RCL Foods Technical Apprenticeship 2024: Accepting Grade 12 Candidates Interested in Electrical Machinery

About RCL Foods
RCL Foods is a prominent player in the South and Southern African food manufacturing sector, with an extensive workforce of over 20,000 individuals employed across various businesses in the region. This company holds a substantial market capitalization of R13 billion and allocates more than R13 billion to its operations. Diversifying their product range, RCL Foods specializes in producing and distributing a wide array of food products, encompassing both well-recognized branded items and private-label offerings. They have a dedicated supply chain expert known as Vector Logistics, which excels in route-to-market distribution.

Demonstrating a commitment to meeting the growing demand for food in the region, RCL Foods has strategically acquired several companies with rich South African histories and strong brand identities. These acquisitions have facilitated the expansion of their product line and market presence. Their diverse portfolio now includes renowned South African brands, such as Selati sugar, Farmer Brown chicken, Yum Yum peanut butter, Bobtail and Catmor pet food products, among others. Through these acquisitions, RCL Foods has positioned itself as a key player in enhancing food availability for a wider audience, more frequently.

About the RCL Foods Technical Apprenticeship 2024
RCL Foods is offering an apprenticeship opportunity for candidates who are willing to develop their work skills and knowledge in Electrical machinery. RCL Foods Technical Apprenticeship extends an invitation to eligible candidates to seize this valuable opportunity by submitting their applications. They are actively seeking individuals who are youthful, dynamic, self-motivated, and capable of working autonomously to join the Milling division situated in Pretoria West.

The chosen candidate will assume responsibility for maintaining electrical machinery, encompassing both Medium Voltage (MV) and Low Voltage (LV) systems. Additionally, their role will involve creating Design Drawings, which includes AutoCad drafting of electrical construction documents. Furthermore, they will be required to conduct site investigations, attending project site visits to thoroughly document the existing electrical systems and equipment.

Additionally, you will be required to perform the following duties:

  • Maintaining electrical machinery, covering both Medium Voltage (MV) and Low Voltage (LV) systems.
  • Creating Design Drawings by utilizing AutoCAD for the drafting of electrical construction documents.
  • Conducting site surveys, participating in project site investigations to comprehensively document existing electrical systems and equipment.
  • Participating in internal project meetings to assess project status, coordinate resources, and allocate weekly tasks.
  • Offering recommendations for future upgrades.
  • Providing assistance in addressing breakdowns, troubleshooting, and conducting root cause analysis.
  • Identifying potential risks associated with electrical equipment, including assessing equipment lifespan.
  • Performing duties in accordance with HACCP and Safety Requirements.

For application purposes, please kindly take note of the RCL Foods Technical Apprenticeship 2024’s Reference Number: RCL231024-5.

Eligibility Criteria
Candidates who wish to apply for the RCL Foods Technical Apprenticeship program must meet specific eligibility criteria. Each of the factors listed below plays a crucial role in assessing your suitability for this apprenticeship opportunity. It is strongly recommended that candidates ensure they meet all the requirements outlined here to maximize their chances of a successful application. Failing to meet these criteria may have adverse effects on the overall outcome of your application. Take note of these conditions for your personal reference.

The RCL Foods Technical Apprenticeship Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Possess at least a Grade 12 with N3 qualification or NCV level 4.
  • Gain an advantage by achieving N4 or higher qualifications.
  • Demonstrate self-drive, ability to work independently, and leadership skills.
  • Secure the following subjects: Mathematics, Engineering Science, Industrial Electronics, and Electrical Technology/Electrotechnology/Electrotechnics.

Application Instructions
Apply online: RCL Foods Technical Apprenticeship 2024.

To access the specified website, it is strongly advised to use Google Chrome as your web browser.

Candidates must complete the registration process on the application portal to facilitate application submission. This registered account will be essential throughout the application process.

Ensuring the security of your account information is paramount. Never disclose your account details, especially your password, to anyone else.

As an alternative, you have the option to register using your Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts, which can significantly expedite the registration process by eliminating the need to create an account from scratch.

Please note that the information you provide will undergo thorough scrutiny by the entire selection committee, including your own involvement. It is imperative to meticulously review your details to eliminate any potential inaccuracies or false information. Candidates found to be providing misleading information may face potentially adverse consequences.

The information you supply will be used by the selection committee for event registration purposes. By submitting your applications, you grant the committee permission to use your personal data for this specific purpose.

All applications must be submitted through the designated website mentioned above. The committee responsible for application evaluation will reject any attempts to submit materials through alternative methods, such as hand delivery.

Closing Date
Applications for the RCL Foods Technical Apprenticeship must be submitted before the closing date on 03 November 2023.

Acting swiftly to enroll elevates the chances of expeditiously securing your application’s place in the recruitment process, although it’s important to note that prompt enrollment doesn’t guarantee instant success. Its primary aim is to ensure that your application is promptly situated within the recruitment pipeline.

It’s vital to adhere to application deadlines. Any submissions that arrive after the stipulated closing date will not undergo evaluation by the selection committee, regardless of their content or merit.

RCL Foods retains the prerogative to extend or reject employment offers as it deems fit. The judgments rendered by the selection committee hold ultimate authority and are binding on all involved parties, necessitating strict adherence to the committee’s decisions.


  1. Good day
    Im kelli and im interested in this job ive got relevant experience and im passionate about my work.
    Please enclose my resume.
    Kind regards

  2. Hi I’m interested in this apprenticeship.

    And I don’t have a related qualifications.

    But I have management assistant.

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