Yes4Youth Learnership 2021: Opportunities for Unemployed Youths

About Yes4Youth
Yes4Youth is a non-profit organization that strives to increase employment rates amongst local youths in South Africa. Based in Joburg, Gauteng, Yes4Youth strives to achieve more job creations, activate youth employment, create an inclusive business environment, increase accessibility of tech driven initiatives, and a stronger involvement from members of surrounding communities. These are achieved by encouraging businesses to open up more opportunities where unemployed youths can attain first-time employment.

The organization takes upon a business-led approach and establishes long-lasting partnerships with governmental institutions as well as labour organizations. Through these collaborations, Yes4Youth can create up to on million working experiences for individuals who have never had the chance to learn under a real-time company environment. Reshaping the future of black employment in the country, Yes4Youth is taking the moment to uplift not just young people, but also the general public in South Africa.

Yes4Youth Learnership 2021
Yes4Youth is opening up their doors for youths, partners, and businesses to join the organization’s mission in increasing South Africa’s youth employment. While Yes4Youth is oftentimes regarded as a learnership programme, that is not true. To clarify, Yes4Youth is a diverse platform that engages members of society to work together and slowly eradicate high levels of unemployment.

Yes4Youth recognizes the critical role of younger generations in the country’s economic growth. The organization is seeking out partnerships with committed members of the community to achieve one million jobs for society. By having everyone work together to fulfill this mission, it is possible to offer more equal opportunities to different demographics.

YES is 12 months quality work experience for unemployed youth. With the case of unemployed youths, Yes4Youth offers a Youth Employment Service programme, an interactive platform that enables to you to find working experiences. The people behind the organization will guide you step-by-step as they try to find the perfect working opportunity for you. No matter what your skillset is, there is always room for everyone in the country. All you have to do is sign up, and let Yes4Youth do all the searching.

Yes4Youth’s Learnership Youth Employment Service
If you are interested in joining Yes4Youth’s Youth Employment Service, these are some of the things that you will need to expect in the upcoming procedure.

1. Starting Your Applications: candidates must register for an account on Yes4Youth’s Youth Employment Service portal. Once you are successfully registered the platform will send in you an e-mail confirming this. All future updates will be sent to the corresponding e-mail address that you have provided on the platform.

2. Getting Ready: while the platform goes to search for a suitable working opportunity, you are required to read several work reading modules to better prepare yourself for employment.

3. Selection: you will receive several opportunities from the employers that work together with Yes4Youth. Some opportunities require interviews, while some don’t. This is your chance to show your potential to employers who might be interested in your skillset.

4. Offers: shortlisted applicants will immediately be sent an offer to be placed in their employer’s company. Should you choose to accept the offer, you will be asked to sign a contract that will bind you together with the employer.

5. Work Period: once you begin your working opportunity, you will be facilitated by several resources to help you along your journey. Throughout the course of your working period, Yes4Youth will ask to you to complete a survey provided on the YES app.

Seize this opportunity as well as you can. From here on, you can increase your strengths, acquire new skills, and update your Curriculum Vitae. This will help you with your next job opportunity after this one.

Eligibility Criteria
Before signing up for the opportunity, interested applicants will need to fulfill several criteria to prove they are eligible for the platform. Each of these items below are important relevant to the organization’s main mission. The platform will be evaluation your registration based on these following items. Failure to meet everything that is asked below will cause your registration to be denied.

The Yes4Youth Learnership eligibility criteria are as listed below:

  • Officially recognized as a citizen of South Africa
  • Between 18-34 years old at the time of registration
  • Not employed by a company at the moment
  • Displays a hard working attitude with their passions
  • Willing to commit themselves to any working opportunity
  • Upholds a high sense of integrity
  • Prepare themselves by reading the work readiness materials provided by Yes4Youth.

Application Instructions
Apply online: Yes4Youth Learnership 2021.

If previously have an account beforehand, you can log into the programme’s Youth Employment Service platform. You will need to have your RSA ID and password on hand to sign in. However, if you do not have an account yet, you are required to register for one.

Please be kindly informed that registering on the Yes4Youth Youth Employment Service is not a direct job application. You are registering for a platform that indicates that you are looking for future work opportunities.

Important Notes
1. Some applicants will be asked to participate in an interview. Candidates are encouraged to take this interview seriously by preparing for it responsibly. However, an having an interview does not guarantee immediate employment from the company

2. All working appointments are made directly by the employer that Yes4Youth partners with, not the organization themselves

3. The work experiences provided by Yes4Youth are typically offering entry level income, which usually starts at R3 500/month.

Committee Details
Should you have any enquiries regarding the Yes4Youth Learnership, do not hesitate to deliver your questions and concerns to the provided contact information below.

Telephone Number: +27 87 654 0878


  1. Am interested for this opportunity
    I wnt to gain more experience and knowledge
    Am from Northern cape (kuruman)
    My no –

    1. I’m interest in gaining more skill and experience …more special in working within the Community
      I’m from Mpumalanga ,Middelburg in Mhluzi

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