Western Cape Dept of Infrastructure Job Vacancy as Administration Clerk 2023: Receive Salary Level 5 of R202 233 per Annum

About the Western Cape Dept of Infrastructure
The Western Cape Department of Infrastructure is a government institution entrusted with the crucial task of providing essential services related to the region’s infrastructure. Their primary goal is to create a secure and empowered infrastructure that fosters a supportive environment for the communities they serve. To achieve this, the department is committed to implementing effective leadership and policies.

The department takes an active role in pursuing their objectives and is dedicated to meeting the needs of the community members. They work diligently to ensure that infrastructure development is carried out efficiently and in a manner that benefits the local population. By doing so, the Western Cape Department of Infrastructure plays a vital role in enhancing the overall well-being and quality of life for individuals in their communities.

About the Western Cape Dept of Infrastructure Job Vacancy as Administration Clerk 2023
The Western Cape Dept of Infrastructure is offering a fruitful employment opportunity as Administration Clerk for anybody interested in the department. The Western Cape Dept of Infrastructure Job Vacancy as Administration Clerk requires you to participate in procurement processes, general administration tasks, data capturing, licensing procedures, repair authority responsibilities, handling of traffic fines, managing machine transfers, maintaining loss and control liaison, participating in auctions, and overseeing plant management. It is crucial to demonstrate proficiency and experience in these areas to be considered for the position.

The selected applicant will be entitled to a Salary Level 5 of R202 233 per annum. For application purposes, please kindly take note of the Western Cape Dept of Infrastructure Job Vacancy as Administration Clerk 2023’s Reference Number: WCG230614-4.

Eligibility Criteria
To be considered eligible for the Administration Clerk learnership position at the Western Cape Department of Infrastructure, candidates must meet specific criteria. These requirements play a crucial role in assessing your suitability for the program. It is essential to ensure that you fulfill all of these criteria to increase your chances of a successful registration. Failing to meet any of these requirements may jeopardize the status of your application.

The Western Cape Dept of Infrastructure Job Vacancy as Administration Clerk Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Ensure you have completed Grade 12 (Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification)
  • Possess a valid driving licence of at least code B or higher. Note: Individuals with disabilities that restrict driving abilities, but with reasonable access to transportation, are also eligible to apply
  • Develop a strong understanding of asset control, store and stocktaking procedures
  • Familiarize yourself with the process of obtaining quotations either through telephone or the
  • Integrated Purchasing System
  • Acquire knowledge of applicable treasury and purchasing delegations
  • Demonstrate skills in written and verbal communication
  • Showcase proven computer literacy
  • Enhance your planning and organizing abilities
  • Develop problem analysis skills
  • Foster creative thinking capabilities
  • Exhibit technical proficiency
  • Cultivate strong interpersonal relations
  • Show the ability to work under pressure both independently and as part of a team
  • Gain relevant working experience in administration and supply chain management.

Application Instructions
Apply online: Western Cape Dept of Infrastructure Job Vacancy as Administration Clerk 2023.

To apply for the program, candidates are required to complete the registration process using the provided online portal. The selection committee does not accept applications submitted through alternative methods such as fax or email.

It is mandatory for all interested individuals to create an account on the portal. Furthermore, applicants must ensure to upload a detailed and comprehensive Curriculum Vitae.

Candidates who are shortlisted for further consideration will need to provide copies of their documentation for the purpose of verification. In addition to this, they will be expected to attend interviews scheduled by the department at a specified date and time. Depending on the circumstances, they might also be requested to undergo competency assessments or proficiency tests. Throughout the selection process, the department will adhere to the Equal Employment (EE) targets set by their organization to ensure fairness and inclusivity.

When filling out the application, candidates should carefully indicate their region’s name and specify the trade they are registering for. Paying attention to these details is crucial for a successful application.

If you are having troubles with the technical aspects of your applications, please send in your inquiries to this email address: [email protected]. You can also reach out to the SA Youth toll-free support line at +27 80 072 7272 (Mon-Fri, 9AM to 4:30PM).

Closing Date
Applications for the Western Cape Dept of Infrastructure Job Vacancy as Administration Clerk must be submitted before the closing date on 17 July 2023.

The selection committee responsible for reviewing the applications maintains a strict policy against accepting late submissions. To ensure fairness and efficiency in the selection process, they adhere strictly to the specified deadline. Candidates who fail to submit their applications on time will unfortunately not be considered for the learnerships.

By heeding this advice and promptly preparing your application, you increase your chances of being considered for this valuable opportunity. So, make sure to allocate sufficient time to gather all necessary documents, complete the application form accurately, and submit it well before the deadline to avoid any disappointment.

During the recruitment process, the Western Cape Department of Infrastructure reserves the right to appoint any individual or exercise the option not to appoint anyone. All decisions made by the selection committee are final and cannot be appealed.

Committee Details
If you have any inquiries or concerns about the Administration Clerk position at the Western Cape Department of Infrastructure, specifically the National Youth Service Learnerships, please feel free to reach out to us using the contact information provided below.

Telephone Number: +27 21 959 7700


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