McCain Foods Occupational Health & Safety Learnership 2020-2021: 10 Available Learnerships for Disabled Youths

About McCain Foods
McCain Foods is a family-owned establishment that has had decades of experience specializing in prepared potato products. Originally based in Canada, the company is well-known for their variety of food products, ranging from delicious appetizers, to their trademark French Fries. McCain Foods’s success is all thanks to their hardworking team of expert professionals. Everyone works together to bring quality products into the fridges of family households. With a global team of 22 000 employees in more than 160 nations, McCain Goods is an enterprise that’s taking the world by storm.

In South Africa, McCain Foods is greatly flourishing just like the rest of the their international branches. The company has had a long-standing presence within the domestic food service industry for as long as 18 years and counting. During this period of time, the company has done their research on what South Africans are looking for in foods. Everything, from taste, to cost-friendliness, initiatives are conducted so that McCain Foods is able to clinch the right target market. Without a doubt, the company has managed to do so very well.

About the McCain Foods Occupational Health & Safety Learnership 2020-2021
McCain Foods is offering 10 (ten) learnership programmes exclusively for South African disabled youths who currently require credible work training sessions. The McCain Foods Occupational Health & Safety Learnership 2020-2021 is an inclusive opportunity to accommodate unemployed people with disabilities to pursue their ideal career. Over the course of 12 months, learners will be entitled to a combination of theoretical learning and practical working sessions. This opportunity will transform you into an attractive asset in the job market.

The McCain Foods Occupational Health & Safety Learnership 2020-2021 is available for these following qualifications:

  • Unemployed Youth-National Certificate: Information Technology: End User Computing NQF Level 3
  • Unemployed Youth-National Certificate: Freight Handling NQF Level 3
  • Unemployed Youth-National Certificate: Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Learnership NQF Level 2.

Eligibility Criteria
Before you can apply for the McCain Foods Occupational Health & Safety Learnership 2020-2021, candidates must fulfill the eligibility criteria that comes with it. Each of these items listed below will determine whether you are qualified enough for the programme or not. Failure to meet everything may get yourself disqualified from registrations. Be sure to take note of all the requirements.

The McCain Foods Occupational Health & Safety Learnership 2020-2021 Eligibility Criteria are:

  • Officially recognized as a citizen of South Africa
  • Between 18-35 years old at the time of registration
  • Holds an existing National Senior Certificate
  • Displays impressive communication capabilities
  • Not employed by any company or any other institution
  • Has an astonishing history of achievements
  • Proven to have a disability.

Application Instructions
Apply online: McCain Foods Occupational Health & Safety Learnership 2020-2021.

Interested candidates can choose to either apply through the McCain Foods portal or your respective LinkedIn accounts. If you are more comfortable applying through the portal, you will need to create an account beforehand.

This account will be used to store any personal details that are relevant to your applications. It is also used to upload any required documentations to support your registration. To protect your account, make sure that you do not let anyone know of your account credentials (especially your password).

Alternatively, you can opt to register through your LinkedIn profile. You do not have to go through the fuss of having to create a separate account on the portal. This will help save some time during registrations.

Candidates must provide complete information that is factual according to your current conditions. If anyone is discovered to be falsifying any parts of their applications, they will automatically get disqualified from the programme.

Closing Date
Unfortunately, the closing date for the McCain Foods Occupational Health & Safety Learnership 2020-2021 is not specified for now.

Therefore, it is highly advisable to to immediately register for the programme if you find this opportunity suitable.

Employment Equity
McCain Foods has been striving to become an equal opportunity employer and implement its principles into all company operations. This is to ensure that everyone of all conditions are provided the same amount of opportunities to succeed in the job market.

The company is opening their doors for candidates who have any existing disabilities. Additionally, candidates who require assistance with their accommodations may refer to the company for request. This will help bring more ease onto the candidates during the registration procedure.

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  1. My name is Zuko Vuka, I would like to be given a chance to better my self and grow with the company

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