Bell Equipment Bursaries 2024: Financial Aid for University, University of Technology and FET College Students

About Bell Equipment
Bell Equipment specializes in cutting-edge machinery designed to meet the competitive demands of the global industry in this generation. Originating from modest beginnings 60 years ago, Bell Equipment has significantly expanded its operations into various sectors, encompassing Mining Equipment, Compaction Equipment, Construction Equipment, Logistical Support, Technical Support, and more. As a trailblazer in the international Articulated Dump Truck market, Bell Equipment demonstrates an exceptional level of operational capacity comparable to their global counterparts. This achievement is particularly noteworthy, considering the company’s origins as a small repair shop founded by a team of local engineers in South Africa.

In the Southern Africa region, Bell Equipment has fostered strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers who share a common vision and mission with the company. These alliances have played a pivotal role in facilitating the distribution of approximately 50,000 machines to over 80 countries. Within South Africa itself, Bell Equipment has engaged a workforce of 3,500 employees to promote their equipment through an extensive network of 25 distribution outlets. Functioning as a local company with international standards, Bell Equipment is poised to deliver even more in collaboration with fellow industries and companies.

About the Bell Equipment Bursaries 2024
Bell Equipment is offering bursary programmes for candidates who would like to obtain financial aid to pursue their studies in several different fields. The Bell Equipment Bursaries are renewable on an annual basis, subject to the discretion of the Bell Equipment Company and the availability of adequate funds. This renewal is contingent upon students’ successful progression, promotion, and satisfactory reports on their academic progress. However, the duration of any bursary awarded will not extend beyond the standard duration of the respective course.

The Bell Equipment Bursaries are available for the fields below:

  • Computer Science (BSc)
  • Electronics Engineering (BEng/BSc)
  • Information Technology (BSc/BComm)
  • Electrical Engineering (BEng/BSc)

These bursaries are applicable for study at any South African university chosen by the candidate, provided it is approved by the Bell Equipment Company / Bell Equipment Foundation Trust. Bursary recipients from Bell Equipment Company / Bell Equipment Foundation Trust should refrain from holding other bursary funding for the same purpose for which the bursary was granted. An exception is made for academic performance grants given by the student’s institution.

Bursars are obligated to commit to working, if so requested by Bell Equipment Company / Bell Equipment Foundation Trust, for a minimum of 8 weeks during their annual vacation at Bell Equipment Company / Bell Equipment Foundation Trust. This commitment may be altered if the bursar’s field of study necessitates different arrangements, in which case they may be placed at an alternative workplace. During this employment with Bell Equipment Company / Bell Equipment Foundation Trust, the bursar will receive remuneration.

Eligibility Criteria
If you hold a genuine passion for the field of work at Bell Equipment, we strongly urge you to consider applying for the Bell Equipment Bursaries. Before commencing your registration process, it is essential for candidates to review and confirm their alignment with the program’s eligibility criteria. Each criterion listed below holds significance in assessing your suitability for the internship. To enhance your probability of acceptance, it is highly advisable for candidates to meet all the stipulated requirements.

The Bell Equipment Bursaries Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Be a South African citizen.
  • Pursue full-time studies in one of the specified qualifications (part-time and correspondence studies will not receive funding).
  • Commence your 2nd year of study in 2024.
  • Attend a recognized and accredited tertiary institution in South Africa (University, University of Technology, FET College).
  • Maintain a minimum overall average of 65% in the current academic year.
  • Avoid receiving any other bursary funding (excluding academic performance grants awarded by your institution).
  • Exhibit a genuine passion for design and innovation.
  • Display energy and high motivation.
  • Review and accept the terms and conditions of the bursary.

Application Instructions
Download the Official Application Form: Bell Equipment Bursaries 2024.

Kindly complete the application form by entering your pertinent details in the designated sections. Ensure that all personal information provided is accurate and aligns with your current situation.

Additionally, you will need to send in certified original copies of the following documents:

  • Officially verified copy of the applicant’s identification.
  • Officially verified copy of the applicant’s most recent academic results or reports.
  • Officially verified copy of the parent/guardian’s identification.
  • Documentation confirming the salary or payment for the parent/guardian, officially verified.

Once everything is all set, please send in your application to the address below:

Postal Carriage:
Group Training and Development Coordinator
Bell Equipment Company / Bell Equipment Foundation Trust
Private Bag X 20046

Alternatively, you can send in your application via email: [email protected]

Upon submission of your applications, you are granting explicit consent to the selection committee to utilize your personal information for the purpose of processing your registration.

All applications will undergo thorough assessment and validation procedures to ensure the authenticity of the provided information by candidates. Individuals found to misrepresent any part of their applications will be disqualified from participating in the registration phase.

Applicants are required to complete their application process exclusively through the designated portal mentioned earlier. Submissions made via alternative methods, such as hand delivery or fax, will not be considered valid by the selection committee.

Closing Date
Applications for the Bell Equipment Bursaries must be submitted before the closing date on 20 October 2023.

The selection committee enforces a strict policy against late submissions. Any candidates submitting their application after the deadline will not be eligible for registration.

As the closing date is a few weeks away, candidates are encouraged to commence the preparation of their applications promptly. This early start will provide ample time to thoroughly review and verify the contents of their applications and qualifications.

Bell Equipment retains the authority to decide on appointments during the recruitment phase. The decisions of the selection committee hold ultimate authority and are conclusive.

Employment Equity
Bell Equipment is committed to following the company’s established Employment Equity Plan, aiming to enhance equity and diversity in the workforce concerning race, gender, and disability. Please note that the Bell Equipment Apprenticeship will actively contribute to achieving their Employment Equity objectives during the registration period.

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