Pick n Pay Retail Operation Learnership 2023-2024: Accepting Unemployed People with Disabilities

About Pick n Pay
Pick n Pay is a prominent South African retail company that has established a significant presence in the country’s FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) industry, both domestically and internationally. Operating under well-renowned household names, Pick n Pay and Boxer, the company has become a formidable player in the market. Notably, Pick n Pay has expanded its reach through a massive online presence and is widely recognized as the largest online grocery establishment on the continent.

The company’s success can be attributed to its commitment to offering low-cost prices and accessible services, which have allowed Pick n Pay to stand out amidst the industry’s intense competition. Through continuous innovation and customer-centric approaches, Pick n Pay’s team has been able to create a distinct identity and maintain a strong market position. With its rich history and extensive experience, Pick n Pay has earned the trust and loyalty of customers, making it a beloved and preferred shopping destination for many South Africans. The company’s dedication to delivering quality products, excellent customer service, and a wide range of options has contributed to its continued growth and success in the retail sector.

About the Pick n Pay Retail Operation Learnership 2023-2024
Pick n Pay is currently on the search for unemployed people with disabilities who are keen on pursuing a 12-month learnership programme in Retail Operation. Pick n Pay is in search of talented Learners who share their values and are eager to learn from their highly skilled and experienced team of professionals. They offer exciting opportunities for determined, focused, and dedicated individuals seeking to apply for positions in the Retail Operation Learnership Programme within the retail industry.

Applicants must showcase professional values and attitudes, along with the ability to integrate acumen and technical competence across all aspects of the value creation process. Pick n Pay’s Learnerships serve as gateways to identify and nurture future leaders. Through these programs, participants gain valuable experience in various disciplines, ensuring they achieve the necessary professional and personal growth to advance their careers and reach their full potential. The development opportunities provided by Pick n Pay will not only enable you to grow but also equip you with the expertise needed for a successful career journey.

The Pick n Pay Retail Operation Learnership is currently available in the locations below.

Eligibility Criteria:
Are you confident about your eligibility for the Pick n Pay Retail Operation Learnership? Waste no time and submit your application promptly! However, before proceeding, make sure to review the position’s eligibility criteria. These requirements will assess your suitability for the role. To evaluate your qualifications, refer to the eligibility criteria provided below. Meeting all the items on the list will significantly increase your chances of success.

The Pick n Pay Retail Operation Learnership Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • The ability to complete a 12-month learnership programme
  • Attach the highest qualification certificate to your application
  • Attach a certified copy of your ID to the application
  • Attach proof of disability to the application
  • Demonstrate professional values and attitudes as a candidate
  • Integrate acumen and technical competence with each area of the value creation process.

Application Instructions
Apply online Pick n Pay Retail Operation Learnership 2023-2024 at:

Upon reaching the provided portal, please select the learnership of your choice based on the available locations. To register for the learnership, candidates are required to create an account, where they can store all necessary personal information and relevant documents for their applications.

Given the sensitive nature of your account, it is crucial to ensure its safety and security at all times. Never share your password with anyone around you to avoid the risk of unauthorized access by strangers.

Alternatively, you have the option to log in using your Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn account, which can save you time as it eliminates the need to create a new account.

Please note that the selection committee will only consider applications submitted through these methods. Applications sent via hand delivery, fax, or postal services will not be entertained by the committee.

The information provided in your account will be shared with members of the selection committee for further verification. Any candidates found to have provided false information will be rejected, and there may be consequences, including potential blacklisting.

Closing Date
Applications for the Pick n Pay Retail Operation Learnership 2023-2024 must be submitted before the closing date on 31 October 2023.

If either of these learnerships seems suitable for you, don’t hesitate to submit your application promptly. Applying early will allow you to review your application thoroughly.

Late applications will not be accepted by the selection committee. Any submissions received after the closing date will be immediately rejected during the registration process.

Shortlisted candidates will undergo further assessments. Be prepared for this additional step.

Pick n Pay reserves the right to offer learnership opportunities at their discretion. The decisions made by the selection committee are final and cannot be altered by applicants.


  1. I am in desperate need of a job and I am a fast learner who is willing to learn and get more knowledge from anyone.

  2. I’m really in need of a work I’m having it real tough at home trying to provide for my family I’m actually supposed to be the bread winner I have four years working experience I’m looking for something new new challenge and do whatever it takes to achieve my goal I work well under pressure and very determined I take my work very serious and hope u would look into my application much appreciated keep well

  3. Hi I’m a matriculant I would like this opportunity I’m a teenage mom with a 5 month old baby I’m not disability

  4. Good day I’m willing to work for this job im passionate about it I’m pleasing for for this job

  5. Hi I’m Brenton I’m 21 years old. Iam very eager to learn. Iam a very hard worker. Thank u so much for this opportunity.

  6. Good morning I am aadila cassim and is very much interested in this job opportunities if you could just give me a chance I will make a difference because I would love to see us moving forward

  7. I am really interested in this job opportunity you won’t regret by giving me this opportunity because I am fast learner and hard hard keep me updated on –

  8. Hi,I’m Andile from Folweni ,I will like yo apply but it kind difficult because I’m disable bit I can do anything beside applying online but I can do anything, – it my phone numbrr, thank you pick n pay

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