Toyota Opens Learnership Programme 2021

About Toyota
Toyota is a global trademark name that you can see all over the streets in public. Modernizing the way people go from A to B, Toyota has manufactured everyday vehicles that people from all walks of life can use. Toyota South Africa Motors has been doing just the same. As an integral part of the South African culture, Toyota has been the nation’s favorite choice for vehicles throughout the years. This is no surprise, as the company constantly strives to meet the needs of their users.

The company has always prioritized the importance of quality, which is why Toyota is always pushing itself to explore and do more. It is the company’s responsibility to only produce vehicles that have a high level of safety. By innovating and experimenting with tons of ideas, Toyota has exceeded expectations and continues to surprise the local community. Toyota believes that it is only through challenging themselves until they are able to find better ways to improve how their users travel from one place to another.

About the Toyota Learnership Programme
The Toyota Learnership programme (ref: TOY200820-1), is a programme that is based in the city of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It is a fantastic, one-of-a-kind, training opportunity that integrates several technical specializations. Over the course of 7 months, the programme will provide learners with the necessary theoretical knowledge as well as on-the-job practice to make it in the industry. Upon successful completion of the learnership, participants will be entitled to an NQF Level 2 certification.

The Toyota Learnership Programme Requirements
If you are interested in applying for the Toyota Learnership programme, please be sure you are pursuing in any of these following education degrees. The committee will be using this list as a parameter to fully assess all incoming candidates. Therefore, please make sure that you are a student with these qualifications.

The Toyota Learnership programme requirements include having an education qualification from any of these specific fields, such as:

  • Mechanical Trades: NTC3 or Technical Matric
    • Subjects:
      • Mathematics
      • Physical Science
      • Engineering
      • Drawing/Graphic Design
      • A trade related subject (mechanical).
  • Electrical Trade NTC3 or Technical Matric
    • Subjects:
      • Mathematics
      • Physical Science
      • Engineering
      • Drawing/Graphic Design
      • Electro Technology/Industrial Electronics
      • A trade related subject.

How to Apply
Apply online: Toyota Learnership Programme 2021
Closing date: 04 December 2020

To apply for the Toyota Learnership programme, there are several instructions that all candidates must be able to follow in order to have a smooth application procedure. First off, all candidates will have to access the apply online link above. From there, you can either apply manually of the provided form on the website, or you can just automatically sync in your LinkedIn, Google, or Facebook account (if you have one).

Once you have finished your applications, you can just immediately submit them and wait for the official announcements.

In addition, Toyota does not charge candidates with a registration fee or any sorts. If you happen to find any advertisement that claims to guarantee you automatic acceptance with a payment under the Toyota name, you can immediately report them to the Toyota staff or to the local authorities instead.

39 thoughts on “Toyota Opens Learnership Programme 2021

  1. Good morning
    I’m a matric pupil from Lethukuthula secondary school class of 2020.
    I would really appreciate if you could give me a chance to do this learnership .


  3. Hi im a 25 year old that is currently unemployed and is intrested in partaking in your learnership programme, i have a national diploma in operafions management and im current studying towards my btech

  4. I would like to be part of Toyota company I have engineering Graphic design,mechanical technology, physical science and mathematics

  5. I like this opportunity to be a part of the Toyota family and mechanical engineer is the best career. I do have all the subject required in this learnership programme

  6. Hy iam mandisa Mkhize I have grade 12 and the above subject under requirement my cellphone number 0644924170

  7. I would really appreciate to be a part of this learnership. I have matric, I did Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Life Sciences.

  8. I would really appreciate to be a part of this leadership. I have matric, I did Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Life Sciences.

  9. Iam sabelo shange I have experience in electrical engineering for 10 years now and I have N1 certification in electrical engineering

  10. I’m vuyiswa mzimba I’m 24 years ihave N2 and N3 electrical engineering with good results .my contact number 0782746635

  11. Good day, I have studying Electrical Engineering that includes Engineering Science, Maths, Electronics and Industrial Electronics with Trade.

    1. Hy im Anele i have studying Drawings in grade 12 so im kinda good there and i would like to be part of this learnerships programme for 2021 thank you

  12. Hii Toyota
    I would really love the opportunity to be apart of the Toyota family . I am a fast learner and motivated to better myself with skills that you will teach me. Please give me this opportunity.

    1. I would like to apply for the learnership on yor company im 25 years old, im also have matric and N2 of Eletrical Engineering(Maths, Engineering Science, Eletrotechnology and Istustial Electronic

  13. I have mathematics in my matric ….my number 0769366744 Facebook account zakhele zakes ndlovu

    1. I’m currently doing S3 in Chemical Engineering but I would really appreciate the opportunity to be apart of this leanership.My numbers are as follows 0736303274/0670941634.

  14. I would like to apply for your leadership program…I’m a technical support person l have level 4 in technical support filed..and I’m good in accounting as well.. please contact me …am available

  15. I have done maths, life sciences and physics in my matric. Now I would like to apply for learnership programme in your company. To study mathematics, physical science, engineering, drawing/graphic design

    1. Hii Toyota ..
      I would really love and appreciate the opportunity to be apart of the Toyota family.
      I have matric .. passed with a diploma.

  16. I do have Maths,physical science, drawing and electrical engineering. I’ve also worked at Toyota ilembe fedics in Durban. I would like to apply for the Toyota leadership program. Contact number: 068 025 9297

  17. I’ve completed matric, the subject that I’ve done engineering graphic design, biology, geography, maths.

    1. Hey Toyota
      It would be a great opportunity to be part of the Toyota family ,I have completed my matric,did my N1-N6 in Electrical Engineering …..I would like to apply for the Toyota learnership please contact me 067 0660 470

  18. Is this learnerships only available in Durban and KZN as I am from cape town, a car fanatic and my passion is mechanical engineering. I had a Toyota tazz and taught myself by experimenting in servicing my own car, replacing brake pads and discs, c.v. joints,gearbox, to mention but a few. I would kill to enroll into one of your learnership programs. I’ve got matric with some of the subjects that is required. PLEASE extend your programs to the western cape🙏🙏

  19. I would like to apply for the learnership in your company I have study mechanical engineering partially need to further until n6 I would really be grateful if I could be chosen for a learnership in your company.

  20. I have done electrical infrastructure and construction level 2 to level 4 and went on to do my Electrical engineering N4 to N6. Since i am un-employed i also did art and design N4 intro and N4. I would like to do this learnership would anyone please help me apply.

  21. I have study electrical and i also have matric am interested in this intership of toyota to study technical design

  22. I would like to apply for the Learnership on your company, I’ve studied Electrical engineering with Maths& Science also electrical trade theory,industrial electrotecnics

  23. I’ve done Maths.Science.Biology in my Matric..and my passion is with art/drawing and i’m a automobile fanatic…I’m a Chef now and i would love to persue my partion in designing cars..I believe this can be my chance to shine and share a gift that i have …

  24. Suveer

    I have study Electricity engineering, matric, I would like to apply for the internship program at your Company. Study Technical, maths, Engineering graphic design, Technical Science, Technical Maths, matric
    Contact nr 0814961987 or email [email protected] . I

    1. Good morning
      I have studied N4,N5,N6 for Electrical engineering which includes(Maths, engineering science,electorechnichs,industrial electronics) then from N5( did Power machines and the rest were the same) I would like to apply to your company.

      1. I’m student at Ogwini Comprehensive Technical High School doing Matric … im doing Mechanical(Automotive) i would really appreciate the opportunity if i get this learnership

      1. Good afternoon
        I am a matirc pupil from Wentworth Second School class of 2020.
        I would really appreciate if you could give me the opportunity to do this learnership,
        I am completing school this year and would be free during the course of 2021.

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