Develop Yourself with GPAA (Government Pensions Administration Agency) Experiential Learning Programme 2020-2021

About the GPAA (Government Pensions Administration Agency)
The Government Pensions Administration Agency, or more commonly referred to as the GPAA, is an establishment that is formed directly under the South African government. With supervision from the minister of Finance, the GPAA is mainly responsible for managing and administrating the Government Employees Pension Fund. The GPAA itself recognized as Africa’s most prominent pension fund. This is shown from the amount of people the staff serve on a daily basis. By tending to the daily pension matters of more than 1,7 million government workers, as well as other 3rd parties, the GPAA is committed to serving anyone who is under this scheme.

The GPAA conducts themselves based on a set of values that they strictly abide to in their line of work. As the establishment deals with the general public’s financial settlements, which can be a very sensitive matter, it is extremely crucial that the GPAA is transparent with their services and will accountability during certain situations. By putting courtesy and integrity in their work, the GPAA is able to provide reliable assurance towards their loyal customers.

About the GPAA (Government Pensions Administration Agency) Experiential Learning Programme 2020-2021
The Government Pensions Administration Agency (GPAA) is offering experiential learning programmes towards promising individuals interested in governmental work. With the upcoming generations, the establishment is seeing a drastic changes in their clients and their needs. In order to meet these new demands, the GPAA is inviting qualifying individuals who are able to provide a breath of modernisation into their working environment. During the programme, learners will be taught the necessary knowledge and skills from professional staff workers who have high credibility in the field. Future candidates from different backgrounds and communities are more than welcome to sign up for this grand opportunity.

The GPAA Experiential Learning Programme is open towards learners who would like to finish the practical aspect of their academic journey as a means of being eligible for graduation. Generally speaking, the programme will be conducted from a minimum of 6 months to as long as 24 months (the length of the programme depends on the required time period as per requested by your respective Higher Educational Institution.) Upon acceptance, participants will be eligible for a total allowance of R 73 004.0/year (amount subject to change depending on the Remuneration Schedule for Development Programmes). While the programme does not guarantee a position in the establishment, it is a great stepping stone for those who wish to upskill their assets.

Eligibility Criteria
Should you wish to participate in the GPAA (Government Pensions Administration Agency) Experiential Learning Programme 2020-2021, candidates must strictly fulfill all of the criteria to be considered eligible. All of these items below will determine whether you are deserving enough of the programme. Failure to meet the listed requirements will cause your applications to be unsuccessful. Therefore, make sure that you pay close attention to all of these criteria.

The GPAA (Government Pensions Administration Agency) Experiential Learning Programme 2020-2021 general Requirements are as follows:

  • Officially recognized as a citizen of South Africa
  • Currently between 18-35 years old
  • Must not be employed by another company
  • Show proof that they have not been participating in another Experiential Learning Programme.

Candidates who are discovered to have taken part in another Experiential Learning Programme that is in line with your qualifications will automatically be disqualified from the application procedure, or their agreement will be terminated if the candidate was found out mid-programme.

The below identified qualifications are targeted for the GPAA 2020 Intake:

    • Communications
      N4-N6: Marketing / Public Relations
      Ref: ET / GPAA / COM1-2020 / 07
      [email protected]
    • Human Resources Management
      N4-N6 Human Resources Management
      Ref: ET / GPAA / HRM2-2020 / 07
      [email protected]
    • Public Management
      N4-N6: Finance Management / Public Management
      Ref: ET / GPAA / NCF4-2020 / 07
      [email protected]
    • Strategy and Policy
      N4-N6: Public Management
      Ref: ET / GPAA / Strategy1-2020 / 07
      [email protected]
    • Client Relationship Management
      N4-N6: Public Management / Office Management
      (Northern Cape – Kimberley), Ref: ET / GPAA / CRM / NC1-2020 / 07
      (Western Cape – Cape Town), Ref: ET / GPAA / CRM / WC1-2020 / 07
      (North West – Mafikeng), Ref: ET / GPAA / CRM / NW1-2020 / 07
      (Free State – Bloemfontein), Ref: ET / GPAA / CRM / FS1-2020 / 07
      [email protected]
    • Monitoring and Evaluation
      N4-N6: Public Management
      Ref: ET / GPAA / M & E3-2020 / 07
      [email protected]
    • Finance
      N4-N6 Financial Management
      Ref: ET / GPAA / FM5-2020 / 07
      [email protected]

Application Instructions
Send application e-mail online to [email protected] (GPAA (Government Pensions Administration Agency) Experiential Learning Programme 2020-2021).

To apply for the learning programme, all candidates must send in these following documentation below:

  • Candidates are required to send in their applications on Form Z83 (with an original signature) which you can get from your nearest Public Service Department – alternatively, you can get the form on the Official GPAA Website
  • Your most updated Curriculum Vitae or resume
  • A valid copy of your Identity Document Card (showing both the front and back)
  • A legitimate letter issued by your respective training institution
  • A valid copy of your logbook (if available)
  • Your full academic transcripts/records
  • Valid copies of all of your educational qualifications (including your Matric qualification).

Once you have compiled everything under one dossier, make sure that you submit your applications to the aforementioned e-mail. Do not forget to put your Reference Number on the Subject Line so that the selection committee can easily locate your applications. Should you be sending in multiple applications, make sure that they are all separate applications in which all of the reference numbers must be indicated as well.

Closing Date
All applications for the GPAA (Government Pensions Administration Agency) Experiential Learning Programme 2020-2021 must be submitted before the closing date on 21 August 2020, 12:00 noon. Please be kindly advised that the selection committee has zero tolerance for late applications. Therefore, applicants that are submitted past the deadline will automatically be disqualified from selection.

Important Notes

  • The selection committee will be prioritizing candidates who are learners from SAQA-accredited Higher Education Institutions
  • On top of the eligibility criteria that has been mentioned above, the committee expects all incoming candidates to display certain abilities and working attributes, such as effective communication capabilities, solid foundation of computer knowledge, and anything else particular to the programme you are applying for
  • Applicants must indicate the Reference Number as per mentioned on the advertisement on their applications – failure to do so will cause their applications to not pass selections
  • Announcements will only be made to successful candidates who have passed the applications – should you not hear back from the committee within a total period of 3 months past the application deadline, we regret to inform you that your applications has not been successful
  • Selected participants will be subject to a series of evaluations and verification – therefore, make sure that every document or information that you have submitted is accurate and true
  • Selected participants will be subject to a knowledge test as well as an psychometric test
  • The selection committee has the authority to not conduct any appointments that are to do with the programme.

Should you have any further enquiries or concerns with the GPAA (Government Pensions Administration Agency) Experiential Learning Programme, or if you encounter any problems with your application procedure, please do not hesitate to reach out to these contact persons below. They will be the ones who are able to directly provide you assistance.

GPAA (Government Pensions Administration Agency) Contact Details
Physical Address: 34 Hamilton Street, Arcadia, Pretoria
Postal Address: GPAA Private Bag X63, Pretoria, 0001
Phone Number: +27 12 326 2507
Fax Number: +27 12 326 2507
E-mail Address: [email protected]

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  1. Hi I’m Noxolo Mokoena I’m really interested in this learnership programme. I’m self driven , I’m able to work under pressure, I studied Project Management. Iwould really appreciate it if get this opportunity. You can reach me on this number -. Thank you.

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