Iqvia Sales and Marketing Learnership 2024: Accepting Candidates with BSc in Medical Sciences

About Iqvia
IQVIA occupies a prominent position on the global stage, harnessing a potent amalgamation of data, state-of-the-art technology, advanced analytics, and unmatched expertise to drive the healthcare sector and, ultimately, human well-being into the future. Through collaborative efforts with partner organizations, IQVIA is at the forefront of reshaping the healthcare landscape, making it not only more contemporary but also more efficient and cost-effective. This ambitious mission motivates the company to devise groundbreaking solutions that exert a profound influence on both business operations and patient outcomes.

Achieving this vision necessitates a diverse spectrum of skills and a relentless curiosity that propels the exploration of uncharted territories. Irrespective of their particular roles within IQVIA, including the dedicated team members at Q² Solutions, each individual contributes significantly to the shared objective of elevating the state of human health. The company expresses deep appreciation for the interest of those considering a career with IQVIA and extends a warm invitation to join in the journey towards a healthier and more innovative future.

About the Iqvia Sales and Marketing Learnership 2024
Iqvia is offering a learnership programme for interested applicants who are looking for a chance to work on their knowledge and skills in Sales and Marketing. The Iqvia Sales and Marketing Learnership presents a thrilling prospect tailored for employment equity candidates who are enthusiastic about making a meaningful contribution while acquiring valuable knowledge. This unique learnership program extends an exceptional chance for participants to engage in the representation of a diverse product portfolio to specific target audiences. These audiences include a select group of highly skilled and seasoned specialists, esteemed hospitals, and reputable clinics.

Through this learnership, candidates will not only gain hands-on experience but also have the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with industry experts. They will actively contribute to promoting and presenting the product portfolio, bridging the gap between innovation and healthcare providers. This dynamic role provides learners with insights into the intricacies of sales and marketing strategies within the healthcare sector, empowering them with the tools to excel in a competitive and dynamic field. Overall, it is an immersive learning experience that combines practical exposure with the chance to develop expertise and connections in the medical sales and marketing domain.

For application purposes, please kindly take note of the Iqvia Sales and Marketing Learnership 2024’s Reference Number: R1392909

Eligibility Criteria
Primarily, it’s essential to acquaint yourself with the eligibility requirements for the Iqvia Sales and Marketing Learnership. Each of these stipulations will play a crucial role in determining your suitability as a candidate. If you wish to ensure that your qualifications align with the program, please consult the outlined prerequisites below. To optimize your prospects for success, it is advisable to meet all the requirements listed.

The Iqvia Sales and Marketing Learnership Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Obtain a BSc in Medical Sciences or a related field.
  • Cultivate an interest in the realms of business and commerce.
  • Develop a well-presented and confident personality.
  • Enhance your communication skills, focusing on proficiency in both spoken and written English.
  • Prioritize learning agility, demonstrating a capacity to swiftly grasp and absorb substantial amounts of information within a concise timeframe.
  • Fuel your motivation and engagement, enabling you to excel under pressure and in high-stress situations.
  • Embrace a team player mindset.
  • Attain proficiency in computer literacy, particularly in Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Secure an unendorsed South African Driver’s license as an essential requirement.
  • Ensure you possess your own reliable mode of transportation.

Application Instructions
Apply online: Iqvia Sales and Marketing Learnership 2024.

To access the web address mentioned earlier, it’s highly recommended that you utilize the Google Chrome web browser for the best experience.

Alternatively, you have the practical option of applying using your mobile phone, which is often more convenient than using a computer. If you possess an Android OS smartphone, you can readily use Google Chrome as your web browser since it comes pre-installed on Android devices, eliminating the need for additional browser installations.

To submit your application, candidates are required to create an account on the application portal. This account will be essential for the entirety of the registration process.

Upon submitting your application, you grant the selection committee permission to utilize your personal information for event registration purposes, as needed.

Rest assured that all applicants’ submissions will undergo rigorous examination and verification processes to ensure their authenticity. Any individuals found misrepresenting any aspect of their applications will be disqualified from participating in the registration period.

It is imperative that candidates exclusively use the provided website link to submit their applications. Attempts to submit materials through alternative means, such as hand delivery or fax, will not be entertained by the selection committee. Your application’s compliance with this requirement is crucial for a smooth registration process.

Closing Date
Application is available as long as it is not deleted on its official website.

To increase your chances of a successful application, we strongly recommend that candidates promptly submit their applications. This will provide you with the opportunity to thoroughly review and ensure the accuracy of your application materials. We kindly request that you prepare and submit your applications at your earliest convenience to facilitate this process.

Please note that Iqvia reserves the right to either appoint or not appoint candidates during the recruitment process. It is important to emphasize that all decisions made by the selection committee are deemed final and conclusive, reflecting their commitment to maintaining a fair and objective selection process.

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