Lancet Laboratories – Student Phlebotomy Technician Learnership 2022-2024: For Passionate Learners About the Medical Pathology

About Lancet Laboratories
Lancet Laboratories is an establishment that is formed as a series of laboratories specializing in the department of pathology. Dedicating themselves to improving domestic pathology services, the establishment regularly conducts researches and experiments to come up with services that are able to provide better diagnostic results for the general public. Under the careful hands and professional expertise of 90 specialists, a total number of 3 700 tests have been conducted to gain more insight into the world of pathology. As an African based establishment, Lancet Laboratories is spread throughout several different nations in the continent, namely, Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Swaziland, Zambia, Nigeria, Uganda, and of course, South Africa.

About Lancet Laboratories – Student Phlebotomy Technician Learnership 2022-2024
Lancet Laboratories is offering Student Phlebotomy Technician Learnerships for talented, individuals passionate about the medical pathology work setting. Conducted in the KZN, Gauteng, Limpopo, Northwest, and Mpumalanga area, the 24-month learnership is an insightful opportunity for young individuals who have their eyes set on becoming a Student Phlebotomy Technician. Under this learnership, participants will able to strengthen both their knowledge and skills in conducting elaborate phlebotomy techniques under the guidance of real-time pathology experts.

In general, Student Phlebotomy Technicians will be required to learn the tools of the trade in the practice of drawing blood, as well as collecting specimens from other people (usually patients or doctors). In this learnership, participants will not only receive theoretical assessments, but also practical working skills that will help them along the journey. On top of that, there are several tasks and duties learners are expected to perform during the progarmme:

  • Drawing out blood from patients and donors which will then be used for further research or blood donation
  • Following all of the required courses, both theoretical and practical, during the learnership
  • Adhering to all of the safety rules and regulations of the work place
  • Participating in the Health Professions Council board examination
  • Agreeing to all of the items as per stated on the learnership contract
  • Providing quality customer care and satisfaction towards their clients.

After achieving all of the learnership tasks and duties, as well as passing the Health Professions Council boar examination, learners may stand a chance to directly apply as an accredited Phlebotomy Technician with the HPCSA. This will open many doors for learners within the medical pathology field, and grants them accessibility into many pathology-related organizations within the country.

Eligibility Criteria
Before you can start on your Student Phlebotomy Technician Learnership applications, there are several items that needs to be fulfilled to be considered qualified by the committee. Considering the nature of the work environment, the committee will only be accepting candidates who are able to meet all of these state criteria. Failure to do so may risk your chances of success. Therefore, please take not of all these requirements.

The Student Phlebotomy Technician Learnership Requirements are as follows:
1. Basic Qualifications

  • Has a Grade 12 certificate with a D Symbol for the key subjects in Mathematics, Biology, and English
  • Minimum working experience in the related field for 0-1 years
  • Has basic understanding of computer literacy
  • Holds knowledge in the procedures and processes of Phlebotomy

2. Working Attributes

  • Able to tend to administration
  • Willing to provide ultimate customer satisfaction
  • Flexible with the dynamic work setting changes
  • Can be patient with procedures
  • Displays impressive level of professionalism
  • Has a keen eye for important details
  • Able to empathize with their patients
  • Practical and lateral with their solutions
  • Knows how to effectively handle any patients who display anxiety
  • Can keep any sensitive information with total secrecy/confidentiality.

How to Apply
Apply now Lancet Laboratories – Student Phlebotomy Technician Learnership 2022-2024 at:

Step by step to apply:

  • Scroll down the page, and click on “Apply Now”
  • You will need to create an account, click on “Register as Individual”
  • Fill in all the boxes with the requested information.
  • Tick the “I hereby accept the terms and conditions” box.
  • Click “Register” to have your account, then proceed to continue your applications.
  • If you have any troubles or concerns with the application procedure, you can click on “Support” to ask questions or enquiries to the committee.

Closing Date
Applications for the Lancet Laboratories – Student Phlebotomy Technician Learnership 2022-2024 must be submitted before the closing date on 26 August 2022 at 12:00:00 AM.

Late applications sent past the closing date will not be tolerated by the selection committee. Additionally, it is highly advisable for all candidates to send in their applications way before the closing date in order to avoid any last-minute website traffic. This is to ensure a smooth, efficient application procedure.

Similarly, all applications sent through online portal must be fully completed with accurate, personal information, as per according to what is stated on the website. Candidates discovered to be sending in incomplete applications, or falsifying any of their provided information, will be automatically disqualified as well.

Important Notes

  • Lancet Laboratories – Student Phlebotomy Technician Learnership 2022-2024 Reference Number: 738705 & 739145
  • Candidates can only send in their applications through the provided portal – any applications sent through other methods such as e-mail or hand delivery will automatically be disregarded by the committee
  • Selected learners will be able to receive a compensation that is based on their existing qualifications or level of experience
  • All accommodation, transporation, and meals will be the responsibility of the learners, the learnership will not be arranging all of these on their behalf
  • Applicants who have passed the application rounds must be available for a pre-assessment session
  • Selected participants of the learnership are expected to allocate 42.5 hours each week to perform their duties.

Reference: Lancet Laboratories Learnership Programmes


  1. Anonymous …Hi I am interested in this leanership having the 5 yrs working experience at the laboratory working as a phlebotomist having been trained fr 3 days with American got a certificate of phlebotomist training from there.currently working at the laboratory.if only I could get a chance.

  2. Good morning, I’m the girl of 27 years old i am unemployed and i haven’t gotten any working experience in life and i’m so happy about the possibility of joining your company 😉 i have already made an application online… waiting to here from you soon.

    1. Good day I am interested in the Learners hop, can I please have an email address to apply.Is there age limit for the Learners hip?

    1. Hi,I’m interested in learnership,I studied life science, physical sciences and pure mathematics as well as Computer Application Technology,I also did bachelor degree in life sciences and left with one module to complete the degree I also worked as an admin assistant at a primary school

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