RIM (Robben Island Museum) Bursaries 2023: Financial Aid for Postragraduate Students

About RIM (Robben Island Museum)
The Robben Island Museum, often known as RIM, is a public institution that is in charge of the administration, upkeep, presentation, development, and marketing of Robben Island as a national estate and World Heritage Site. In 1997, the Department of Arts and Culture initiated the process of establishing it.

RIM carries out a wide variety of conservation, educational, tourist development, research, archiving, and general heritage programs in order to achieve its mandate, preserve the Island’s natural and cultural resources and heritage, and promote it as a platform for critical debate and learning that lasts a lifetime. These programs are designed to accomplish their goals.

About the RIM (Robben Island Museum) Bursaries 2023
RIM (Robben Island Museum) is offering financial aid for Postgraduate students who are planning to continue their academic journey for the 2022 study year. Bursaries offered by the RIM (Robben Island Museum) are open to applicants from a wide variety of cultural and socioeconomic settings. If you are selected as a recipient of the prize, you will receive the assistance you require to pursue the academic qualification you seek. You are strongly urged to take advantage of this chance if you have achieved outstanding success in your academic pursuits and have demonstrated other admirable characteristics as a student.

The RIM (Robben Island Museum) Bursaries are available for the following fields:

  • Museums and Heritage Studies
  • Social Science
  • History
  • Oral History
  • Heritage
  • Other relevant disciplines.

Awardees will be entitled to partial coverage of their studies up to R35 000 per student. The financial aid can be used to cover their tuition fees, academic resources, and prescribed study materials.

Please be kindly informed that awardees must participate in the programmes held by RIM, as well as perform an internship and reserach programme at the RIM Public Heritage Education Department.

Eligibility Criteria
Do you think you have what it takes to register for the RIM (Robben Island Museum) Bursaries? Be sure to send in your application as soon as possible! But first, you will need to take a look at the programme’s eligibility criteria. These items will determine whether you’d make a great candidate or not. If you’d like to check your qualifications, be sure to take a look at the eligibility criteria below. If you’d like to guarantee a higher chance of success, it’s advisable that you meet all these times in the following list.

The RIM (Robben Island Museum) Bursaries Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Officially recognized as a citizen of South Africa
  • Finished your Matric qualifications successfully
  • Already registered to pursue your Postgraduate studies in one of the academic fields mentioned above
  • Already registered to pursue your studies at a recognized South African university for the 2022 academic year.

Application Instructions
Apply via email: [email protected] (RIM (Robben Island Museum) Bursaries 2023).

Interested candidates will need to send in the following documents:

  • A certified copy of your tertiary qualifications
  • A certified copy of your results transcript
  • A legitimate proof of university registration for the 2022 academic year (issued on your institution’s letterhead)
  • Complete Curriculum Vitae (which must includ your contact details, names of your references, and contact information)
  • A letter of motivation detailing why you deserve the bursary award.

All these documents should be included in your application dossier. Incomplete applications will automatically be disqualified from the regsitration process.

Once everything is complete, please send them to the email address above. Make sure you insert the words “RIM Bursary Application 2022” in the email subject line. This ensure that the selection committee can easily identify your applications in their inbox.

Alternatively, you can send your email application using your handphone, since it is much more practical than applying via computer. If you are using an OS Android handphone, you can use your Gmail app to send the emails and any CVs/files that needs to be attached.

By sending in your applications, you are hereby giving permission to the selection committee to have your personal information utilized for registration purposes.

Applications will be subjected to further evaluation and vetting procedures to verify the validity of candidates. Anyone discovered to be falsifying any aspects of their applications will be disqualified from the registration period.

Candidates must process their applications through the portal provided above. Submissions made through other methods, such as hand delivery or fax, will not be accepted by the selection committee.

Closing Date
Applications for the RIM (Robben Island Museum) Bursaries must be submitted before the closing date on 14 July 2022.

Be sure to send in your applications as soon as possible. An early submission can help you guarantee a spot during the registration period. Plus, it prevents any unwanted last-minute incidents, like sudden heavy Internet traffic or missing documents.

Applications for the programme must be submitted before the closing date. Late applications will not be tolerated by the selection committee, and these kinds of submissions will be disqualified by the programme.

RIM (Robben Island Museum) holds all rights to appoint anyone during the recruitment period. All decisions made by the selection committee are final.


  1. I’m.an south African graduate,l had higher certificate in public admin, safety officer,I would like to take this to participated at Rim at robben lsland iwilm be glad if l have quickly respond from u..

  2. Dear sir I’m nanqoba Ngwenya 32 years old man intesterested to participated in heritage vacancies of Rim at robben lsland
    I’m south African citizen young ,vibrant,active….young man…l would like to heard an respond from

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