SPAR – Retail Operations Trainee Programme 2020-2021: Searching for Applicants with Matric Certificate

About SPAR
SPAR is a South African retail company that is home to a high number of grocery chains and 8 wholesalers. Ever since its establishment in the 1960s, SPAR has come a long way from establishing 500 small retailers, to 1000 SPA stores scattered all over Southern Africa. SPAR offers more than 1000 products to their customers. These products are carefully curated from local traders, making sure that all distribution is done ethically. Satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed when shopping at SPAR.

About the SPAR – Retail Operations Trainee Programme 2020-2021
SPAR is welcoming South African participants to acquire more knowledge about the Retail Industry through their fantastic Retail Operations Trainee Programme. The SPAR – Retail Operations Trainee Programme 2020-2021, which will take place for a total of two years, is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the company under a trainee status. Selected participants will receive the necessary working exposure into the world of Retail Operations. Through various experiential learning sessions, trainees can benefit a lot from this.

Trainee Responsibilities
As a trainee, you will not be assigned with fixed responsibilities. However, there are a number of items that you will need to achieve in order to succeed in this programme.

  • Tending to the store specifications which are up to par with the SPAR standards
  • Keeping with with the store’s overall progress by watching its statistics
  • Providing new insight and recommendations on how to improve the store
  • Cooperating without other retailers during openings
  • Offering assistance with business plans and financial flows
  • Performing any other required duties as assigned by supervisors.

Eligibility Criteria
Applicants interested in the SPAR – Retail Operations Trainee Programme must fulfill a list of requirements in order to be considered qualified for the opportunity. Each of these mentioned items will determine whether you are a suitable choice who will benefit most from the programme. Failure to meet all of these criteria will get you disregarded from the registration procedure. Make sure you take note of all these items below.

The SPAR – Retail Operations Trainee Programme Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

1. Basic Requirements

  • Has a Matric Certificate
  • Basic understanding of Microsoft Office software (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Solves problems in an effective manner
  • Displays competent communication capabilities
  • Impressive interpersonal abilities
  • A strong foundation in numeracy and business acumen.

2. Optional Criteria

  • Previously attained a Tertiary Qualification in either Financial Management or Business
  • Prior working experience in the Retail Industry.

3. Personal Attributes

  • Customer-centric attitude
  • Positive and full of energy
  • Passionate about the Retail Industry
  • Willing to work irregular hours
  • Assertive in all efforts
  • Keen on developing your career
  • Takes initiative in whatever role they are a part of.

Application Instructions
Apply online: SPAR – Retail Operations Trainee Programme 2020-2021.

Candidates are required to create an account beforehand. This account will be used to store all personal information and supporting documents. Due to its sensitive nature, make sure that you protect your account credentials at all times. Otherwise, your account might fall into the wrong hands and will risk privacy breaches.

Closing Date
Applications for the SPAR – Retail Operations Trainee Programme must be submitted before the closing date on 07 November 2020.

The selection committee will not be accepting any late applications sent past the closing date. Therefore, it is highly advisable that you register as soon as possible. This way, you can prevent any possible issues that may occur with online registration procedures.

Important Notes
Due to the overwhelming popularity of the SPAR – Retail Operations Trainee Programme, there might be false advertisements scouring around the area. These scams misuse the good name of the company to spread false information in exchange for money. If you happen to encounter any one of these fake advertisements, please have them directly reported to the local authorities.

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