Eskom Offering 92 Learnerships in Mechanical, Electrical, & Control and Instrumentation Department

About Eskom
Eskom has earned a name for themselves in the continent for becoming one of Africa’s largest electricity provider. Just in South Africa alone, 95% of its electricity is generated by Eskom alone, whereas within the entire continent of Africa, Eskom is responsible for 45% of the land’s electricity.

The company does not just generate electricity – it also operates in the transmission and distributing field. Most of the electricity that’s produced is provided to a variety of sectors, from industrial and mining, to agricultural and residential clients.

The involvement of Eskom has lead to South Africa’s gradual increase in the use of electricity within the nation. Due to this growing demand, Eskom has committed themselves to constantly developing their business to make sure that they are able to supply both the country and the continent with abundant electricity in the future.

Eskom Artisan Learnership Programme
Besides establishing as a company, Eskom also holds several programmes to provide high quality training for the local youth. One of these programs include the Eskom Artisan Learnership. This learnership is a tad bit different. While other programme lasts for as long as 12 months, this one spans throughout a period of 3 years.

During this time frame, selected candidates will be given the chance to have their skills trained and sharpened for the real working world. Through various on the job training activities, candidates will qualify for a trade test certificate once they finish their learnership.

As of now, the Eskom Artisan Learnership is offering positions for 3 main study fields, which are:

  1. Artisans Mechanical (Distribution Division): 15 Positions for Candidates of Various Provinces
  2. Artisans Electrical (Generation and Distribution): 67 Positions for Candidates of Various Provinces
  3. Artisans Control and Instrumentation (Generation): 10 Positions for Candidates of Various Provinces.

With a total of 92 available learnership spots, everyone is highly encouraged to give this programme a shot. This includes candidates from under-represented minority groups, such as youths living with disabilities. To see what kind of people the company is looking for, visit the Eskom website.

Eskom Artisan Learnership Requirements
Just like most learnership progammes, the Eskom Artisan Learnership is no different. This programme has a certain set of eligibility criteria that candidates must fulfill in order to be considered qualified enough for the learnership. Should any of these criteria not be met, candidates may face the risk of having their applications dismissed.

Minimum Requirements

  1. Has passed Grade 12 with an average of 50% for English, Mathematics, and Physical Science
  2. Or, has earned an N3 Engineering qualification with a 50% for English.

Work Skills

  1. Displays good communication skills
  2. Has a practical sense of self-discipline
  3. Knows how to be resilient
  4. Is easily motivated
  5. Able to follow safety rules
  6. Can take accountability of their actions
  7. Able to operate a computer well.

How to Apply:
If you have met the all of the requirements of the Eskom Artisan Learnership programme, now is the time to apply. Applications for this programme are a bit different compared to other learnerships. Depending on which position you would like to sign up for, you will be required to access different application websites. To visit them, you can simply click one of the provided links below:

  1. Artisans Mechanical Learnership: Application Website
  2. Artisans Electrical Learnership: Application Website
  3. Artisans Control and Instrumentation Learnership: Application Website.

Once you are done applying for your the position of your choice, please wait up to 4 weeks after the closing for the official announcements.​ All selected candidates should have been notified by then. However, if you did not get the call from the programme during that time period, unfortunately, your application has not passed the programme.

Eskom​​ ​Head office
Physical Address:
Megawatt Park
Maxwell Drive

Postal Address:
PO Box 1091

Tel: +27 11 800 8111​
Fax: +27 11 800 4299

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