Santam Learnership Programme 2023-2024: Looking for Learners with Less than 1 Year Work Experience

About Santam
Santam is South Africa’s most prominent insurance company with a total of 100 years of experience under their belt. Based in Belville, Santam typically provides short-term insurance services to protect the assets and financial valuables of their clients. The company has well-accredited expertise in the specializations of Commercial Insurance Solutions, Specialist Insurance Solutions, Short Term Insurance, Agricultural Insurance Solutions, and Personal Insurance Solutions.

Throughout the years since their formation in 1918, the company has maintained its reputation for providing transparent solutions that fit the ranging demands of their loyal clients. It comes as no surprise that this company has managed to save a sport in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange just after a couple of years since their establishment.

Besides their services, Santam has racked up an impressive international presence in several African nations. Future customers can visit a Santam office located not just in South Africa, but also Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. After going global, Santam acknowledges the fact that the diversity of their employees is what makes their operations a success. With a diverse working force, everyone has different insights on how to provide solutions for their clients. At the end of the day, everyone in Santam is dedicated to providing what’s best for their clients.

Santam Learnership Programme 2023-2024
Santam is offering a learnership programme to young individuals who would like to study about the Southern African insurance industry under a work setting. The Santam Learnership Programme 2023-2024, which will take place in the city of Bellville (Western Cape), is a one-stop opportunity to sharpen your skills as a future employee. Here, unemployed individuals have the chance to learn from some of country’s best leaders in insurance. Participants will be equipped with the necessary capabilities to make it in the job market.

The Santam Learnership Programme 2023-2024 combines both theoretical knowledge and practical workings sessions to fully understand the industry. There will be a list of valuable challenges that learners will need to undertake to better their potential. At this rate, learners are not just aiming to become skilled employees, but also prominent contributors towards the South African society. If self-development is your passion, then this a suitable programme for you.

Eligibility Criteria
Candidates interested in the Santam Learnership Programme 2023-2024 must adhere to the requirements set by the selection committee. Fulfilling the eligibility criteria is one of the best ways to guarantee success with registrations. Each of these items are crucial to the acceptance rate of your applications. Therefore, pay attention to everything listed below.

The Santam Learnership Programme 2023-2024 Requirements are:
Basic Qualifications

  • Recognized as a legitimate citizen of South Africa
  • Between 18-28 years old
  • Not pursuing their education in another tertiary institution during the course of the learnership
  • Owns an official Grade 12 certificate with these following scores:
    • At least a 50% for English
    • At least a 50% for a Second Language
    • At least a 40% for Mathematics or 60% for Mathematics Literacy
  • Unemployed
  • Has not participated in a learnership issued by INSETA
  • Must not have more than 1 year of work experience
  • Provide an official medical note confirming their current condition (for candidates with disabilities).

Working Capabilities

  • Archiving and storing all of the databases
  • Collecting any necessary data
  • Processing available transactions
  • Tending to administrative matters
  • Taking part in business procedures
  • Has a good understanding of the services field.

Personal Values

  • Displays effective communication skills
  • Proves to be self-aware on surroundings
  • Plans workload in a tidy manner
  • Has a solid, optimal work ethic
  • Showcases a sense of resilience
  • Prides in collaboration
  • Indulges in innovation
  • Puts on a customer-centric and result-oriented mindset.

Application Instructions
Apply online: Santam Learnership Programme 2023-2024.

Candidates have the option of registering through two methods: using their LinkedIn Profile, or an online account on the Santam portal. For easier application, you can register using LinkedIn and it will easily sync your personal information with your applications.

However, if you prefer applying on the online application portal, you will need to create a Santam account. This account is crucial throughout the entire registration procedure. It will store all of your personal details which will be used for the applications. Make sure you keep your account credentials safely to avoid having your account maliciously used by hackers.

Closing Date
Applications for the Santam Learnership Programme 2023-2024 must be sent before the closing date on NOT specified. Please be advised that the committee does not have any tolerance for late submissions. Therefore, do not wait until the last-minute to send in your applications. This is also to prevent any possible disruptions that may pop up due to heavy online traffic.

Important Notice
The Santam Learnership Programme 2023-2024 recognizes the importance of having a diverse working culture. Be informed that the programme will be adhering to the group’s Employment Equity plan. This is to ensure that everyone from different walks of life are given the fair amount of opportunities to prosper in their careers. Therefore, preference will be offered to designated groups.

Reference: Santam Learnership Programmes


  1. Hi I’m so interested I meet e few requirements bt I’m not sure how to apply help me please

  2. Please kindly assist me about how to apply and i meet all required documents.Your assistance will be highly appreciated, thank you.

  3. I am interested. I recently got my full medical report valid for 2 years. I live in Johannesburg but willing to relocate. I am available immediately.

  4. MORNINGS i’m so interested and I stay here in western cape I also available immediately.

  5. Hi am very much interested in this vacancies and I also like ur company its we known company in South Africa and you are doing great things so I really want to be part of you guys. I have experience in sales i have been in the sales industry for my whole life ,so my aim is to put ur company to the lime light by the way I will be presenting my product and services, I will be greatly if I can be the first person to be contacted for this position, am really hungry for it and am ready to work even on weekends i don’t have problem .plz help I really need this job .

    Contact =-/-
    Email =-

    1. Hey there’s a part where it says APPLICATION PROCESS,APPLY ONLINE :IT’S THEN HIGHLIGHTED IN Red. Santam Learnership program there it’ll lead you to the application process.

  6. Hy i have level 4 in mechanical engineering and i got code 14 driver license with pdp i have less than a year working

  7. I’m a very hardworking person who would be very excited to get such kind of an opportunity.

  8. Good evening,
    I have read through the profile of the job and think that I qualify. my command of the English language both spoken and written is of a good standard. I have always known Santam to be a reputable insurance company. I believe I have the personality for the job on offer and think that I can master the skills I will get exposed to. I am honest and hard working and a good team player.
    I want tis learnership.

  9. I meet all the requirements but I am not sure how to apply and I need assistance. It will be highly appreciated, thank you

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