Liberty Actuarial Science Bursary 2024: Accepting Applicants Studying Full-time

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About the Liberty Actuarial Science Bursary 2024
Liberty is providing a bursary programme for individuals in need of financial aid to support their studies in the prospective study field of Actuarial Science. The Liberty Actuarial Science Bursary provides Actuarial Science scholarships for students enrolled full-time starting from their second year. A Liberty scholarship encompasses tuition, housing, meals, and a travel allowance (if applicable), along with assistance, chances for networking, and vacation work. Upon finishing your university studies, employment assurance will be granted.

As a recipient of the bursary, you will need to offer expert actuarial assistance that facilitates well-informed business guidance by utilizing probability and investment theory along with associated statistical methods. This involves accomplishing predetermined goals according to established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Additionally, you will need to show the following output:

  • Utilize pertinent research methodologies, tools, and techniques proficiently to systematically gather information.
  • Offer expert guidance and assistance within the designated area of responsibility to ensure the suitability and effectiveness of proposed solutions and suggestions.
  • Conduct necessary actuarial analyses and other assessments for management reporting, and formulate recommendations that support these analyses.
  • Remain updated on the latest actuarial advancements, tools, and techniques to carry out analysis with informed precision.
  • Assume responsibility for the execution of specialized tasks, which includes enhancing quality, adhering to standards, and improving outcomes within established work procedures.
  • Actively engage with others to foster ongoing knowledge exchange and incorporate newly acquired knowledge.
  • Contribute positively to the enhancement of area-specific expertise related to the designated specialization.
  • Continuously evaluate personal performance, actively seek timely feedback, and request training when necessary.
  • Abide by established governance and compliance procedures and procedures linked to a designated area of work, and consistently identify, address, and escalate risks as needed.
  • Adhere to Actuarial Guidance Notes and any other relevant regulations.

Eligibility Criteria
Ensure that you submit your application without delay. However, as a primary step, it’s crucial to examine the eligibility criteria for the Liberty Actuarial Science Bursary. These elements will determine your suitability for the opportunity. If you wish to reevaluate your qualifications, kindly refer to the qualifying criteria presented below. To enhance your likelihood of achieving success, striving to fulfill all the items in the following list would be ideal.

The Liberty Actuarial Science Bursary’s Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Sustain consistently outstanding academic achievements throughout the entirety of the first year of study.
  • Keep an overall average exceeding 60%, with a specific average of 65% or higher in mathematical and actuarial modules.
  • Possess strong leadership attributes and engage in extracurricular activities such as sports, debating clubs, chess groups, and various olympiads, providing an additional advantage.
  • Be a South African citizen through birth or lineage.
  • Gain 0-1 year of experience in a comparable setting.
  • Obtain Bachelor’s Degrees and Advanced Diplomas [NQF Level 07] in Mathematical Sciences.
  • Become an Actuarial Science Graduate.
  • Perform Research and Information Gathering at a basic level.
  • Demonstrate Intermediate Quantitative Skills.
  • Apply basic Modelling techniques.
  • Utilize Intermediate skills in Statistical and Mathematical Analysis.
  • Engage in Basic Professional/Technical learning.
  • Showcase competency in Organisation and Attention to Detail.
  • Display Basic Interpersonal Effectiveness.
  • Demonstrate Basic Problem Solving and Analysis.
  • Participate in Basic Teamwork and Cooperation.
  • Exhibit Intermediate skills in Relationship Management and Networking.
  • Prioritize Basic Customer Orientation.

Application Instructions
Apply online: Liberty Actuarial Science Bursary 2024.

If you think this position suits you well, kindly apply through the provided online application portal mentioned earlier. This is the section where you will need to complete all the essential information required for your registration.

By sending in your applications, you are providing consent for the selection committee to use your personal details for the purpose of enrolling you in the event.

Applications from candidates will undergo further evaluation and screening procedures to ensure their authenticity. Individuals found to be misrepresenting any aspect of their applications will not be permitted to participate in the registration phase.

Applicants are mandated to submit their applications using the website linked above. Attempts to submit materials via alternative methods, like delivering by hand or fax, will not be accepted by the selection committee.

Closing Date
Application is available as long as it is not deleted on its official website.

By registering promptly, you can secure your application at the earliest opportunity. Nevertheless, this does not promise immediate success but aims to establish a stable position during the recruitment procedure.

Liberty holds the authority to extend or decline employment to individuals based on its own judgment. The decisions made by the selection committee are conclusive and obligatory for all participants.

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