams,unblock it. #yeswecan

  3. Hello my name I Sylvia Phadi I have ancillary nursing care and I would like to join nursing academy

  4. Hy I’m Ncumisa Nomnganga I doing grade 12 in 2021 I would like to be one of your student in 2022 in nursing

  5. Hy I’m Ncumisa Nomnganga I’m doing grade 12 in 2021 I would like to be one of your student in 2022

  6. Hy I’m Ncumisa Nomnganga I’m doing grade 12 in 2021 I would like to be one of your student in 2022

  7. Hy im Ncumias Nomnganga I’m doing grade 12 in 2021 I would like to be one of your student in 2022

  8. Hi my name is Moipone Susan Mofokeng
    I matriculated in 2019. I would like to futher my studies and nursing is my passion that I would like to pursue .

    Thank you

  9. I would like to apply for the job as I have diploma in foundation phase , I would like to became a nurse to help other people , and we all see that unemployment in our country is very high. Thank you –

  10. Hi my name is Tlotlego Mdledle I’ll like to be part of your team.
    I’ve completed my matric in 2020.

  11. I am able and willing to finish my nursing diploma. Il do my best to get this opportunity to study further. Thank you

  12. Hi my name is Kefilwe Pertunia Mabusa,I just finished my grade 12 in 2019, I would like to be part of the nursing team because nursing is the course that I’ve been zealing all my life.

    1. Hy. I’m Ncumisa Nomnganga from mount frere I’m doing grade 12 in 2021 I would like to be one of your student in 2022

    2. Hi my name is Thembi Mjindi and I would like to be one of your student, to persue and learn more so that I become one of the great nurses in SA.
      thank you.

  13. I am extremely passionate, I am versatile and adaptable worker. Able to thrive in a high stress work environment. Always excited to grow and learn new things. Delivers quality outputs and results.

    Thank you.

      1. Hi IAM I would to be the part of you next year I also have care giver and I would like to continue with my studies

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