Bidvest Facilities Management Job Vacancy as Handyman 2024: Professional Opportunity for Matric Qualification Registrants

About Bidvest International Logistics
Bidvest Facilities Management is a division of the larger Bidvest Group, a renowned South African conglomerate engaged in services, trading, and distribution. This division specializes in providing integrated facility management solutions, offering an extensive array of services that encompass building maintenance, technical services, energy management, security, cleaning, landscaping, and more.

Bidvest Facilities Management places a strong emphasis on quality and compliance, adhering to rigorous safety and quality standards. They continuously strive to stay at the forefront of industry trends and innovation, frequently incorporating cutting-edge technology into their operations to enhance efficiency and sustainability. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for the company, and they work closely with clients to develop tailored solutions that address their unique needs.

About the Bidvest Facilities Management Job Vacancy as Handyman 2024
Bidvest Facilities Management is providing keen candidates the chance to be part of a professional team and implement your skills as a capable Handyman. The Bidvest Facilities Management Job Vacancy as Handyman entails taking on the responsibility of executing timely and high-quality planned, preventive, and emergency maintenance tasks on all designated equipment.

As part of this role, you will play an essential role in maintaining the operational efficiency of the equipment, ensuring that it functions seamlessly and is always in good working condition. Your contributions will be vital in upholding the standards of excellence in facility management and delivering top-notch service to their clients. This position provides an excellent platform for you to showcase your skills, grow professionally, and be a key asset in their dedicated and professional team.

Your duties also include:

  • Execute tasks as outlined in the job cards (work orders) in alignment with both Client and Company specifications.
  • Investigate, evaluate, and rectify malfunctions in identified equipment.
  • Complete minor repairs and maintenance on all electrical equipment and appliances in accordance with the Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Handle various tasks related to office relocations, including but not limited to installing furniture, performing shop fitting, repairing doors, locks, handles, windows, replacing ceiling and carpet tiles, and undertaking general painting work.
  • Perform minor repairs and maintenance on all plumbing-related equipment as per the SLA.
  • Conduct tier 1 inspections and carry out repairs on all air-conditioning equipment.
  • Inspect and provide reports on the status of fire and access equipment, including fire extinguishers, hose reels, fire hydrants, fire detectors, and access control equipment.
  • Assist the Artisan with major repairs and servicing tasks.
  • Maintain a continuous flow of information to the Facilities Manager, Service Manager, Building Manager, or Resource Coordinator regarding the status of restoration operations.

Eligibility Criteria
To maximize your chances of success for the Handyman job vacancy at Bidvest Facilities Management, it is essential to promptly submit your application. Nevertheless, before doing so, it’s imperative to thoroughly examine the program’s requirements. Your suitability as a candidate hinges on these criteria. To ensure your qualifications align with the position, please carefully assess the prerequisites provided below. Increasing your likelihood of success is ideal, and ticking off each item on the list is recommended.

The Bidvest Facilities Management Job Vacancy as Handyman Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Obtain a Matric (Senior Certificate).
  • Acquire an N3 Technical (Electrical/Mechanical qualification).
  • Ensure you possess a valid SA Driver’s License.
  • Garner at least 3 years of relevant experience in Handyman maintenance tasks.
  • Undergo basic training on hand tools, electrical, and mechanical equipment.
  • Familiarize yourself with the OHS Act and ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems.
  • Prioritize customer focus.
  • Foster innovation.
  • Hone your problem analysis skills.
  • Develop your abilities in planning, scheduling, and setting objectives.
  • Enhance your teamwork and partnering skills.
  • Build strong and effective relationships.
  • Master the art of interactive reasoning.

Application Instructions
Apply online: Bidvest Facilities Management Job Vacancy as Handyman 2024.

We recommend using Google Chrome as your preferred browser for accessing the mentioned website.

To submit their applications, candidates must initially register on the application portal. This account will be essential throughout the registration process.

As an alternative, you also have the option to register using Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn, saving you considerable time by bypassing the need to create an account from scratch.

When visiting the aforementioned website, it’s strongly recommended to use Google Chrome.

To complete the application submission process, candidates must first sign up on the application portal. This account will be indispensable during the entire registration process.

The selection committee, including yourself, will review all the information provided, and we ensure the confidentiality of your data. Therefore, it’s vital to conduct a thorough check to ensure the accuracy of the information. Providing false information may put candidates in a potentially precarious situation.

Your event registration will be managed by the selection committee using the data you provide. By submitting your applications, you authorize the committee to use your personal information for this purpose.

Candidates are required to utilize the specified website for submitting their applications. The committee responsible for reviewing applications will reject any attempts to submit materials through alternative methods, such as hand delivery or fax.

Closing Date
Applications for the Bidvest Facilities Management Job Vacancy as Picker/Packer must be submitted before the closing date on 01 March 2024.

Enroll in advance to guarantee the early reservation of your application, offering you a stable footing in the hiring procedure, even though immediate success is not assured.

We recommend that applicants promptly submit their applications, allowing them ample time for a comprehensive review of their materials. Please prepare your applications without delay.

Bidvest Facilities Management reserves the right to extend employment offers to any candidate at its sole discretion, and the decisions of the selection committee are ultimate and binding for all participants.

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