Limpopo Dept of Public Works, Roads, and Infrastructure Bursaries 2024: Available for 10 Study Fields

About the Limpopo Dept of Public Works, Roads, and Infrastructure
The Limpopo Department of Public Works Roads, and Infrastructure is a governmental establishment that is formed to supervise the general infrastructure of its province. Their responsibilities revolve around the management of of roads, buildings, and other resources that make up for Limpopo’s massive development. This also involves taking socio-economic factors into massive consideration, which are then implemented under the Expanded Public Works Programme. On top of that, the department holds all rights to issue any related policies to ensure a more sustainable method of promoting the province’s construction and property branches.

The department conducts their tasks and duties by adhering to a list of key values. Since the establishment is formed under governmental legislature, it is important that they become public servants that the local society could rely on. All of the departments primary activities, ranging from building construction management, to infrastructure delivery, is conducted through proper leadership skills. By implementing accountability and transparency into this line of work, not only does it promote efficiency within workers, but it also goes to prove that the establishment is capable of what they are doing. Proactive, knowledgeable, and competent, the Limpopo Department of Public Works Roads, and Infrastructure gets the job done.

About the Limpopo Dept of Public Works, Roads, and Infrastructure Bursaries 2024
The Limpopo Department of Public Works, Roads, and Infrastructure is offering bursary schemes for a hand-select number of students who would like to receive financial assistance for their education. The bursary programmes is formed to keep an eye out on potential young individuals who have what it takes to become the province’s future technicians, engineers, and other worthy professions that can contribute greatly to the department’s vision and missions. Through this bursaries, the department can easily fulfill the need for more scarce skills within the area.

The programme has long offered funding for the right kind of participants. The department is keeping an eye out on talented students but do not have the funds to access the right kind of education. Investing into these kinds of people will bring great prosperity into the department. Not only will bursars receive financial assistance to chase after the skills they need pave a career path, but they have the opportunity to become pioneers of change in the province. It is an honor for the younger generations of South Africa to provide change within the country’s socio-economic growth.

The Limpopo Dept of Public Works, Roads, and Infrastructure Bursaries are only given to students who are living within the Limpopo province.

Bursary Payment
Bursary awardees as granted to a funding that will cover several expenses, such as registration fees, tuition costs, daily meals, accommodation, and prescribed study materials. However, the funding can only be accessed under the condition that that the awardees sends in their proof of registration issued by their respective higher education institution. Once the proof and any relevant account statements are verified, only then the payment will be made by the department.

Bursary Obligations
Please be kindly advised that upon graduation from their studies, awardees are expected to serve the department for the number of years they were under the bursary. Should you fail to oblige to the responsibilities and requirements of the bursary, awardees must pay back the total amount of their bursary (including interested) to the Department.

Bursary Target Areas
The Limpopo Department of Public Works, Roads, and Infrastructure Bursaries 2024 caters to students who are pursuing any one of these following courses below:

  • Architectural Science (Degree)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Degree)
  • Building Engineering (Degree)
  • Landscaping (Degree or National Diploma)
  • Electrical Engineering (Degree)
  • Quantity Surveying (Degree)
  • Civil Engineering (Degree)
  • Asset Management (Degree or National Diploma)
  • Financial Management (Degree or National Diploma)
  • Property and Facility Management (Degree or National Diploma)

Eligibility Criteria
Applicants who wish to register for the Limpopo Department of Public Works, Roads, and Infrastructure Bursaries 2024 must abide to the requirements that are asked of by the selection committee. Each of these items below will fully determine whether you are eligible enough for the bursary or not. Failure to fulfill all of these requirements may results in disadvantageous consequences towards the overall result of your applications.

The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Officially recognized as a citizen of South Africa
  • Currently living in the Limpopo province
  • Officially accomplished their Matric or currently pursuing their Matric
  • Accomplished passing marks for the subjects of Maths and Sceince in Matric or a National Technical Certificate 3
  • Has plans of pursuing an educational qualification (Degree/Diploma) in an accredited South African tertiary Institute in one of the fields above
  • Holds a letter of acceptance into their chosen institution/technikon
  • Currently a final year student
  • Preference will be offered to students who originate from certain designated communities.

How to Apply
Download application form: Limpopo Department of Public Works, Roads, and Infrastructure Bursaries 2024.

Interested applicants who have fulfilled all of the requirements above must download the official application form. Once the document is in your hands, be sure to skim through the queries. Fill in all of the questions with the correct, personal information. Candidates discovered to be falsifying any aspects of their application forms will automatically be disqualified by the committee.

Additionally, candidates must provide several important documents that is to be attached to the application form. These documents include:

  • Certified copy of ID document
  • Certified copy of the most recent Matric results, if currently in Matric
  • Certified copy of Matric certificate, if Matric has been completed
  • Current academic record or transcripts (on institution’s letterhead) if presently enrolled in studies
  • Confirmation of registration or acceptance from a tertiary institution (on institution’s letterhead)
  • A letter of motivation explaining the reason for applying for this scholarship
  • Contact information for 2 references
  • Proof of household income for parents or guardians (latest payslips if employed, affidavit if unemployed, proof of SASSA grant if applicable, proof of pension if applicable, death certificate if deceased)

After completing your applications forms, make sure to have it officially signed by you as well as your legal parent/guardian. Once signed, please have the forms returned to one of these addresses below:

Postal Carriage:
The Senior Manager
Department of Public Works
Private Bag X 9490

Hand Delivery
Limpopo Department of Public Works, Roads, and Infrastructure
43 Church Street

Closing Date
The application closing date for the Limpopo Department of Public Works, Roads, and Infrastructure Bursaries 2024 is on 31 October 2023. Late applications will not be tolerated by the selection committee. To prevent any possible disruptions with your submissions, it is highly advised that applicants send in their applications way before the deadline.

Important Notes

  • Applications for this round of the bursary schemes will take place for the following academic year
  • Applicants who have failed their studies beforehand will not be acknowledged for the bursary. However, if the candidate repeated the failed year by using their own expenses, they may be up for consideration
  • Candidates must provide their schedules that will be used for the selection procedure
  • All applications will be evaluated in a meeting held by the Training Committee
  • Announcements will be directly made to selected candidates in written form. Afterwards, the awardees must sign an agreement that will bind them together with the Department. Once the agreement has been signed, only then will they receive the payment.

Programme Advertisements
The Limpopo Department is continuously issuing advertisements to promote their programmes. Local community members can keep an eye out on these official announcements through several platforms, such as newspapers, career exhibitions, radio, and visitations to educational institutions.

Contact Details
Physical Address:
43 Church Street,

Postal Address:
Private Bag X9490,

Telephone Number: +27 15 284 7001 / +27 15 284 7030


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