Omnia Bursaries 2024: Financial Aid for 14 Different Study Fields

About Omnia
Omnia is a versatile conglomerate engaged in research and development, as well as the manufacturing and provision of chemicals and specialized services for the agriculture, mining, and chemicals application industries. Situated in Johannesburg, South Africa, Omnia boasts a presence in 25 countries, drawing on over six decades of industry experience. Expanding its global reach, Omnia has established operations in Australasia and Brazil, catering to clients in diverse regions, including North America and Canada.

Omnia’s commitment to delivering tailored, knowledge-based Innovative Solutions is evident through its Agriculture, Mining, and Chemicals divisions. These divisions encompass Omnia Nutriology, Axioteq™, BME, Protea Mining Chemicals, and Protea Chemicals. Despite their unique focuses, these niche businesses share a common objective: to enhance customers’ enterprises through collaborative research, development, and knowledge sharing. The ultimate goal is to empower customers to improve their performance and, consequently, profit margins. Omnia strives to elevate customer performance while mitigating risks, concurrently emphasizing health, safety, and a reduced environmental impact.

About the Omnia Bursaries 2024
Omnia is offering several bursary programmes for students seeking credible financial assistance to fund their studies for the current 2024 academic year. The primary goal of the Omnia Bursaries is to provide financial assistance to students in need at universities, with the broader aim of fostering the growth of higher education graduates who possess a strong sense of confidence and pride in their African identity and heritage. These individuals are expected to excel both academically and socially, equipped with the necessary skills and competencies to emerge as professionals in their respective fields.

The bursaries comprehensively cover various expenses, including tuition fees, textbooks, residence or accredited accommodation costs, as well as meals. Additionally, students residing at home receive a transport allowance to facilitate their educational pursuits. This holistic support is designed to alleviate financial burdens and empower students to focus on their academic endeavors with a sense of security and dedication.

The Omnia Bursaries are available for the fields below:

  • Computer Sciences
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mining Engineering
  • Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  • Environment Science
  • Civil Engineering
  • Agronomy/Agricultural Sciences
  • Mechanical/Mechatronic Engineering
  • Microbiology/Metabolomics
  • Data Science – Mathematics
  • Metallurgy
  • Soil Science
  • Open to Postgrad qualifications

Eligibility Criteria
If you believe you possess the qualifications necessary to apply for the Omnia Bursaries, it is crucial to submit your application at the earliest opportunity. However, before proceeding, carefully examine the requirements for the available position. Your suitability for the role will hinge on your proficiency in these specific areas. To ascertain your eligibility, thoroughly review the qualifying conditions outlined below. It is highly recommended that you fulfill each prerequisite listed in the following criteria to enhance your likelihood of success.

The Omnia Bursaries Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Hold South African citizenship.
  • Pursue a FULL-TIME qualification IN 2024 (Advanced Diploma, BTech, Degree/Honours, Masters/PhD), excluding Diplomas & higher certificates.
  • Embark on your qualification-level for the first time (i.e., do not repeat a degree, honours, etc).
  • Maintain a good academic record with an average pass rate of 65% and above.
  • Study Mathematics (pure) and Science during matric (2023)…[Maths Literacy is not allowed].
  • Choose a qualification at a PUBLIC tertiary institution registered with DHET and SAQA (This includes community colleges and TVETS).
  • Give preference to students enrolled in BSc or B.Eng programs for the bursary, although any degrees majoring in the qualifications above (at Omnia’s sole discretion) will be considered.

Application Instructions
Apply online: Omnia Bursaries 2024.

All applicants will be required to provide the documents below:

1. All Applicants

  • A one-page statement should be provided, clearly expressing the reasons behind choosing your field of study and outlining your post-graduation plans.
  • Submission of a certified copy of a currently valid South African identity document is required.
    Include a recent certified copy of your Parents/Guardian’s valid South African ID (or their death certificate if they are deceased)*.
  • A comprehensive CV detailing your work experience and background should be submitted. It is important to note that the absence of work experience will not negatively impact your application.
  • All certified documents must be dated within the last three months.
  • In cases where you have multiple documents for a single submission, please consolidate or scan them into a single file for uploading.

2. Scholar in Matric

  • Grade 12 Term 2 Report, stamped, and ensure that it bears the official school stamp
  • Grade 11 end-year report, and make sure it includes the school stamp for authenticity.

3. Scholar in Matric / Gap Year Student

  • A certified copy of a valid Grade 12 matric certificate.

4. Undergrad/Honours/ Masters/Doctoral

  • An official proof of registration at the university for the 2023 academic year. This document must be an official one issued directly by the university
  • A certified copy of the most recent official academic transcript(s). This applies specifically to applicants who have enrolled at multiple institutions during their tertiary studies.

5. Optional Documents

  • Indicate if you have a disability by submitting the Department of Labour Employment Equity Act (EEA1) Form along with a doctor’s letter*.
  • If you have received funding from another bursary or NSFAS, upload the corresponding bursary agreement, letter, or offer*.
  • Provide a copy of the 2024 acceptance letter from an accredited institution. This should be an official document confirming your acceptance, even if provisional, to pursue the qualification in 2024*.

Note: download the official guardian consent form.

Applicants below the age of 18 must adhere to POPI regulations, necessitating a signed consent form from their parent or legal guardian. Additionally, a certified copy of the parent or legal guardian’s proof of identity is mandatory.

Upon submission of your applications, you are granting consent to the selection committee for the use of your personal information exclusively for registration purposes.

All applications will undergo meticulous scrutiny and additional vetting processes to ascertain the legitimacy of the applicants. Individuals discovered to have provided false information in their applications will be ineligible for registration during the designated registration period.

It is imperative that candidates utilize the designated portal for processing their applications. Submissions through alternative methods, such as hand delivery or fax, will not be considered or accepted by the selection committee.

Closing Date
Applications for the Omnia Bursaries must be submitted before the closing date on Monday, January 15, 2024 at 12 midday.

To expedite the approval of your application, it is advisable to enroll at the earliest opportunity. Enrolling promptly is intended to secure your position during the recruitment process, although it does not assure instant success.

It is crucial to note that applications submitted after the specified deadline will not be considered by the selection committee. Entries received beyond the deadline, irrespective of their content, will be promptly rejected.

The issuance of employment offers by Omnia is at the discretion of the company and may vary for each individual. The decisions made by the selection committee are conclusive and legally binding on all parties involved.

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