Join the Railway Industry with Gibela Rail Graduate Programme 2020-2021

About Gibela Rail
Gibela Rail is a company specializes in the craft of manufacturing railway rolling stocks and uplifting the local railway industry in South Africa. It goes without saying that transporation is a valuable asset in any country, in which the general public depends on a safe, accessible, and cost-friendly mode of transporation to get to anywhere. Realizing the importance of this necessity, Gibela Rail strives to achieve easier mobility, and tackle on challenges to increase the quality of their railways. In order to do this, the company provides services by utilizing their unique set of high-end technological facilities, interfaces, and ensuring smooth synergy during their manufacturing processes.

Owned by several renowned institutions, this French-South African joint has garnered the interests of Alstom (61% stakes), Ubumbano Rail (30% stakes), and New Africa Rail (9% stakes). These stakeholders all work together to re-invent the country’s railways systems. For example, Alstom, being the largest stakeholder, provides insight and continues to develop railways systems and services. At the moment, Gibela Rail operates in more than 60 nations, with 30 000 staff workers altogether working for the same vision and mission in this company. No matter where Giberal Rail’s employees are based at, everyone is dedicated to provide their clients the ultimate satisfaction in this niche sector.

Gibela Rail Graduate Programme 2020-2021
Gibela Transport Rail is offering Graduate Programmes for well-deserving graduates who are interested in developing a solid career in the railway industry. Over the course of 12 months, this programmes invites students to sharpen their knowledge and practical skills under real-time working environments. The Gibela Transport Rail Graduate Programme will help you carve a better path for your future career. During the total period of 12 months, participants will be taught the tools of the trade regarding the field of transport rail manufacturing.

Selected candidates who have passed the applications will be requested to participate in the company’s manufacturing sites, which will be in Wolmerton (Pretoria North), and Nigel (Ekurhuleni). Under the supervision of professionals, participants will be put to the test under a series of exciting responsibilities that will allow them to delve themselves into the working environment. So not only will you receive new insights on your technical capabilities, but you will also be given an inside scoop onto the working culture of Gibela Transport Rail.

If you are a graduate with the appropriate educational qualifications, has a high level of motivation, and enjoys being a part of a dynamic working force, the Gibela Rail Graudate Programme is the right choice for you.

Eligibility Criteria
Before applicants may start registering for the Gibela Rail Graduate Programme 2020-2021, there is an eligibility criteria in which all applicants must fulfill. Each of these items below will determine whether you are suitable enough for the programme. Failure to meet everything below may not automatically get you disqualified from the application procedure, but it may reduce your chances of acceptance. Therefore, make sure you tick off everything in this list below.

The Gibela Rail Graduate Programme Requirements are as follows:
1. Basic Requirements

  • Officially recognized as a citizen of South Africa
  • Currently between the ages of 18 to 35 years old
  • Does not have any previous working experiences (relevant/non-relevant to this company)
  • Holds an accredited tertiary qualification that is relevant with the company’s line of work
  • Has proven fluency and effective communication in the English language
  • Displays a firm understanding in using Microsoft Office based software.

2. Working Attributes

  • Holds a sense of trustworthiness and integrity
  • Knows how to respect members of a team
  • Can work independently and in a team
  • Able to adapt to unexpected working conditions
  • Can be depended on with several tasks and duties
  • Extremely passionate about the railway industry.

Application Instructions
Apply online Gibela Rail Graduate Programme 2020-2021:

All applicants who are interested in applying for the Gibela Rail Graudate Programme must also send in a dossier with these important documents:

  • A valid copy of your South African Identity Document
  • Your most recent, valid copies of your educational qualifications (with a full academic transcript)
  • Your most update Curriculum Vitae that highlights your skills and strengths.

Closing Date
Applications for the Gibela Rail Graduate Programme 2020-2021 must be submitted before its closing date on 21 August 2020. Any applications sent past the allocated deadline will automatically be disqualified from registration.

Important Notes

  • The Gibela Rail Graudate Programme 2020-2021 will officially commence on 1 September 2020
  • Announcements will only be made to applicants who have passed the application procedure
  • The committee will be prioritizing certain demographic groups, such as members of surrounding communities of the Gibela operations that have disabilities
  • Gibela Rail implements equal opportunities in their company and mainly employs minority groups, females, veterans, and people living with disabilities
  • Gibela Rail does not have any track records of drug usage.

Gibela Rail Contact Details
Physical Address: 2 Shosholoza Avenue, Dunnottar X7, Ekurhuleni, 1590
Phone Number: +27 10 600 0651

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