Digilink Software Testing Learnership 2022-2023: Available Programme in Cape Town

About Digilink
DigiLink is a Work Integrated Learning program that focuses on technology and does not charge participants any fees. They link businesses with supervised, entry-level digital talent in order to supplement and assist the digital delivery teams of businesses, therefore bridging the skills gap and providing opportunities for young people to enter the workforce. Harambee Young Employment Accelerator, a social company that does not seek to make a profit from its work, provides the power behind DigiLink.

This organization is dedicated to finding answers to the widespread problem of youth unemployment. They collaborate with various partners in South Africa who are dedicated to producing solutions that can be implemented on a large scale. These partners include the South African government, the corporate sector, civic society, and over 3 million young people.

About the Digilink Software Testing Learnership 2022-2023
Digilink is offering a 12-month learnership programme for candidates living in Cape Town are are planning to develop a career path in Software Testing. The Digilink Software Testing Learnership is an excisiting opportunity for passionate individuals who would like to upskill their abilities in this incredible field and obtain practical work exposure throughout the entire 12 months of the programme.

Throughout the course of the program, you will be required to follow a well-organized curriculum that includes both theoretical tests and practical working sessions that are carried out in an environment that simulates a real-world business. As you make your way toward a qualification, you will be provided with the direction and assistance of trained professionals who will urge you to demonstrate enormous progress.

Eligibility Criteria
Do you think you have what it takes to register for the Digilink Software Testing Learnership? Be sure to send in your application as soon as possible! But first, you will need to take a look at the programme’s eligibility criteria. These items will determine whether you’d make a great candidate or not. If you’d like to check your qualifications, be sure to take a look at the eligibility criteria below. If you’d like to guarantee a higher chance of success, it’s advisable that you meet all these times in the following list.

The Digilink Software Testing Learnership Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Has participated in some form of software development-relevant training (at least 8 months of micro-certification, or obtaining a Diploma/Degree)
  • Currently living in Cape Town or willing to relocate to Cape Town at your own expenses
  • Dedicated to the 12-month programme
  • Does not have any prior criminal or credit track record
  • Must be willing to participate and complete in a technical assessment.

Application Instructions
Apply via email: [email protected] (Digilink Software Testing Learnership 2022-2023).

Candidates will need to send their most updated Curriculum Vitae to the email address mentioned above. Make sure your CV contains the relevant information, such as your strengths, skills, and qualifications. This document is a great chance for you to showcase yourself as a potential candidate and why you deserve to be chosen.

You also have the option of submitting your application via email on your handheld device, which, in comparison to submitting it via computer, is a lot more convenient. You can send the emails, along with any CVs or files that need to be attached, by using the Gmail app on your smartphone if you are working with an OS Android device.

By submitting your applications, you are granting the selection committee permission to use your personal information for registration purposes. This authorization is given when you send in your applications.

To confirm that the candidates being considered are legitimate, additional screening and evaluation processes will be performed on the applications. Anyone who is found to have lied about any component of their applications will be kicked out of the registration period.

Candidates are required to complete the application process via the portal that was provided above. The selection committee will not consider any submissions that were made using alternative methods, such as hand delivery or faxing in the application.

Closing Date
Applications for the Digilink Software Testing Learnership must be submitted before the closing date on 09 September 2022.

By joining as soon as you are able to, you may increase the likelihood that your application will be accepted as quickly as possible. The only purpose of this is to provide you with a secure job while you are being recruited; nevertheless, this does not ensure that you will be successful right away.

Candidates that submit their applications after the deadline will not have their documents considered by the selection committee. Any submissions that are received after the deadline will automatically be disqualified, regardless of the substance of the submissions.

The decision to provide a job offer to a particular person rests solely with Digilink; the corporation may choose to do so or not. The choices that the choosing committee comes to are final and may be enforced against anybody they want.

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