Tsebo Job Vacancy as Storeman 2024: Permanent Opportunity for Matric Candidates

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About Tsebo Job Vacancy as Storeman 2024
Tsebo is seeking for interested candidates who are in need of a permanent employment opportunity as a professional Storeman based in Stellenbosch, Western Cape. The Storeman position at Tsebo entails overseeing and documenting the movement of maintenance stock, spare parts, and equipment from the storage facility to various outlets. This includes ensuring that adequate stock levels are maintained in accordance with operational needs and in compliance with company standards and regulations.

Additionally, the Storeman is tasked with managing the transportation of employees and facilitating the delivery and collection of materials as required. This role plays a critical part in the efficient operation of the organization, ensuring that essential supplies are available when needed and that logistical operations run smoothly.

As a Storeman, you will be required to perform the duties below:

  • Receive and verify orders at the stores according to invoice and quality standards.
  • Record discrepancies such as returns, price variations, and delivery issues, and inform the stock controller.
  • Obtain picking lists from the Maintenance Supervisor or designated personnel and distribute goods following SOP.
  • Ensure safe storage of all stock and maintain cleanliness and security in storage areas and equipment.
  • Submit all generated documents to the Supervisor/Manager for review and input into the relevant system, ensuring accuracy with IFS job card requests.
  • Address maintenance stock queries promptly, escalating issues as needed.
  • Investigate and rectify discrepancies immediately, ensuring stock records’ accuracy.
  • Participate in monthly stock takes and conduct recounts as necessary.
  • Identify, investigate, and rectify discrepancies promptly, and communicate shortages or overages to the Supervisor.
  • Maintain stock levels in line with operational demands and procurement orders.
  • Maintain accurate records of stock control and ensure proper filing.
  • Report obsolete stock for disposal.
  • Deliver and collect items from businesses, confirming deliveries and collections.
  • Organize delivery notes in the order of delivery and load the vehicle with the listed goods.
  • Keep the vehicle clean and monitor its maintenance and licensing.
  • Collaborate with teams to maintain a customer-focused approach and enhance customer lifetime value.
  • Stay updated on business objectives within the environment.
  • Follow processes and procedures to enhance operational efficiencies and performance.
  • Undertake additional responsibilities as assigned by Management to drive sustainability.
  • Remain flexible in task execution to accommodate duties not explicitly outlined in the job description.
  • Take ownership of individual performance.
  • Promote TFS’s image and corporate citizenship through coordinated activities.

For application purposes, please kindly take note of the Tsebo Job Vacancy as Storeman 2024’s Reference Number: TSE240308-14

Storeman Duties

  • Receive incoming goods and verify the accuracy of the delivery against purchase orders.
  • Inspect received items for damage or defects and report any discrepancies to the relevant department.
  • Store items in designated locations within the warehouse or storage area, ensuring proper organization and accessibility.
  • Maintain accurate inventory records through regular stocktaking and reconciliation activities.
  • Issue materials and supplies to authorized personnel as per requisitions or work orders.
  • Monitor stock levels and initiate replenishment orders to maintain optimal inventory levels.
  • Ensure compliance with storage and handling procedures to prevent damage or loss of goods.
  • Coordinate with suppliers and vendors regarding deliveries, returns, and discrepancies.
  • Perform routine maintenance and cleaning of storage areas to ensure a safe and orderly working environment.
  • Assist with the disposal of obsolete or surplus inventory through proper channels.
  • Collaborate with other departments to fulfill internal material requests and support operational needs.
  • Adhere to health and safety regulations and company policies at all times.
  • Participate in training sessions or meetings related to inventory management or warehouse operations as required.
  • Contribute to continuous improvement initiatives aimed at enhancing efficiency and productivity within the storeroom.

Eligibility Criteria
Ensure that you submit your application for the Storeman position at Tsebo Job Vacancy. However, it is crucial to prioritize reviewing the eligibility criteria for the position beforehand. These criteria serve as determinants of your suitability for the role. To ensure that your qualifications align with the requirements, please take a moment to review the following qualifying criteria. Fulfilling all the items on this list will significantly enhance your likelihood of success in the application process.

The Tsebo Job Vacancy as Storeman Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

1. Basic Qualifications

  • Ensure you have Matric with Maths Numeracy as a minimum requirement.
  • Obtain an N3 in technical studies or an equivalent qualification.
  • Possess a valid driver’s licence with no endorsements.
  • Accumulate at least 3 years of experience as a driver.
  • Consider obtaining a PDP Licence, as it would be advantageous.
  • Acquire a minimum of 2 years’ experience in Maintenance stores or inventory control.
  • Gain experience working with the IFS system, if possible, as it is an advantage.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in both written and spoken English.
  • Be a team player with the ability to work effectively under pressure.
  • Display well-developed communication skills, including the capacity to perform efficiently in a multinational team environment.

2. Personal Attributes

  • Assess your attention to detail.
  • Utilize your skills in working with information, including agreements, laws, regulations, and statistics.
  • Review and evaluate information and data thoroughly.
  • Apply clerical administration skills effectively.
  • Employ problem-solving abilities.
  • Communicate effectively with all levels of management.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work under pressure.
  • Plan, organize, and control your own work effort.
  • Be flexible and energetic in your approach.
  • Showcase excellent driving skills.
  • Ensure you possess a valid driver’s license.
  • Familiarize yourself with the streets and locations within your area of responsibility.
  • Master the ability to read maps accurately.

Application Instructions
Apply online Tsebo Job Vacancy as Storeman 2024:

To access the specified website, it’s recommended to utilize Google Chrome as your browser for optimal performance.

Candidates must register on the application portal to initiate the application submission process. This account will be utilized throughout the entire registration period.

Alternatively, utilizing a smartphone for application submission is more convenient than using a computer. If you possess an OS Android smartphone, Google Chrome can serve as your default web browser, eliminating the need for additional installations.

Additionally, registration options through Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn are available as alternatives, saving time by bypassing the need to create a new account from scratch.

By submitting your application, you authorize the selection committee to utilize your personal information for event registration purposes.

Candidates are instructed to submit their applications exclusively via the provided website link. Submissions through alternative methods, such as hand delivery or fax, will not be accepted by the selection committee.

Closing Date
Applications for the Tsebo Job Vacancy as Storeman must be submitted before the closing date on 15 March 2024.

Make sure to submit your applications promptly to secure your spot within the registration period. Submitting early not only increases your chances of success but also mitigates the risk of encountering unforeseen issues, such as high Internet traffic or missing documentation, at the last minute.

All applications for the vacancy must be received before the specified deadline. The selection committee strictly prohibits the acceptance of late submissions, which will result in disqualification from consideration for the position.

Tsebo reserves the sole authority to make appointments throughout the recruitment period. The decisions rendered by the selection committee hold ultimate authority and are considered final in all matters pertaining to the selection process.

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