Coca-Cola Job Vacancy as Cleaner 2022: Available Opportunity for Grade 12 Qualification Holders

About Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola is an international company that has revolutionized the beverage industry in more than 200 nations and areas. Highly well-known for their iconic Coca-Cola beverage, the entity has also expanded their portfolio with several other beverage brands. These include Ayataka Green Tea, Fanta, Minute Maid juices, Georgia coffee, Sprite, ZICO coconut water, and numerous brands to follow. Coca-Cola has always been about adapting to the latest trends, and this has become the prime mission behind their ever-expanding portfolio. The company puts on a consumer-centered approach before putting any new products into the market. In addition, Coca-Cola takes it up a notch by improving on the quality of their beverages. This is done through reducing sugar to utilizing recyclable materials to promote sustainability.

Coca-Cola South Africa has had an astonishing presences within the African continent. Working together with other neighboring countries, such as Kenya, Mozambique, Comoros, Zambia, and more, Coca-Cola South Africa plays an integral part in terms of contributing into the businesses’ international revenue. Their success goes beyond profit. Coca-Cola South Africa promotes creation of jobs and empowerment of diverse members of society to be a part of their award-winning team. Tackling from one challenge to another in a fast-changing generation, Coca-Cola South Africa is making it big in the nation.

About Coca-Cola Job Vacancy as Cleaner 2022
Coca-Cola is offering a job vacancy as cleaner for talented, employment seekers who wish to be a part of this award-winning multi-national beverage company. The Coca-Cola Job Vacancy as Cleaner is a wonderful opportunity for individuals who has aspirations of becoming a member of the iconic enterprise. The selected employees will be based in Bloemfontein, Free State. Upon successful acceptance, you will be immediately directed to the SHEQ Manager in CCBSA Devland.

For application purposes, please kindly take note of the Coca-Cola Job Vacancy as Cleaner’s Reference Number: CCB220830-8.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Cleaning and emptying waste bins and other waste material to their respective points
  • Sweeping and mopping floors using the right tools
  • Utilizing electrical appliances to scrub, polish, spray, and suction clean certain areas
  • Working at high level areas
  • Replacing all consumable items (e.g. soap, paper towels, toilet rolls) following the standard or procedure in place
  • Deep cleaning toilet spaces and the areas in it
  • Cleaning all of the drains
  • Tending to garden work within the area
  • Using chemical agents as part of cleaning process
  • Washing walls or window panes.

Eligibility Criteria
Candidates interested in the Coca-Cola Job Vacancy as Cleaner must fulfill an eligibility criteria that comes with the programme. Each of these items below will determine whether you are a capable employee that can meet the dynamic demands of the company. To guarantee a successful application, candidates are encourage to fully meet the criteria below. Failure to do so might cause disadvantageous consequences towards the overall result of your application. Be sure to jot down everything for your personal reference.

The Coca-Cola Job Vacancy as Cleaner Eligibility Criteria are as follows:
1. Basic Requirements

  • Possesses a Grade 12/Matric qualifications.

2. Working Experiences

  • Has prior working experience in an FMCG environment
  • Understands basic literacy and numeracy.

3. Other Attributes

  • Cleaners will need to follow any changes regarding the location of cleaning areas
  • Willing to work independently or with other team members as per required
  • Cleaners are not specifically located to a certain location within the establishment at all times
  • Willing to train incoming colleagues of the same department from time to time
  • Puts on a courteous attitude towards visitors and fellow colleagues.

Application Instructions
Apply online Coca-Cola Job Vacancy as Cleaner 2022 at:

Candidates interested in the programme are required to create an account on the portal above. This account will store all of your application details and supporting documents required for the registration.

Due to the sensitive nature of the account, candidates are advised to keep the account secure at all times. Never share your account credentials, especially your password, to other people. This is to prevent any hacking or security breaches from happening to your account.

Alternatively, you can choose to apply via Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts. By choosing either one, the portal will automatically sync your information from your preferred account. This saves time from having to create an account from scratch.

Applications must be submitted from the online application portal mentioned above. Submissions made through other methods, such as email or fax, will not be acknowledged by the selection committee.

Employment Equity
Coca-Cola will be implementing their Employment Equity policies when conducting their recruitment process. These policies will take into effect for both internal and external recruitment. Therefore, consideration will be offered to internal candidates first before moving on to external candidates.

Closing Date
Applications for the Coca-Cola Job Vacancy as Cleaner must be submitted before the closing date on 06 September 2022.

The selection committee has absolute zero tolerance for late applications. Candidates discovered to be making their submissions past the deadline will not be considered during the registration period.

Coca-Cola reserves all rights to make an appointment or not during the recruitment process. All decisions made by the selection committee are final.


    1. Dear sir/madam
      Im looking for a job that is going
      To challenge me and l love working under

  1. Mr/madam
    please help me to find job
    I am a gal who live with 4 siblings ,out of parents
    Actually we are the orphan please help so that I can provide them 🙏.

    1. I am Asive stay in Vosloo intrested in this post.i have all requirement they a hard number is –

  2. Dear sir/madam
    Hi I’m Nhlakanipho Xaba from Durban I’m really interested to work at Coca cola Company as a Cleaner and I have a passionate consistance and discipline for any job..

    Hope to hear soon from you.

  3. Greetings management hope this note find you well, am interested in the work post above I am available anytime to start working, you won’t regret hiring me iam a hard worker. Am based in gauteng around lenasia.

    Thank you.

  4. Dear HR. I am a hard worker and I have an experience in cleaning. I have an S4 in Electrical Engineering

  5. Good morning sir /mam. I would appreciate if I can get any job vacancy in your company. I’m hard working and fast learner. I like working with people. Here is my phone number -.

  6. Dear hiring manager
    I am looking for a challenging job with a rapidly growing organization that can provide me with a range of goals and objectives within a contemporary and economical business setting.

    I am interested in this position I did fill all my details but now I’m suffering to upload my documents and qualifications. Contact cell number:-

    1. Mpho Patrick Nthethe I’m 38 years with matric certificate of technical asking anything for jobs general labor please 🙏

  7. Dear Sir/Madam

    I hope this finds you well.
    Please I need this job to change my situation at home.

    1. Dear manager please acknowledge my application I really need this job I want to change my situation at home please sir/madam

    2. CCB220720-4
      Please I want to apply for the above mentioned jobbu there is no application option or is application closed

    3. My name is Philasande Nkosi.i am interested I this available anytime.i stay I Vosloo number is –

    1. Mpho Patrick Nthethe I’m 38 years with matric certificate of asking anything for jobs general

  8. Hello!!am polled kgaditsi from mamelodi i really need this job, getting this job could make my life easy.. And am able to work under pressure

  9. Am interested and am a hard worker really am looking forward the opportunity to work in this company

    1. I am Gugulethu from Hammarsdale I am willing to work for your company i am a hard worker and fast learner I hope you will get back to me .

      1. I’m Tebogo From Mokopane I Am Willing To Work In Your Company As I Love Challenges I Promise To Be Determine At My Workplace I’ll Face Any Challenges I Came Across.

    2. I always thought that one day I will be recommended at Coca-Cola beverages but! It’s not easy even you have requirements and I will never give up. I was working there through labour brooker!

  10. I am nondumiso dlamini from Estcourt I need this job opportunity I love to work i am a hard worker

  11. I am Bonolo Ramathibela from Soweto in Tladi and i really need this job, getting this job could make my life very eash and ill be able to support my mom and siblings

      1. Good day my name is Nico I would like to apply for this work I’m a very hard worker and can work under pressure I’m very good with my hands I can fix any machines and can do prevention maintenance and could learn much more if I will be given a opportunity to prove what I am capable of and I could benefit the company apon learning much more thank u

    1. Hello!!am polled kgaditsi from mamelodi i really need this job, getting this job could make my life easy.. And am able to work under pressure

  12. Am nthabiseng from Botshabelo i really need this job ..i have kind of experience in thise job even flexible person and i love to clean

    1. I am Bonolo Ramathibela from Soweto in Tladi and i really need this job, getting this job could make my life very eash and ill be able to support my mom and siblings

    2. Im capable to work as instructed, and be at my best, perfecting my job. Im looking forward at working with you.

  13. I am irine from tembisa I really need this job I’m hard working I don’t mind working long hours

  14. Hi my name is Nkosikhona khwela from Durban

    I’m interested on this job I’m a hard worker I don’t mind even working overtime I can start immediately

    Here is My Numbers -/ –

    1. I’m looking for a job I am a hard working, i can work over time and I’m a fast learner

  15. I really need to be the one of those who make this company to grow I’m interested to work over this company I am a hard worker

    1. Hello m Seldom unemployed candidate I’ll be very grateful if I can get this job in this big brand of coca cola company.

  16. Morning I’m Treenity Baloyi and I’m interested to this vacancy of I have years of experience.

    1. Good day, my is Olgar I’m interested to think vacancy, all requirements needed I have. Your response would be greatly appreciated.

  17. Dear sir /miss
    I need this job to feet my young sister and to help my mom with problem
    Because we are struggling to pay electricity

    – contact me

  18. Dear sir /miss
    I need this job to feet my young sister and to help my mom with problem
    Because we are struggling to pay electricity

  19. I’m lourticia sekoele I’m interested to work at your shop I’m a hard worker I can work more hours contact me –

    1. I am nondumiso dlamini from Estcourt I need this job opportunity I love to work i am a hard worker

  20. Puleng leotlela from vaal at sebokeng
    I’m a hard work, dedicated to my work, willing to do over time and i can wbork under pressure lastly i can do team work… Thank you

    1. I am interested in this post i have matric and computer and call centre and IT qualification, i have 6months cleaning experience

    2. I need a job to support my kids,my first born he’s going to varsity and I need a job.

      1. Hello I’m Eunice maseko I just saw your post I like to be on your team,I’m a hard work dedicated to my work willing to do over time and Can do under pressure hope, u can answer ,thanks

    1. My name is Kedibone Mogola , I am interested in this job. I do have experience in cleaning.

  21. As the way you writing references Devland(gauteng)CCB211202-5 am interested for this job l have matric forklift drivers license l can do cleaning l have 6months experience for cleaning

  22. Hi am Mthetheleli Noji a 31 year’s guy from Tembisa Ivory Park ext 2 Midrand 1685.Iam a hard worker,good communication skill and love working with groups.I have the required documents and I need the job am available at anytime.thank you

    1. My name is Ziningi Nkomo im willing to work thi job ihave 2 years for help grade r hepler for cleaning thank you

  23. Good day Sir/Madam

    I am interested in this vacancy as a clearer i am a hardworker,reliable and enthusiasm i have experience and contactable references. my contact number is –

    1. Dear sir/madam
      I am looking for this vacancy as I’m concerned to beind
      work harder when i get this opportunity
      I have just a little experience
      My details you can contact me at the bottom of the comment

      1. Dear Sir/Mam
        I really need this job so that I be able to help my mother and little sister for a living because my mother is not working we are dependent on a social grant

    2. Hello I’m Sello Tsoka from I am interested in this job and work hard here is my number phone –

  24. Really need this job to get in contact with me my numbers are( -) your cull will be highly appreciated thanks.

    1. Dear sr/madam

      Im TG Makhanya 29 year’s of age from Durban i would like to be appointed im a hard woker n im a right parson for this job please give me this opportunity i will be highly appreciated thank you .
      Contact number : –

    1. I have matric code 14 drivers license i can do the cleaning while waiting for other opportunities

      1. I have experience for this job and I have 6 years experience for a clean er in different companies in Durban and I will work any where as soon as possible if my application is under consideration

      2. Hello my name iS Thandiwe Mzangwe m in tembisa Gauteng province, I would like to work as a cleaner in your company to add more experience

        Thank you

  25. Hey I’m nompumelelo Ndhlovu I’m a hard worker,team player .love challenges and listening to other people views

  26. Hi I’m sanelisiwe nkosi i would like to be appointed as a cleaner. I’m capable n a hard woker n I’m desperate looking for job my contact number is –

    1. Hey I am interested in this company and I’m a hard working person ,dedicated ,commited on every work I do.
      I hope I will hear from you soon(-)

      Thank you!

  27. Hey my name is Malebutswe Patience from Freestate am looking for a job i would like to add my experience in your company..i believe in wirking hard and dedicating myself to my work..thank you

    1. I Britney Veldman need to be part of a progressive team where creative thinking and collaboration solves problems and contributes to the wellbeing position of the company. I’m available and will consider all suitable positions.

      Thank you

      1. My name is mthokozisi am a fast learner who’s is to approach
        I can work as group as well as individual

    1. I’m very interested this and need this job,I am hard working and working with team

  28. I’m Bhekizitha Ndlela
    I’m interested in the job
    And I am a fast learner
    Contact number –
    Thank you

    1. Hi sir/mam I am looking for any job,I have experience in cashier and cleaner but I’m willing to learn more jobs.-


    1. I’m interested in this position and I will appreciate it if i can be chosen to be part of the company

    1. I am a 27 year old female , very much interested in any position That Could Be Available For Me, as much as I can adapt easily on working environment and have more skills and Experience on working in warehouses.

      1. I strongly good communicator, Always share my views, iknow how to work as a team looking forwad to get this job General work Cleaner my contact number – email adress –

      2. My name is Sisanda Mfihlo 37years old woman I am a hardworker i have ability to learn fast l would love to work in environment which encourage to succeed nd grow professional where i can grow my skills and knowledge appropriate

    1. Goodday I would love to apply for the Genarel vacancie.I WILL NOT DISSAPIONT I AM A HARD WORKER LOVE TO WORK IN A TEAM INVIROMENT

      1. Good day. I koketso zwane believe that I am a hard-working individual, who is reliable, responsible and keen to provemy self worthy in my work when given an opportunity. I take full pride in everything I do and always try to overcome the challenges I may come across. I seek professional growth and always willing to go an extra mile.

    1. Iv got experience in the cleaning Field Nd I’m good in working with people and making an environment homely

    2. Why would i be the best candidate ?
      I am a highly motivated individual,who pride myself on everything that i do,i am well mannerd,presentable an have good people skill.

    3. I really need this job. I’m a hard worker, i will start anytime as soon as you get back to me and I will be happy. Thanks.

  30. I’m looking forward to work on your company I’m a hard worker and I don’t mind to work overtime. I will be pleased if you get back on me, please consider my application… Here is my Contact –

    Yours sincerely
    Nolwazi Sibeko

    1. My name is ayanda mkhabela…am young woman who is harc working and takes life serious am in need of a job so that i can survive with my kids …hope you will take my post into consideration

    2. Greetings Iam Andile Gumede I am interested in this job and I am looking forward on hearing from you

  31. I’m Nthabiseng Makoe – I’m interested to this cleaning vacancy I’m a hard worker, good listener, willing to work under pressure,and I’m a fast learner not fear to met other challenges I complete my Matric,and also have qualifications from Wholesale and Retail and I have a working expensive from Retail

  32. I’m a hard work, I give it all and I’m focus
    Able to handle lot of work …
    I’m will be glad if you can accept

    1. I would like to apply for a cleaning job.I have level 4 in travel and tourism I’m at Johannesburg cbd no

  33. Hi my is Jaydon, currently looking for work
    I am eager to grow and learn
    Quick learner
    Hard working
    Cont no. –

    1. Hi my name is Thandi
      I will be grateful 🙏if I get this job
      I am a hard worker .. I was volunteering at School 🏫for cleaning . And I will be happy if I can work for this company

  34. I am a young and intelligent man……so I think I’m good for the job…..I would be happy to get your response

  35. I’m 29 years lady, passionate, flexible, calm and control self driven, hard worker and fast learner.I need this job .

    1. Hi I have National certificate in I formation and communication technology(NQF4),computer Literacy certificate. I have 2 years working experience in admin. I was doing data capture, paper work, marking and cleaning. I am a reliable, trustworthy and willing to learn I’m available immediately contact no are -/-

      1. Dear sir/madam
        It will a pleasure for to work within the organization, i believe my enthusiasm and experience will help me to fit within the group

  36. I am a very hardworking person who takes pride in everything I do, who punctual and have a will of learning new things everyday. I’ll b very happy to be part of your team and I know that I will deliver

      1. Dear sir/madam

        I am very interested in position .May not have experience in this field but l am a hard worker, can work independently and also work well with my fellow workers. This opportunity would be my dream come true

        I believe Coca-Cola company is a very huge organisation where I can grow flexibly and me working in this position could change lives of many people that depends on me to survive
        Please do not hesitate to contact me for more details.

        Yours sincerely
        Mrs N Myeza (Durban)

  37. I will be very happy to be the part of the team. Because I’m the easy person to work with,I always keep the time and I’m also a hard worker.

  38. Hi my name is ankey ,am a hard worker and am current working at KFC .am looking for a job .My contact is –

  39. I have had this passion of working in your firm and I will appreciate it if I will be giving the opportunity

    1. My name is Thandi Maria Molete
      I will be grateful 🙏if I can get this job …I am a hard worker.. I am available anytime..I will be glad if I can work in your beautiful and grateful Company.

  40. I’m hardworking person who is willing to start any time. I really need this job

  41. I am a hard worker and I always give my all to everything that I’m doing. I WOULD ALSO LOVE THIS OPPORTUNITY.

  42. Hi my name is Nozipho. I am applying for the cleaners position which is available.I am a hard worker and passionate. What keeps me going is my child so in everything i do i excell because i need to make her proud as a mother. Coca cola company won’t regret employing me since i am fast and also have experience of cleaning. I make sure the work place is hygienic at all times.

  43. I will be happy to become a part of Coca Cola”s dynamic workers. I can start working immediately and have a diploma in: Elderly Care Giver, Level 3.
    As a hardworking and dedicated individual, I believe I will be an asset to the Coca Cola company.

  44. My name is Millicent Tenyeko Makhubela .
    Um 26 yrs old ,i saw the post im interested im hardworker

  45. Hi um Millicent Tenyeko Makhubela,um 26 years i saw this post an um interested ,im a hardworker

    1. As a hard worker,I’m in need of a full time job, which I will keep the companies rules first by making sure I work as much as I have cried for the job.

    1. I’m looking for a job I only have a grade 12…I really need a job I can work under pressure

      1. I’m Makhosi Cele and I’m looking forward to work for this position as a cleaner and I’m a hard worker.


    1. I’m interested in the cleaning job. I’m a hard worker and able to work alone or in a team. Thank you for this job opportunity makes me to get more hope of that one day is one day I’m going to be chosen as a permanent employer.

    1. Hi my name is Thulisile I’m a job seeker looking for job. I love to join the group and I also love to associate with different people. You won’t regret to hire me because I am willing to learn.i also humble and hardworking. My mobile no is -/-

  47. I’m so very interested about this post CV & qualification ( electrical) cleaner generally worker or apprenticeship or learner’ship available please help.

    1. I’m interested I have a 3 year experience of retail company and capturing of the invoices a very hard working and fast learner

  48. Hi
    My name is Ntombi Khumalo am looking for a jop, my contact number is -.
    I have a driving license
    Kind regards

  49. Am looking for a job that I can start any time am a hard working women am willing to work long hours am not afraid of challenges I will be so pleased if you can get back to me

    1. Am a hardworking,I don’t mind to work overtime and I would love to join yr company

    2. Unathi Mafestile

      I am interested in your job. I’m willing to work in any condition, hard work

    1. Im ikanneng sebekedi from around Kuruman looking for any kind of job willing to work overtime too…. thank you

      1. I’m Xolelwa from Port Elizabeth, I’m dedicated,Hard worker, trustworthy and responsible, Able to work in a team and as individual,willing to work overtime and I am a fast learner

        Thank you

        1. I KGOMOTSO MORAKA from Tembisa am here looking for any job and I’m a hard work person who can work in a team and am too much fast in learning my job I really need this job

          Thank you

          1. Hey my name is Enos am allocation at Gauteng am a hard worker am young respectful boy 23 of age o really need this opportunity am also a driver with PDP am fully experienced

        2. Iam nonkululeko ndlovu i really need this job i,m hardworker and i do not mind working long hours .getting this job will change my life will be able to help my family.

          1. Hi my name is mduduzi Masango from Mamelodi I really need this job I lost my job due to covid and now things are not looking good because my women also not working no income it’s really hard if I can get this job i will grab it with both hands. Hope to hear you as soon as possible.thank you

          2. Iam phumzile from Witbank I really need this job.i’m hard worker. I really need this job

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