Johnsor Construction Learnerships 2021: Opportunities for Administration, Marketing, and Human Resources Qualification Holders

About Johnsor Construction Company
Johnsor Construction Company is an establishment that plays an integral part of the construction industry. Based in Pretoria, Gauteng, the company has elevated the markets with their world-class innovations and deep understanding of the field. Johnsor Construction Company has racked up an outstanding clientele that has ranged from private institutions to public sectors. Despite being a relatively new company with more or less 10 years of experience, the company’s level of expertise has left a long-lasting impressions upon clients and fellow stakeholders. The company continuously provides services that are integrated with multiple disciplines and are instilled with values that leave their clients more than satisfied.

Johnsor Construction Company provides services in a variety of disciplines, such as Roofing, House Extensions, Ceiling, Brick Work, Interior Painting, Plumbing, Fencing, Plastering, Exterior Painting, Renovation, Floor Tiling, Paving, Wall Tiling, Skimming, Roof Painting, and more. All these services go through constant planning and approvals before proceeding with the actual construction execution. This approach has proven to increase affordability and accessibility with their services. Due to their excellence and business quality, Johnsor Construction Company has attained more than 60 projects. With their portfolio of diverse constructions projects, there’s nothing too difficult for the company.

About the Johnsor Construction Learnerships 2021
Johnsor Construction is offering three different kinds of learnerships for South African youths who wish to acquire work knowledge in the construction industry. The Johnsor Construction Learnerships is the ideal opportunity for individuals who have yet to develop a foundation for their future careers. Selected learners will be subjected to intensive theoretical knowledge assessments as well as practical working sessions that will give you a better picture of what the local construction industry is like, especially in the management department. Under the guidance of professional training providers, you will have your progress noted and be transformed into an ideal candidate for the upcoming job market.

The Johnsor Construction Learnerships is currently available for three different fields, which are:

  • Administration Learnership
  • Marketing Learnership
  • Human Resources Learnership

Eligibility Criteria
Interested candidates of the Johnsor Construction Learnership are more than welcome to give this opportunity a shot. However, candidates are expected to fulfill an eligibility criteria attached to this programme. Each of these items below will determine whether you are qualified enough for the learnership or not. Failure to meet everything might not get you automatically disqualified, but it will put your applications under a negative spotlight in the eyes of the selection committee. Be sure to take note of everything below.

The Johnsor Construction Learnership Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Possesses a Grade 12 qualification
  • Attained either a Degree or Diploma in the fields of Administration, Marketing, Human Resource, any anything relevant to those three studies
  • Proven to be physically and medically healthy for the learnership
  • Displays impressive communication abilities
  • Withstands the pressure of work flows.

Application Instructions
Apply via e-mail: [email protected] (Johnsor Construction Learnership 2021).

Interested candidates will need to submit your most updated Curriculum Vitae in order to proceed with the registrations. Your Curriculum Vitae should reflect all of your skills, strengths, and any available prior working experience.

Additionally, please make sure that the information that you will be providing represents your current conditions. Candidates discovered to be falsifying any aspects of their applications will automatically be disqualified from the registration process.

Alternatively, candidates can choose to apply online. You will need to visit the Official Johnsor Company Website to do so.

Closing Date
Applications for the Johnsor Construction Learnerships must be submitted before the closing date on 25 February 2021.

The selection committee has absolute zero tolerance for late applications. Candidates found to be making their submissions past the deadline will not be acknowledged by the selection committee.

Since the closing date is still far away, it is encouraged that applicants get to work on their applications as soon as possible. This will leave you with more time to double check the contents of your Curriculum Vitae and clear up any questions you might have with the learnership.

Announcements will only be made to successful applicants who have been shortlisted for the learnership. Should you not hear back from the committee within 15 days past the application deadline, we regret to inform you that you have not been selected for the learnership.

Important Note
Due to the overwhelming attention received by the Johnsor Construction Learnership, there can be a possibility of false advertisements that blatantly misuses the good name of the company.

These false advertisements are typically scams that requests money from unsuspecting candidates. In return, they are promised a guarantee of the learnership.

Please be kindly informed that the company does not condone such actions. Should you encounter any one of these false advertisements, it is encouraged to have them reported to the nearest local authorities. That way, you will play a part in preventing other people from becoming victims.

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  1. Im interested to join the company learn different skills..looking forward to work with you..and growing with it

  2. I really need this learnership because I’m a fast learner and always ready for new challenges .

  3. I’m interested to join the Company learn different skills,Copie underpressure ibelieve in zero following company safety standards.make company pro-active when becomes on production.thank

  4. Looking forward to hear back from you and looking forward to work with the company to bring the skills and learn from the company and grow with it

  5. I am really interested in taking part of the learnership because I am desperately in need of it.

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