Servier Laboratories Medical Sales Learnership 2024: Looking for Candidates Who Have Not Completed a Learnership Before

About Servier Laboratories
Servier Laboratories is a notable pharmaceutical company that operates on a global scale. The company is renowned for its dedication to research, development, production, and distribution of innovative pharmaceutical solutions. With a strong commitment to enhancing the well-being and health of individuals, Servier focuses on addressing medical needs across a range of therapeutic areas.

Founded in 1954 in France, Servier has grown into a leading player in the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s core values include a deep sense of responsibility toward patients, healthcare professionals, and the wider community. Servier’s mission involves creating and providing safe, effective, and high-quality medications that improve patients’ lives.

About the Servier Laboratories Medical Sales Learnership 2024
Servier Laboratories is offering a learnership for applicants who would like to improve their knowledge and skills in the competitive Medical Sales field. The Servier Laboratories Medical Sales Learnership mandates you to create sales by establishing reliable consultant connections with medical practitioners in manners that provide benefits to their practices and patients. You will also be responsible for organizing and conducting accredited educational events focused on continuous professional development for industry experts and influential figures.

The Servier Laboratories Medical Sales Learnership requires you to fulfill the duties below:

  • Build and sustain positive relationships with external stakeholders, employing strategies that contribute to the attainment of sales targets and goals.
  • Consistently engage in training and development, with a focus on enhancing knowledge about
  • Servier products, refining sales techniques, ensuring compliance management, and adhering to SOPs.
  • Collaborate closely by liaising and consulting with the Sales team, aiming to meet defined sales targets.
  • Devise innovative approaches to influence outcomes, assuming full ownership and accountability for task completion and subsequent follow-up, all in alignment with stakeholder expectations.
  • Demonstrate proactive management of both internal and external stakeholder expectations.
  • Participate wholeheartedly in various internal task groups and committees as required by the situation.
  • Fulfill specific criteria encompassing:
  • Consistent customer call rates
  • Frequent customer engagement
  • Comprehensive customer coverage
  • Engaging in diverse interactions beyond one-on-one meetings
  • Active participation in CPD activities
  • Continuously provide valuable feedback on sales strategies and field observations to the Regional Sales Manager.

For application purposes please kindly take note of the Servier Laboratories Medical Sales Learnership 2024’s Requisition ID below.

Eligibility Criteria
Ensure you submit your application for the Servier Laboratories Medical Sales Learnership without delay. However, your initial step should involve a thorough examination of the program’s eligibility criteria. These aspects will ultimately determine your suitability as an applicant. Should you wish to verify your qualifications, kindly refer to the listed eligibility criteria below. To enhance your likelihood of success, it is advisable to fulfill all the items enumerated in the subsequent list.

The Servier Laboratories Medical Sales Learnership Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Ensure your BSc Degree modules include Human Anatomy and/or Physiology
  • Acquire 1 – 2 years of working experience
  • Hold a valid drivers license (code 8 / 10)
  • Reside in the Territory
  • Confirm that you have not completed a Learnership before
  • Demonstrate strong influencing, facilitation, and presentation skills
  • Engage effectively in diversity
  • Exhibit resourceful problem-solving with high levels of initiative, tenacity, and resilience
  • Manage priorities aligned with organizational needs
  • Show interpersonal agility for building relationships and communicating across all organizational levels (internally and externally)
  • Efficiently absorb and recall technical medical information
  • Display business and commercial acumen to assess market opportunities and challenges
  • Employ effective relationship and rapport-building skills
  • Demonstrate flexibility in your approach
  • Efficiently plan and organize tasks
  • Communicate clearly and effectively.
  • Collaborate effectively within a team
  • Utilize influencing skills adeptly.

Application Instructions
Apply online (Servier Laboratories Medical Sales Learnership 2024):

We recommend utilizing the Google Chrome web browser to access the provided web address mentioned earlier.

Alternatively, you can opt to apply via your mobile phone, which offers greater convenience compared to using a computer. If you possess an Android handset, you can utilize Google Chrome as your default web browser. Given that Google Chrome is automatically available on Android devices, there’s no need to install any additional browsers.

To proceed with application submissions, candidates must create an account on the application portal. This account will be required for accessing and engaging with the registration process.

By submitting your applications, you are authorizing the selection committee to employ your personal information for the purpose of event registration.

Applications from applicants will undergo additional scrutiny and validation procedures to ensure their authenticity. Any individual found to be misrepresenting any aspect of their application will be disqualified from participating in the registration phase.

Candidates are obliged to submit their applications exclusively through the linked website mentioned above. Efforts to submit materials through alternative channels such as physical delivery or fax will be dismissed by the selection committee.

Closing Date
Application is available as long as it is not deleted on its official website.

By registering promptly, you can safeguard your application at an early stage. Yet, this doesn’t assure immediate success; rather, it ensures your standing within the recruitment procedure.

Servier Laboratories retains the authority to accept or decline employment for any individual based on its own judgment. The decisions made by the selection committee are conclusive and hold sway over all concerned parties.


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