PSiRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) YES (Youth Employment Service) 2024: Opportunities in 10 Study Fields with Stipend of R5 000 – R6 000

About PSiRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority)
The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSiRA) plays a pivotal role in regulating and overseeing the private security industry in South Africa. Established under the Private Security Industry Regulation Act of 2001, PSiRA functions as an autonomous statutory body with the responsibility of ensuring that private security services are provided with the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and efficacy. As the industry regulator, PSiRA is tasked with licensing and monitoring security service providers, promoting compliance with industry regulations, and safeguarding the interests of both consumers and security practitioners.

Beyond its regulatory role, PSiRA is committed to fostering a culture of continuous improvement within the private security sector. The authority actively engages in initiatives that enhance the skills and capabilities of security personnel through training and accreditation programs. By maintaining a robust regulatory framework and encouraging ongoing professional development, PSiRA contributes significantly to the security landscape of South Africa, promoting a safer environment for both businesses and citizens alike.

About the PSiRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) YES (Youth Employment Service) 2024
PSiRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) is offering a 12-month YES programmes for candidates who are keen on taking up internship positions. The PSiRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) YES (Youth Employment Service) is crafted to provide aspiring individuals with valuable work experience and professional development opportunities.

Participants in this program can anticipate a comprehensive and immersive learning experience that spans a year, paving the way for skill enhancement and a deeper understanding of the private security industry. The PSiRA YES program serves as a dynamic platform for enthusiastic candidates to kickstart their careers and contribute to the thriving landscape of the private security sector. The program is strategically designed not only to impart practical skills but also to foster a holistic understanding of the industry’s regulatory frameworks, ethical considerations, and the dynamic challenges faced by security professionals.

The PSiRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) YES (Youth Employment Service) is currently available for the fields below (along with its specific academic requirements):

National Diploma/Degree in Accounting or Cost or Management Accounting or equivalent

National Diploma/Degree in Supply Management, Logistics or equivalent

National Diploma/Degree in Accounting or Cost or Management Accounting or equivalent

Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies or equivalent

National Diploma/ Degree in Human Resource Development or Management or equivalent.

National Diploma/ Degree in Information Technology, Information System, Computer Science or equivalent

National Diploma/Degree in Forensic Investigation, BA in Forensic Science, Policing or equivalent

National Diploma/Degree in Human Resource Management or Development

National Diploma/Degree in Business Management / Administration or equivalent

BCom Information Management / BINF Information Science / BA Information Science/ Archival Science / Degree in Records Management

Selected candidates will be entitled to the following stipends:

  • NQF Level 6: R5 000
  • NQF Level 7: R6 000

Eligibility Criteria
Believe you possess the qualifications to enroll in the PSiRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) YES (Youth Employment Service)? Ensure you submit your application promptly! However, before doing so, review the eligibility criteria for the position. These criteria will assess whether you are an ideal candidate. To assess your qualifications, examine the eligibility criteria listed below. To enhance your chances of success, it is recommended that you meet all the criteria outlined in the following list.

The PSiRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) YES (Youth Employment Service) Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

1. Basic Qualifications

  • Confirm that individuals are South African citizens.
  • Verify that the age of individuals falls within the range of 18 to 35 years.
  • Individuals must engage in an agreement with both PSiRA and the YES program.
  • Evaluate applications exclusively from individuals who have not previously participated in the YES program or any other internship program.

2. Specific Academic Qualifications (see above)

Application Instructions
Apply online: PSiRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) YES (Youth Employment Service) 2024.

Candidates are required to submit a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae, providing detailed information about their professional background and experiences, along with certified copies of their academic qualifications. It is crucial that the application letter clearly articulates the preferred field and the specific region (Gauteng) for the intended position.

Once everything is all set, you can submit your applications via either one of the following alternative methods:

Postal Carriage:
The Senior Manager: Human Capital,
Private Bag X817,

Hand Delivery:
420 Witch-Hazel Avenue, Block B Eco Galdes 2 Office Park, Eco Park, Highveld Ext 70.

For applicants with foreign qualifications, an evaluation certificate from the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) is mandatory and should be included with the application. This additional step ensures the proper assessment and recognition of international credentials in the local context.

Moreover, the recruitment process actively promotes inclusivity and diversity by encouraging individuals with disabilities to apply. This initiative aims to create a welcoming and accessible environment, fostering a diverse candidate pool that reflects a range of backgrounds and abilities.

Applications will undergo further scrutiny and validation processes to ascertain the legitimacy of the applicants. Individuals discovered to have provided false information in their applications will be ineligible for registration during the designated registration period.

Applicants are required to utilize the provided portal for the processing of their applications. Submissions through alternative methods, including hand delivery or fax, will not be considered or accepted by the selection committee.

Closing Date
Applications for the PSiRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) YES (Youth Employment Service) must be submitted before the closing date on 05 January 2024.

The selection committee strictly enforces a policy of zero tolerance for tardy applications. Any submissions received after the stipulated closing date will not be recognized or considered throughout the registration period.

Prospective candidates are recommended to promptly submit their applications, affording them ample time to thoughtfully assess the contents before submission. It is advisable to prepare and submit applications at the earliest convenience to ensure compliance with deadlines.

PSiRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) retains the authority to decide whether to appoint individuals during the recruitment process. The finality of decisions made by the selection committee underscores the significance of acknowledging that their determinations are conclusive and binding throughout the entire selection process.


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