Shell Bursaries 2024: Financial Aid for Students in STEM Field

About Shell
Shell South Africa, a subsidiary of the global energy giant Royal Dutch Shell, has played a significant role in the country’s energy landscape for decades. With a commitment to delivering reliable energy solutions while prioritizing sustainability and social responsibility, Shell South Africa has become a trusted name in the nation’s energy sector. Operating across various segments including oil and gas exploration, production, refining, and distribution, Shell contributes significantly to meeting South Africa’s energy needs while adhering to stringent environmental standards.

Beyond its core business activities, Shell South Africa actively engages in initiatives aimed at driving socio-economic development and environmental conservation. Through partnerships with local communities, government agencies, and non-profit organizations, Shell implements programs focused on skills development, education, healthcare, and environmental stewardship. These efforts not only benefit the communities where Shell operates but also contribute to the broader goals of inclusive growth and environmental sustainability in South Africa. As a responsible corporate citizen, Shell South Africa continues to invest in innovative technologies and sustainable practices, demonstrating its commitment to shaping a brighter and more sustainable future for the nation.

About Shell Bursaries 2024
Shell is offering bursary programmes for well-deserving candidates in the STEM study field who are in need of financial assistance to further their academic journeys. The goal of the Shell Bursaries is to extend educational opportunities to enrolled South African students specializing in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines relevant to the Energy Sector.

These bursaries aim to alleviate the financial burden associated with pursuing such fields by providing support for tuition fees, required study materials, and accommodation expenses. Additionally, successful applicants will benefit from mentorship initiatives, access to valuable networking platforms, and potential employment prospects within Shell’s vast network of collaborators and affiliates. Through this comprehensive support system, the Shell Bursaries strive to empower students and facilitate their journey towards academic and professional success in the energy industry.

Eligibility Criteria
Do you believe you possess the qualifications needed to apply for the Shell Bursaries? Make sure to submit your application promptly! Before doing so, take a moment to review the eligibility criteria for the position. These criteria will help assess whether you are a suitable candidate. If you wish to evaluate your qualifications, please refer to the eligibility criteria listed below. To enhance your chances of success, it’s recommended that you meet all the items on the following list.

The Shell Bursaries Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • South African citizenship is a requirement for learners.
  • Learners from disadvantaged or underprivileged backgrounds will be evaluated for the bursary program.
  • Attainment of a minimum of 70% in English, Mathematics, and Physical Science in 12th grade is necessary, with relevance to the chosen field of study.
  • Possession of a matriculation certificate is mandatory for learners.
  • Learners must provide evidence of registration and acceptance at a tertiary institution.
  • Bursary awards will be granted with consideration for principles of diversity and inclusion.
  • The chosen course of study must align with the energy sector.

Application Instructions
Apply via email: [email protected] (Shell Bursaries 2024)

To apply, students who meet the specified criteria should provide clear copies of the following supporting documents:

  • Certified copy of ID document
  • Certified copy of Matric certificate
  • Most recent statement of results (if currently studying, on institution’s letterhead)
  • University acceptance letter

Please note that there is no application form required for this bursary application. Students only need to submit the aforementioned documents listed above.

Ensure that when submitting your application, you send it to the email address provided above and include the words “Shell Bursary 2024” in the subject line of the email.

When you submit your applications, you are granting authorization to the selection committee to use your personal information for registration purposes.

All applications will undergo thorough evaluation and vetting procedures to confirm the authenticity of candidates. Any individual found to have misrepresented any part of their application will be ineligible during the registration period.

Candidates are required to complete their applications through the provided portal. Submissions made via alternative methods, such as hand delivery or fax, will not be considered by the selection committee.

Closing Date
Applications for the Shell Bursaries must be submitted before the closing date on 28 February 2024.

The selection committee maintains a strict policy against late applications, with absolute zero tolerance. Any submissions received after the designated closing date will not receive acknowledgment within the registration period.

Candidates are strongly recommended to submit their applications promptly. Doing so will afford you ample time to thoroughly review the contents of your submissions. Please ensure your applications are prepared at your earliest convenience.

Shell retains the authority to determine whether to proceed with appointments throughout the recruitment process. Please be aware that all decisions made by the selection committee are conclusive.

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