Vkb Agriculture Job Vacancy as Packer 2023: Opening X7 Positions in 2 Locations

About Vkb Agriculture
Situated in the vibrant agricultural hub of the Northeast Free State, VKB Agriculture (Pty) Ltd thrives as a bustling agricultural enterprise, extending its reach to Limpopo as well. In its initial form as the Farmers’ Co-operative, the organization effectively catered to the foundational needs of the agricultural community, encompassing agricultural inputs, mechanization, grain processing and sales, financial services, and insurance.

VKB Agriculture’s core mission, both historically and in the present, remains unwavering: to support producers in optimizing their production processes, making them more efficient and financially rewarding. This fundamental objective is achieved by strategically reducing producers’ input costs while simultaneously augmenting the value of their agricultural products.

About the Vkb Agriculture Job Vacancy as Packer 2023
Vkb Agriculture is currently offering a fruitful employment opportunity for candidates to be a part of the company as a profesisonal and established Packer. Vkb Agriculture presents an exciting employment prospect for individuals seeking to join the organization in the capacity of a proficient and well-established Packer. This job opportunity, the Vkb Agriculture Job Vacancy as Packer, is designed to provide employees with a platform to apply and enhance their skills and knowledge within a stimulating and gratifying work setting. It allows for professional growth and the chance to contribute meaningfully to the company’s operations. Candidates who aspire to make a valuable impact and progress in their careers will find this role both engaging and fulfilling.

The Vkb Agriculture Job Vacancy as Packer requires you to perform the duties below:

  • Ensure the consistent use of appropriate packaging for Graded Mills.
  • Continually monitor and prevent the mixing of milled products.
  • Daily, follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to bag, package, palletize, and store milled products appropriately.
  • Adhere to Safety and Foodstuffs regulations consistently.
  • Take responsibility for maintaining overall cleanliness.
  • Perform cleaning tasks as assigned.

The Vkb Agriculture Job Vacancy as Packer is currently available in the locations below:

  • X3 Makhado, Limpopo
  • X4 Mokopane, Limpopo

Eligibility Criteria
You’re welcome to apply for the position of Packer at Vkb Agriculture. If you’re unsure about your suitability for the role, don’t worry. Take a moment to carefully review the specified qualifications and compare them to your own qualifications. Ensure that you meet all the outlined requirements to maximize your chances of being considered. While not meeting these requirements may not lead to automatic disqualification, it could significantly impact your acceptance prospects.

The Vkb Agriculture Job Vacancy as Packer Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Achieve a Grade 12 or NQF4 qualification.
  • Handle the loading and offloading of stock.
  • Maintain the premises in a clean and tidy condition.
  • Manage stock control effectively.
  • Execute hard manual labor proficiently.
  • Continually enhance the job function.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in reading and understanding English.
  • Commit to working Monday to Saturday (a 6-day work week).
  • Be open to working the night shift.
  • Demonstrate a strong service orientation.
  • Maintain accuracy, thoroughness, and precision.
  • Preserve excellent health.

Application Instructions
Apply online Vkb Agriculture Job Vacancy as Packer 2023 at:

We recommend using Google Chrome to access the specified website.

Please input your most pertinent responses in the appropriate fields on the application portal. Ensure that all personal information provided is accurate and relevant to your current circumstances.

Your details will undergo evaluation by the entire selection committee, including yourself. Thus, it’s essential to verify that there’s no false information. If any evidence of candidates submitting deceptive data is found, it could jeopardize their candidacy.

Additionally, you have the option to submit your application using your smartphone, which is more convenient than using a PC. If you’re utilizing an Android operating system on your mobile device, you can use Google Chrome as your web browser. There’s no need to install any other browsers on your phone, as Google Chrome comes pre-installed on Android-based handsets.

Candidates are required to furnish several documents, including a photograph for their profile picture and a curriculum vitae (CV) for assessment. These documents need to be compiled into a single file.

By submitting your applications, you grant the selection committee permission to utilize your personal information for event registration purposes. This may encompass details such as your name, address, and email address.

All applications must be submitted through the website, accessible via the link provided in the preceding sentence. The committee responsible for selecting winners will not review any materials submitted through alternative means, such as hand delivery or fax.

Closing Date
Applications for the Vkb Agriculture Job Vacancy as Packer must be submitted before the closing date on 11 October 2023.

The selection committee strictly enforces a zero-tolerance policy for late applications. They will not acknowledge or consider any submissions received after the application deadline during the registration period.

Applicants are strongly urged to promptly submit their materials. This new approach allows for a thorough analysis of the application information. Please prepare and submit your applications at your earliest convenience.

In the selection process, Vkb Agriculture retains the authority to decide whether to proceed with appointments. The decisions made by the selection committee are final and cannot be changed under any circumstances.

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