PDPS (Plant Design and Project Services) Apprenticeships 2021: Opportunity for Grade 12, N3 Certificate, and NCV Level 4 Certificate Holders

About PDPS (Plant Design and Project Services)
Plant Design and Project Services, or simply referred to as PDPS, is a company that offers a variety of engineering and construction services. Based in Secunda, the company has been a key player of the country’s petro-chemical plants since its formation in 2007. The establishment is well-known for their portfolio that ranges multiple disciplines and several specializations.

PDPS is familiar with the sectors of Engineering, Installation, Plant Maintenance, as well as Piping and Structural Fabrication. The company’s puts an emphasis on their employees talents and continue to harness sustainable practices that benefits the establishment. Achieving excellence, PDPS is on the right track to becoming a leading engineering house.

About the PDPS (Plant Design and Project Services) Apprenticeship 2021
Plant Design and Project Services is offering apprenticeship programmes for South African individuals who wish to gain working exposure under the company. The PDPS (Plant Design and Project Services) Apprenticeship is a grand opportunity that welcomes future welders, mechanical fitters, and boilermakers to expand their knowledge. The company takes pride when it comes to investing their resources into their own people. Apprentices who choose to forgo this opportunity will be supported by the company and attain a deeper understanding of the company.

Future apprentices are expected to reflect the values that are in line with the company’s vision and missions. The company hopes that selected participants possess a high level of honesty, integrity, and are open to constructive feedback throughout their apprenticeship. More importantly, apprentices are encouraged to create long-lasting relationships with fellow employees of the company. This will not only help you attain new connections under the company environment, but it is also a good chance for you to showcase your potential. If learning under an engineering company is the future you want to pave, this apprenticeship is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss out.

Eligibility Criteria
The PDPS (Plant Design and Project Services) Apprenticeship is welcoming anyone who meets the programme’s eligibility criteria. The selection committee is keeping their eyes out for the ideal candidate who have the relevant qualifications. Future apprentices will need to showcase their academic talents in order to be considered for the programme. To secure a spot in the apprenticeship, be sure to meet the requirements below. Failure to do so might put your applications in under a bad light.

The PDPS (Plant Design and Project Services) Apprenticeship Eligibility Criteria are as follows:
1. Grade 12
Must have these subjects below:

  • Mathematics and Physical Science
  • English First or Additional Language
  • Technical Subject

2. N3 Certificate
Must have these subjects below:

  • N3 Engineering Science
  • N3 Engineering Mathematics
  • English First or Additional Language
  • Advantageous: Trade Related Theory

3. NCV Level 4 Certificate
Must have passed seven subject on NQF 4 and must have these subjects below:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English First or Additional Language
  • Trade Related Theory

Application Instructions
Apply via e-mail: [email protected] (PDPS (Plant Design and Project Services) Apprenticeship 2021).

Candidates are required to send in your most recent CV (Curriculum Vitae). Your CV should contain relevant personal information required by the selection committee. More importantly, it should list out your contact information. This way, the committee will have an easier contacting you if they choose to follow up with your applications.

It is encouraged that you highlight your strengths, skills, and expertise that will greatly benefit the company during the apprenticeship. This will help increase your chances of being accepted by the committee.

Please be kindly advised that CVs are to be sent only through e-mail. Due to the unforeseen circumstances of COVID-19, applications sent manually will not be accepted. This is a safety measure used to prevent any further spread of COVID-19. Applications sent through external methods will automatically be disregarded by the selection committee.

Closing Date
Unfortunately, the closing date for the PDPS (Plant Design and Project Services) Apprenticeship is not specified.

If you are interested in this apprenticeship, it is highly advisable that you get to work on your applications as soon as possible. By submitting your applications as soon as possible, you have a higher chance in securing a spot during the registration period.

Committee Details
Should you have any further enquiries or concerns regarding the PDPS (Plant Design and Project Services) Apprenticeship, please directly refer to the contact information provided below.

Physical Address:
Vlakspruit Farm,
Portion 10,
Secunda, 2302

Fax Number: +27 86 248 8312
E-mail Address: [email protected]
Telephone Number: +27 17 200 2017


  1. Hi I’m Nanazile Nyathi
    I’m studying mechanical engineering
    Im interested in this learnership
    I have N3 in mechanical

  2. Hi,I would to apply for this.I have the matric certificate with these subjects.I got my matric certificate in 2019.

  3. I’m interested to join the Company working underpressure,believe in Zero Harm an meet fairly targets.on production ibelieve in zero Harm.

  4. Hi , I’m Prince and I would like to apply for this apprenticeship. I have my matric certificate with the subject that are required.

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