ARMSCOR Bursaries 2024: Financial Assistance Available for Engineering and Science Tertiary Students

About ARMSCOR (Armaments Corporation of South Africa)
The Armaments Corporation of South Africa, or commonly referred to as ARMSCOR, is governmental organization that aims to become a leading provider of advanced defence technology to the country, as well as their allies on the continent and the rest of the world. The entity has prided themselves in their extensive knowledge for technological development and continuous innovation leading up to new defence products. With cutting-edge facilities and resources, ARMSCOR ensures that all equipment fulfill the international standards that have been taken in place, followed by a strenuous yet necessary evaluation process. With a solid work ethic and a level of expertise that matches, ARMSCOR is a key player to the country’s national development.

About the ARMSCOR Bursaries 2024
ARMSCOR is offering bursaries for academically drive young individuals in South Africa who require immediate financial assistance to pursue their education. The ARMSCOR Bursaries is an initiative started by ARMSCOR themselves in collaboration with the Defence Industry. Through the bursary schemes, ARMSCOR has high expectations that they can greatly invest in the country’s pool of engineering and critical science abilities particularly in the Defence industry.

A successful candidate should possess the qualities of an inspiring learner with remarkable skills in technical subjects such as Maths and Science. Therefore, preference will be greatly offered to individuals originating from Previously Disadvantaged Backgrounds who have their eyes set on a full-time study in the department of Engineering and Science.

The ARMSCOR Bursaries is currently available for Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies within the following fields of study:

  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Electronics/Electrical (Light current) Engineering
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Chemistry and Physics
  • Human Kinetics & Ergonomics Science
  • Computer Science
  • Naval/Marine Engineering
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Information Technology
  • Biochemistry
  • Mechanical Engineering

The ARMSCOR Bursaries provides coverage for several student related expenses. The coverage extends to tuition costs, accommodation and daily meals, prescribed study materials, and support for vacation work (if available).

Eligibility Criteria
Young individuals are more than encourage to obtain financial assistance through the ARMSCOR Bursaries. However, due to the limited number of bursary schemes available, only qualified candidates will be eligible for the bursaries. To guarantee a successful application, candidates must fulfill all of these requirements state below. Failure to do so will put your applications under a risky spotlight in the eyes of the selection committee.

The ARMSCOR Bursaries Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Officially recognized as a citizen of South Africa
  • Currently in Matric (in 2023) or have completed Matric
  • Passionate about developing a career in the Defence industry
  • Attained Level 70% in the key subjects of English, Mathematics, and Physical Science
  • Plans to pursue a qualification in either one of the study courses mentioned above
  • Plans to pursue a qualification at an accredited South African tertiary institution
  • Studying or intend on studying full time, towards an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification within one of the fields listed above, in 2024
  • From a previously disadvantaged background
  • Displays an impressive academic track record.

Application Instructions
Download application form: ARMSCOR Bursaries 2024.

Once you have acquired your application form, please fill it in with correct information. All provided information should accurately represent your current conditions. Any false personal details could potentially disqualify your applications during the registration period.

Besides the application form, candidates must prepare valid, certified copies of these documents below:

  • Identity Document
  • Your most recent Matric mid-year results (for current Matric students)
  • Your Matric certificate (if you have finished your Matric)
  • A complete academic track record (if you are in a tertiary institution)
  • Identity Documents from your parents/guardians
  • Proof of household income from your parents/guardians (e.g. pay slips, SASSA grant, etc.)
  • A death certificate (if your parents are deceased).

Shortlisted candidates will need to provide these extra documents during the final phase of their registration period:

  • A valid, certified copy of your Final Matric results
  • A letter of acceptance or proof of enrollment issued by a university
  • A legitimate student number
  • Statement of fees (if you are in a tertiary institution).

All these documents should be included in your application dossier. Incomplete application dossiers will not be eligible for the registration.

After everything is all set, you can choose to submit your applications via e-mail or postal carriage:
E-mail: [email protected] (fill in the e-mail subject line with “Armscor Bursary Application- Your Full Name”).

Postal Carriage:
Senior Manager: Learning & Organisation Development, Armscor LTD, Private Bag X337, Pretoria, 0001

Closing Date
Applications for the ARMSCOR Bursaries must be submitted before the closing date on 02 February 2024.

The selection committee has absolute zero tolerance for late submissions. Candidates found to be making their submissions past the deadline will not be considered for registration.

Candidates are advised to start prepping their application as soon as possible. With the closing date being weeks away, you can allocate some time to double check your application contents.

ARMSCOR reserves all rights to make an appointment or not during the recruitment process. All decisions made by the selection committee are final.

Committee Details
Have a question regarding the ARMSCOR Bursaries? Don’t hesitate to ask! Deliver your enquiries or concerns regarding the bursaries to Thembi Siphika via the contact information provided below:
Name: Thembi Siphika
Telephone Number: +27 12 428 2421
E-mail Address: [email protected].


  1. I have all the required documents and I have all the minimum requirements can I please get a response or message.Thank you

  2. Hy Name is Nandi Ndabeni and I’m currently looking for a job and i came across this internship and i will really like to be a part of this internship so i can gain experience and grow with the company

  3. Hi
    I’m Walter Kubhayi ,I completed my matric 2021.
    Now I’m at home I have N2 mechanical engineering (Diesel)
    I would like to apply for this bursary and I will study very hard

  4. I’m interested to work with you.i have Grade 12 , driving license c1PDP, entrepreneurship certificate, hydropower plant certificate, safety rep certificate , compute literacy’s and copitence B certificate

  5. Madam/ Sir

    My name is Salizwa Lukubeni I’m 22 years I would like to apply for a bursary to study

  6. Hi my name is Seage Louis Mmagolego, was born 1988/03/08, i am looking for Electrical Infrastructure Construction apprenticeship because I am in the field and I have 2 year on job experience in Newtrend Mapane electrical construction. i have complete NCV Level 3 Electrical Engineering and incomplete level 4 by Mathematics by 29% and Electrical Control and Digital Electronics by 49% and i was hopping to get a chance to do apprenticeship. I tried to take myself to training at MCD Training center at Meyerton, I only managed to do up to Electrical 1&2 because of financial problem. If i can get funds to complete my RED SEAL there or get a new training is also OK. I was also volunteering to asses at ALIEN TECHNOLOGY to keep practicing and training.

    1. Hiii
      My name is Kamogelo Glide Komane,I completed my matric last year 2021 . And this year I received an acceptance letter from uwc to study geoloyy.
      So I don’t have fund for my studies,PLEASE HELP!!!

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