SANSA Postgraduate Bursaries 2024: Offering Financial Aid for Hons, Masters, and PhD Studies

About the South African National Space Agency (SANSA)
The South African National Space Agency, or commonly referred to as SANSA, is a national research organization that is responsible for multiple space related activities. Ever since its formation in December 2010, SANSA strives to not just become a local booming hub for space solutions, but also all over the world. This is done by contributing various efforts in the international space community and creating new partnerships to foster the nature of space science. In return, SANSA hopes for positive responses and provide multiple impacts to develop a future unlike any other.

SANSA has primarily dealt with the field of space science. However, there are other activities that involves great attention from the organization as well, such as engineering and technology, development of human capital, and improving South Africa’s services. It’s no secret that SANSA’s main responsibilities revolve around observing space for research purposes. However, SANSA is also in charge of collecting data to improve navigation and communication services, as well as create a more accurate weather forecasting system.

At the moment, SANSA has several programmes up in their sleeve located in Hartebeesthoek, Hermanus, and their Head Office. Some of these notable programmes include the Space Operations programme, the Earth Observation programme, the Space Engineering programme, and the Space Science programme.

About SANSA Postgraduate Bursaries 2024
The South African National Space Agency is currently offering several bursary awards for talented, postgraduate students pursuing the fields of science and engineering. The SANSA Postgraduate Bursaries 2024 is one of the many initiatives conducted by the organization to eagerly improve the quality of nation’s potential and meet the need for more scarce skills. Under this programme, the organization expects an massive increase in interest from the public and to be able to meet the goals that are set in the National Development Plan.

The SANSA Postgraduate Bursaries 2024 accommodates these following study courses below:

A. All SANSA divisions (Hons, MSc, PhD)

  • Data Science
  • Information systems
  • Computer science
  • Software and systems engineering
  • Field of your choice related to key SANSA objectives.

B. Engineering (MEng, MTech, MSc, PHD, DTech)

  • Space, systems, antenna and RF engineering
  • Software and software systems engineering
  • Aeronautical, aerospace, mechanical, electrical, electronic, mechatronic and computer engineering.

C. Space Science (Hons, MSc, MPhil, PhD)

  • Ionospheric and radio propagation modelling
  • Multi-instrument studies of space weather
  • Solar physics
  • Modelling geomagnetically induced currents in power systems
  • Antarctic radar studies of climate change
  • Theory of waves and solutions in plasmas
  • Multi scale ionospheric physics, structure and dynamics
  • Space Weather forecasting and verification aligned to navigation and radiation applications.

D. Earth Observation (Hons, MSc, PhD)

  • Earth observations in ecosystems accounting
  • Remote sensing
  • Earth system science with remote sensing
  • Geospatial programming
  • Applications of remote sensing in environmental management including oceans and marine, agriculture and rangelands, water resource management, mineral resource and spatial planning.

Bursary Awards
Selected grantees of the SANSA Postgraduate Bursaries 2024 are entitled to a generous sum of financial assistance. The amount each award differs from another, based on the study level you are pursuing right now.

  • Hons: R100 000 (available for one year – allowance to be determined on a case-to-case basis)
  • Masters: R120 000 (available for two years – all inclusive)
  • PhD: R140 000 (available for three years – all inclusive).

Please be kindly informed that selected grantees are not allowed to combine their bursaries that leads to a sum bigger than the aforementioned amounts. If you are under another bursary programme that offers a lesser amount of financial assistance, there is a possibility of only receiving a top-up amount instead.

Renewal of bursaries is possible, but not guaranteed. This can only be provided if grantees are able to maintain their exceptional study progress.

Eligibility Criteria
Applicants who wish to apply for the SANSA Postgraduate Bursaries 2024 must be able to meet several requirements that are asked of by the selection committee. Candidates will be evaluated based on three criteria: the need for urgent financial assistance, level of academic talents, and their choice of career paths that are relevant to SANSA’s line of work. Besides having immense passion for the department of space, science, and engineering, candidates must have the drive to provide positive impacts towards their local communities. Candidates are also expected to have a forward-thinking mindset and have the drive to reach their ambitions.

Application Instructions
Apply online: SANSA Postgraduate Bursaries 2024.

Once you have reached the application page for the SANSA Postgraduate Bursaries 2024, you will need to fill in all of the queries with accurate, personal information. On top of that, candidates must prepare a list of supporting documents that are to be attached with the application form.

  • The required documents are as follows:
  • Valid copy of the candidate’s South African Identity Document, or any available legal identification
  • Most recent June results, or any available study progress reports with full details of their subjects (only if there were not written examinations)
  • An official testimonial issued by their education official.

All documents are to be uploaded onto the application form in PDF versions. Once you have filled in everything and provided the necessary documents, you may continue forth with your application procedure.

Closing Date
The closing date for the SANSA Postgraduate Bursaries 2024 is on 30 September 2023.

Applications sent past the deadline will automatically be disregarded. Since this is an online application, it is highly encouraged that candidates do not wait until the last minute to apply for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This is to prevent any sudden heavy Internet traffic that may pop up near the closing date.

Important Notes

  • Applications must be complete filled in – candidates who do not fill in all of the queries will be disqualified from the application procedure
  • Candidates discovered to be providing false information will not be qualified for the opportunity
  • Provided documents must be officially issued by the correct authorities
  • Testimonial forms are to be written by the candidate’s acting supervisor
  • Should you have any further enquiries or concerns regarding the SANSA Postgraduate Bursaries 2024, please send in your questions to this provided e-mail address: [email protected] and [email protected].

Vacancy Source:

Reference: SANSA Bursary Programmes


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