Toyota Graduate Programmes 2021-2023: Available Positions for 11 Fields

About Toyota Motor Corporation
The Toyota Motor Corporation is an legendary enterprise that has shaped the field of automobiles all over the world. Originally based in Toyota City, Japan, the company is one of the original pioneers of modern vehicles. Their humble beginnings in 1937 was just the start of their journey as a leader of competitive automotive industry. As the years have gone by, Toyota has manufactured cars and motorcycles of all kinds in 27 countries. The company’s popularity has allowed them to establish their presence in more than 170 countries, assisted by the 350 000 employees scattered across the globe.

In 1961, the Toyota Motor Corporation branched out to South Africa. The subsidiary’s office is currently situated in the area of Prospecton. Acknowledging the local public’s interest in quality vehicles, the enterprise aims to bring forth a new way of getting one place to another. Under the hardworking effort of more than 8 500 employees in South African alone, everyone puts in their all into producing safe and stylish automobiles. Everything that is manufactured with the intent of reflecting the vibrancy of their nation’s citizens. It didn’t take much long until Toyota Motor Corporation has assimilated with the people of South Africa.

Toyota Graduate Programmes 2021-2023
The Toyota Motor Corporation is giving out graduate programmes for dedicated, academically-driven students to learn more about the industry and work culture. The Toyota Graduate Programmes is a wonderful opportunity to develop yourself as a future employee. Under the programme’s rotation system, you will learn a variety of disciplines that are relevant to the business’s core competencies. Throughout the entire learning journey, selected participants are entitled to training sessions held by expert professionals in Toyota. Your overall performance will also be managed by supervisors to see how much you have progressed, and what areas you could improve on.

The Toyota Graduate Programmes will commence on February 2021 and will take place in Joburg and Durban. For a total duration of two (2) years, selected graduates must show willingness to establish a future career in the automotive industry. The graduate programmes accommodate a total of 11 different fields that are relevant to the company’s business practices. Participants are required to participate in the programme’s structure learning curriculum. This will consist of job development sessions conducted in a real-time working environment, mentorship sessions, and classroom training sessions.

Programme Benefits
Besides the working experience you will be getting, participants are entitled to several forms of employee assistance to help support your learning journey.

These benefits include:

  • Comprehensive study assistance
  • Relocation assistance
  • Car benefits
  • Salary packages
  • Access to canteen facilities
  • Health services.

General Requirements
Candidates must fulfill a few items before proceeding with their Toyota Graduate Programme applications. Each field may have their own specifications, but there are two main things that all candidates must tick off before registering for their chosen field.

The general requirements are as follows:

  • All candidates are recognized as final year students or have finished their studies
  • All candidates must possess either a Bachelor’s Degree, National Diploma, or Postgraduate Degree.

Additionally, it is highly advisable to have these working attributes to support your applications:

  • Passionate about developing their careers
  • Possess impressive leadership capabilities
  • Showcases astounding academic achievements
  • Relates to the core values of the company
  • Can adapt to shifting working conditions
  • Willing to improve their potential throughout the programme.

Application Instructions

1. Data Analysts
Qualifications: Computer Science, Mathematic, or Statistics.
Apply online: Toyota Graduate Programme – Data Analysts 2021-2023.

2. Chartered Accountant
Qualifications: Registered with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) as a Chartered Accountant.
Apply online: Toyota Graduate Programme – Chartered Accountant 2021-2023.

3. Mechatronics
Qualifications: Mechatronics.
Apply online: Toyota Graduate Programme – Mechatronics 2021-2023.

4. Information Technology
Qualifications: Information Technology.
Apply online: Toyota Graduate Programme – Information Technology 2021-2023.

5. Mechanical Engineering
Qualifications: Mechanical Engineering.
Apply online: Toyota Graduate Programme – Mechanical Engineering 2021-2023.

6. Finance
Qualifications: Finance (or any relevant qualification).
Apply online: Toyota Graduate Programme – Finance 2021-2023.

7. Industrial Engineering
Qualifications: Industrial Engineering
Apply online: Toyota Graduate Programme – Industrial Engineering 2021-2023.

8. Human Resources
Qualifications: Human Resources (or any relevant qualification).
Apply online: Toyota Graduate Programme – Human Resources 2021-2023.

9. Chemical Engineering
Qualifications: Chemical Engineering
Apply online: Toyota Graduate Programme – Chemical Engineering 2021-2023.

10. Economics
Qualifications: Economics (or any relevant qualification).
Apply online: Toyota Graduate Programme – Economics 2021-2023.

11. Marketing
Qualifications: Marketing (or any relevant qualification).
Apply online: Toyota Graduate Programme – Marketing 2021-2023.

Closing Date
All applications for the Toyota Graduate Programmes 2021-2023 must be sent before the closing date on 31 October 2020.

The selection committee has zero tolerance for any late applications. Candidates discovered to be sending in applications past the deadline will automatically be disregarded from the registration procedure.

Since applications are conducted online, it is best to submit them as soon as possible. This is to prevent any unwanted disruptions that typically occur during last-minute applications (e.g. heavy online traffic).

If you feel the Toyota Graduate Programmes 2021-2023 is the ideal opportunity for you, send in your applications right now.

Important Notes

  • Make sure that you provide only accurate information about yourself in the applications. Additionally, all provided documents must correctly reflect your current conditions
  • Please double check all information before sending them in for further verification by the selection committee. Candidates found to be falsifying any aspects of your applications will be disqualified from the programme
  • Announcements will only be made to successful candidates Should you not hear back from the selection committee, we regret to inform you that your applications has not been successful
  • Shortlisted candidates must participate in an obligatory panel interview held by the company and several psychometric assessments to evaluate your potential.


  1. I am interested in the program, but reside in Cape Town. Does your relocation benefit provide for me relocating to either Dbn or Jhb to do the program, should I be accepted?

  2. Hie my name is nosipho ngcobo I’m 28years old and I have grade 11 and office administration and code 10 driving license and fork lift …..I’m a hardworking and good working with other people …my cellphone number is –

    1. I’m interested in chemical engineering inservice training, I completed s4 in 2019

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