SARB (South African Reserve Bank) Graduate Development Programmes 2024: Opportunities in 19 Fields and Offering Competitive Salary

About SARB (South African Reserve Bank)
The South African Reserve Bank, also known as SARB, is a recognized institution tasked with safeguarding the value of the country’s currency and promoting sustainable economic growth. As a critical player in the country’s financial stability, SARB regulates financial institutions, manages the national payment system, acts as the government’s banker, and upholds accountability and excellence in all its activities with the utmost integrity and trust.

SARB is committed to serving the economic well-being of South Africans by ensuring price and financial stability. It regulates the country’s financial sector, manages interest rates, designs and distributes banknotes and coins, sets cash reserve requirements for banks, and guarantees the stability of both the banking sector and the wider financial system.

About the SARB (South African Reserve Bank) Graduate Development Programmes 2024
SARB (South African Reserve Bank) is offering graduate development programmes for candidates who are keen on learning new knowledge through the establishment. Graduates will gain practical experience and knowledge at the SARB Head Office. They will be assigned to a department and have the opportunity to engage in various tasks and projects.

Graduates who apply for the SARB (South African Reserve Bank) Graduate Development Programmes are required to participate in several learning interventions at the SARB Academy. The interventions primarily focus on central banking and aim to develop graduates into well-rounded central bankers. In addition, the program offers personal and professional skill development, including assertive communication, public speaking, presentation skills, effective PowerPoint creation, impactful reporting, teamwork, personal excellence, and etiquette, as part of a holistic approach.

Upon the conclusion of the program, certain graduates will receive permanent positions within a department of the SARB. The candidates most likely to be selected for these positions are graduates who:

  • Have a desire to further their career at the SARB
  • Want to participate in monetary policy, financial stability, currency management, monitoring financial institutions, financial markets, or any other enabling function of the SARB
  • Possess behaviors that are consistent with the SARB’s core principles of responsibility, excellence, honesty, respect, and open communication
  • Have excelled in their assigned departments and academically
  • Can work independently and participate actively and successfully in a team.

The SARB (South African Reserve Bank) Graduate Development Programmes are available for the following fields:

  • Portfolio or investment management
  • Mathematics
  • Public finance
  • Econometrics
  • Information technology
  • Economics
  • Risk management (operational and financial risk)
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Treasury
  • Law
  • Policy analysis
  • Auditing
  • Research
  • Financial management
  • Business analysis
  • International relations
  • Project management
  • Accounting
  • Statistics

The SARB (South African Reserve Bank) Graduate Development Programmes are one-year programmes that will be conducted from January to December 2024. During the length of the program, graduates will be paid a competitive salary.

The SARB (South African Reserve Bank) Graduate Development Programmes are held in this location: Pretoria,ZA.

Eligibility Criteria
Please feel free to apply if you’re positive that you want to participate in the SARB (South African Reserve Bank) Graduate Development Programmes. Don’t worry if you are still wondering if you would fit in. All you need to do is double-check your qualifications against the criteria of the selection committee and the prerequisites listed below. Make sure you meet all of the requirements if you want to have a chance of being accepted. While it might not definitely disqualify you, doing so could lower your chances of being accepted.

The SARB (South African Reserve Bank) Graduate Development Programmes Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Own a postgraduate degree
  • Have a strong ambition to work in financial services or policymaking and have obtained an average of above 65% in your final year
  • Possess a track record of superior academic performance
  • Possess a high level of interpersonal and communication abilities
  • Are a resident of South Africa
  • Possess a genuine interest in learning.

Application Instructions
Apply online SARB (South African Reserve Bank) Graduate Development Programmes 2024 at:

  • Pretoria (Closing date: 14 April 2023).

To access the aforementioned web address, it is recommended that you utilize Google Chrome as your web browser. However, if you prefer a more practical approach, you can apply via your mobile phone. If you have an Android operating system, Google Chrome is automatically available and no additional browser installation is necessary.

To complete the application process, candidates must create an account on the application portal and login throughout the registration period. By submitting an application, candidates grant the selection committee permission to use their personal information for registration purposes.

Kindly enclose your academic transcripts and identity document with your application. All applicants will receive notification of their application status. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to complete assessments, interviews, and undergo a security clearance check as part of the selection process.

All applications will undergo additional examination and vetting to ensure authenticity. Any misrepresentation will result in disqualification from the registration process.

Candidates must use the website link provided above to submit their application. Submissions through alternative methods, such as hand delivery or fax, will not be accepted by the selection committee.

Closing Date
Applications for the SARB (South African Reserve Bank) Graduate Development Programmes must be submitted before the closing date on 14 April 2023.

Applications received after the deadline will not be considered by the selection committee. Contributions sent after the deadline won’t be recognized while registration is open.

It is encouraged that applicants submit their applications as soon as feasible. You will then have some time to thoroughly assess the information in your applications. Please have your applications ready as soon as possible.

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) retains the discretion to appoint someone or not during the hiring procedure. The selection committee’s judgments are binding on all parties.


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