BMW Apprenticeship & Artisanships (Maintenance & Millwright) 2021: 30 Available Positions for Apprenticeship

About the BMW Group
The BMW Group is a distinguished, international establishment that has garnered enormous attention for their prestigious automobile brands: BMW, Rolls-Royce, MINI, and BMW Motorrad. The group has sold both cars and motorcycles in a more than 140 countries. However, what has built the group’s exclusive reputation is their production facilities. Automobiles are only built in 31 operations located in 15 countries. Despite the number of available facilities, the BMW Group has managed to manufacture, and sell, a total of 2 490 000 cars and 165 000 motorcycles on a global scale. This is also all thanks to the hard work of their extraordinary working force, which has accumulated to more than 134 682 staff members.

The BMW Group South Africa is no different. Everyone is hands-on with a number of processes that makes the international establishment work. Some of the departments in BMW Group range from technician-based sectors, such as Autonomous Driving, to even administrative sectors like Financial Services. All employees share the same mission in ensuring a sustainable and responsible work ethic. By taking note of the footprints they are leaving with their operations, the BMW Group South Africa promises to be a sustainable company that can contribute greatly towards their ecological and socio-economic surroundings.

Apprenticeship & Artisanships (Maintenance & Millwright) 2021
BMW is offering 3 programmes:

  1. BMW Apprenticeship Programme 2021 (Available for 30 learners)
  2. BMW Maintenance Artisanship 2021
  3. BMW Millwright Artisanship (Fixed Term) 2021

Apprenticeship and artisanship programmes is available for young, talented South African individuals interested in automobiles. These opportunities are targeted at different demographics and designed with specific targets to achieve. BMW recognizes the importance of accommodating a new generation of workers with the necessary working skills. However, to take it up a notch, BMW is not just providing the basics, but they are here to ensure that you have a strong, solid grip onto the knowledge and attributes that you will be taught.

1. BMW Apprenticeship Programme 2021
BMW is offering apprenticeships for 30 well-dedicated participants who plan on creating a career within the automobile and motorcycle industry. Conducted in Rosslyn, Pretoria, the BMW Apprenticeship Programme 2021 will take place for a total of 3 years. During this period, apprentices are given the much-needed exposure into the real-time corporate environment, and acquire the required skills as per needed in the job market.

For administrative purposes, please kindly take note of the BMW Apprenticeship Programme 2021 Job ID below:
Legal Entity: BMW (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd.
Location: Pretoria
Job ID: 200002PT


  • Holds a Matric qualification with the following scores:
    • Minimal 60% for Mathematics (not Math Literacy)
    • Minimal 60% for Physical Science
  • Owns a legitimate Driver’s License
  • Pursued their studies in Engineering or any trade theory relevant to the industry (recommended)
  • Pursued any additional Diploma/Degree in Engineering (recommended).

2. BMW Maintenance Artisanship 2021
BMW has a Maintenance Artisanships for interested individuals who wish to sharpen their skills within the the company’s production team. Fellow participants will work their way up to accredited artisans by fulfilling several responsibilities, such as:

  • Maintaining electrical and mechanical equipment for long use
  • Responding to high levels of production volume
  • Finding any possible flaws in control systems
  • Eradicating any electrical failures with equipment to prevent further damage
  • Having control of all maintenance work according to quality standards.

For administrative purposes, please kindly take note of the BMW Maintenance Artisanship 2021 Job ID below:

Legal Entity: BMW (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd.
Location: Pretoria
Job ID: 200002PE


  • Has owns an N6 qualification in Electrical and Mechanical fields
  • Participated in a legitimate trade test
  • Has at least 3 years of experience within the Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance sector, especially under an Automated Productive work setting.

3. BMW Millwright Artisanship (Fixed Term) 2021
In addition, BMW is also offering Millwright Artisanships for dedicated individuals who would like to upgrade themselves in quality assistance. To become a full-fledged artisan, participants must meet all of these responsibilities, which includes:

  • Providing assistance for the managers in fulfilling TCP targets
  • Following all of the company’s rules and regulations
  • Supervising any targets that has been set
  • Tending to all business operations to see if they adhere to certain specifications
  • Checking onto the candidate’s integrated systems.

For administrative purposes, please kindly take note of the BMW Maintenance Artisanship 2021 Job ID below:

Legal Entity: BMW (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd.
Job ID: 200002OA


  • Has an N6 Diploma in the field of Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance (Milwright Trade)
  • Possess at least 0-3 years of working experience in Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance, especially under an Automatic Production work setting
  • Can solve problems in an efficient manner
  • Can analyze through issues in a technical manner
  • Has a solid foundation and working hours in automated systems
  • Understands ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949, OHSAS 18001, and OHS Act no 85 of 1993.

Application Instructions
Apply online:

  1. BMW Millwright Apprenticeship 2021
  2. BMW Auto Electrician Apprenticeship 2021
  3. BMW Millwright Artisanship (Fixed Term) 2020

To start on your applications, you will need to have an account beforehand. The reason for this is that all your registration information and required documents will be stored onto the account.

If you have yet to create an account, simply click on “New User”. Create your new account by following the instructions to make sure that your account is safe and secure. Alternatively, you may want to apply using your LinkedIn account instead. That way, the application procedure is much simpler.

Please be kindly informed that during the application procedure, you will need to fill in all of the queries with correct, personal information. Candidates sending in incomplete applications will automatically be disqualified from the registration process. Similarly, candidates discovered falsifying any aspect of their applications will be revoked as well.


  1. Good evening
    Apply for artisan apprenticeship program as advertised as seen on social media,I wish to receive training in millwright believe this training will further advance my knowledge and skills in the industry.

  2. Hi I am interested to learn more I have N2 electrical engineering and I’m looking for a trade test

  3. Good morning
    Dear Sir/Madam
    Application for Artisanships
    I’m Lekgowa Billy Manotwane from Tembisa Gauteng..I have matric certificate and Tertiary qualifications including Maths and Science.. Boilermaker Level 2 and Diesel Mechanic N3 and Trade Test for Diesel Mechanic with Red Seal and Computer Diploma..I’m a hardworking person and I’m a fast learner and willing to work under pressure and respecting my supervisor’s decision..

    Kinds regards

    1. Good afternoon

      Dear sir/madam

      I am interested in applying for work advertised at BMW,I am self motivated person who’s passionate in engineering field who wants advanced experience.i am a hard worker and I can handle pressure.
      Dolo Reginald Mothokwa

  4. Dear employer/HR manager
    I’m very much interested in applying for the maintenance artisanship position you advertised on BMW group website recently. My qualification’s and experience matches your spec stations almost exactly, it will be a sincere pleasure to hear back from you soon to discuss this exciting opportunity,I have N4 electrical engineering… My CV speaks all about me…thanks In advance for your time spend on my application.
    Kind regards
    Promise malope

    1. Hii my name is Gotatso and I will like to be your employed,I am a hard worker
      This is my numbers –

  5. I’m a self motivated who’s passionate in Engineering field who wants advance experience. I am a hard worker and i can handle pressure. I learn fast n adapt easily in everything i do. I would be really greafful to have this opportunity.

  6. I’m the right person for this job and am very eager to learn. I always commit  going the extra mile and beyond. I am honest and also very reliable everything I do i do to the best of my ability I promise if you give me this chance you will not regret your decision. My number is –

    1. I am hard worker, so ambitious and will to work in order to get experience so that I can get my trade. I did Electrical Engineering, and recently am working at pep because of no jobs. I am really in need of this job.

    2. I am the right candidate for the job I have completed deplomer in mechanical engineering want to further my self since I am a committed person. I am a type of a person to observ and apply what he observed and I ask question where I don’t understand. I am a kind of person who likes working in a group because it where learning begins when sharing ideas and different perspertive.

    3. Good afternoon HR

      I would like to apply for the post as a Auto Electrician

      I have experience in mechanical work on small vehicles.

      I am a hard worker and i take pride in my work. I am prepared to learn more if given the chance.


  7. I am interested in this field, I have N6 Electrical engineering certificate with no experience , am a hard worker and I am willing to learn more from your company. I can be reached at this number -.

  8. Nathi is a motivated and self-drivin man who takes charge of his job. He is a passionate individual who never shies away from work presented to him as he gives himself fully to his duties.

    1. Hi i’am interesten in this field i would like to learn more…Having N2 Nated Electrical engineering with no trade test an experience

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