Minopex Engineering Learnerships 2023: Looking for Grade 12 Applicants for Opportunity

About Minopex
Minopes is a leading Operation & Maintenance company with a track record in across the departments of base metals, bulk commodities, as well as precious metals & stones. Based in more than 46 locations and with 62 commissioned sites, the company is home to more than 2 000 employees.

About the Minopex Engineering Learnerships 2023
Minopex is offering Engineering learnerships for South African applicants and is conducted in the regions of Johannesburg, Gauteng. The Minopex Engineering Learnerships is a remarkable learnership that equips you with the foundation of this sector.

Throughout the programme, you will be subjected to a structured curriculum that combines both theoretical assessments and practical working sessions held in a real-time company setting. Under the guidance of professional training providers, you will be encouraged to show immense progress as you work your way to a qualification.

Upon successful completion, you will be certified as a qualified Engineering Artisans. If you find this to be a suitable opportunity for you, don’t hesitate to register for the Minopex Engineering Learnerships.

Eligibility Criteria
Candidates interested in the Minopex Engineering Learnerships must fulfill eligibility criteria before proceeding with their applications. Each of these items below will determine whether you have what it takes to proceed with this learnership. To guarantee a successful application, candidates are advised to meet all of the following requirements. Failure to do so will cause disadvantageous consequences for the overall result of your applications. Be sure to jot down these items for personal reference.

The Minopex Engineering Learnerships Eligibility Criteria are as follows:
1. Academic Qualifications

  • Has at least a Grade 12 qualification with the subjects of Maths and Science or an N2-N6 or NCV Level 4 qualification with the relevant trade subjects below:
    • Electrical: N2 Electrical Trade Theory, Industrial Electronics, Maths & Engineering Science.
    • Rigger Ropesman: N2 Rigging Trade Theory, Engineering drawing, Maths, Engineering Science.
    • Fitting (including Machining): N2 Fitting Trade Theory, Engineering Drawing, Maths & Engineering Science.
    • Plater Welder: N2 Plater Theory, Plating and Structural Steel Drawings, Maths & Engineering Science.

2. Required Skills

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities
  • Candidates must also pass a background check (academic and criminal), as well as a psychometric assessment and a panel interview for selection reasons
  • Has technical know-how
  • Applicants must pass a medical fitness test, a heat tolerance test, and any other examination considered essential for the area of application
  • For practical training purposes, candidates must be able to travel between Minopex locations
  • Ability to work under duress
  • It will be helpful if you have a valid driver’s license
  • Able to operate both as part of a team and on their own.

Application Instructions
Apply online: Minopex Engineering Learnerships 2023.

In order to visit the website indicated above, it is recommended that you use Google Chrome as your browser.

Candidates are required to register on the application portal in order to submit their applications. This account will be required for the duration of the registration process.

Protecting your account information will help to ensure that your account is protected at all times. Never give out your account information to anybody else, especially not your password.

By sending in your applications, you are hereby giving permission to the selection committee to have your personal information utilized for registration purposes.

Applications will be subjected to further evaluation and vetting procedures to verify the validity of candidates. Anyone discovered to be falsifying any aspects of their applications will be disqualified from the registration period.

It is necessary for candidates to submit their applications through the website listed above. Attempts to submit materials by other means, such as by hand delivery or fax, will be denied by the committee evaluating the application.

Closing Date
Applications for the Minopex Engineering Learnerships must be submitted before the closing date on 08 November 2023.

Make sure you secure your application as soon as possie by registering early. The purpose behind this is to ensure that you have a safe position during the recruitment phase (however, it doesn’t guarantee immediate success).

The selection committee has zero-tolerance for candidates who send in their applications late. All submissions sent past the closing date will automatically be disqualified.

Minopex Engineering holds all rights to provide anyone with a job position or not. All decisions made by the selection committee are final.


  1. Good day. I’m willing to be the part of this offer of learnership. I’m doing mechanical engineering. I have N1-N3 but I’m still doing it. But I’m lack for paying for fees

  2. Good evening. I have level 4 and N4 to N6 in electrical engineering I’m willing to further my studies.

  3. Treating I have level 4 -N6 in Electrical engineering I am willing to go further I will appreciate the opportunity from your organization.

  4. Good day l have N4-N6 mechanical am willing to go further. I will appreciate if you give me this opportunity my contact –

    1. Good day I have level 4 -N6 in Electrical engineering, I’m willing to go further if you give me an opportunity in your organisation

  5. Good day I have N3-N4 mechanical engineering I’m willing to go further with engineering I would like to have this opportunity

  6. Afternoon I am a Female I’ve N1 and N6 Electrical engineering
    Am willing to further my studies .

  7. Good day, would like to know if you offer any learnerships for learners who complete level 4 at a school of skill. He has welding as skill and would like to further his skill by qualifying. Please reply as I’m seeking options for my son who is currently in his last year level 4.


  8. Good day.I’ve got N2-N6 in electrical engineering,an i am willing to go further. I will appreciate if u give me this opportunity.

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