Howden Apprenticeships 2024: Opening X5 Positions in 2 Study Fields

About Howden
Howden is a globally renowned engineering company, recognized for its innovative solutions and expertise in various sectors. With a rich history spanning over a century, Howden has established itself as a leader in providing engineering solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of industries worldwide. From power generation to mining, manufacturing to transportation, Howden’s comprehensive range of products and services is designed to optimize efficiency, enhance performance, and promote sustainability across diverse applications. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in their unwavering dedication to research and development, constantly pushing the boundaries of engineering innovation to deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive progress and propel industries forward.

Beyond its technical prowess, Howden places a strong emphasis on sustainability and corporate responsibility, actively striving to minimize its environmental footprint while maximizing societal impact. Through initiatives aimed at reducing emissions, conserving resources, and fostering community development, Howden demonstrates its commitment to creating a more sustainable future for generations to come. Moreover, the company prioritizes safety and integrity, adhering to the highest standards of ethical conduct and operational excellence. With a global presence and a reputation for excellence, Howden continues to lead the way in engineering innovation, shaping the industries of today and tomorrow with a steadfast commitment to quality, sustainability, and social responsibility.

About the Howden Apprenticeships 2024
Howden is offering applicants the chance to participate in practical work opportunities to devedlop their abilities and skills with their apprenticeships. The Howden Apprenticeships are now accepting applications for their apprenticeship programme, specifically targeting young individuals residing in the Mpumalanga and Lephalale regions who are presently without employment opportunities. This comprehensive 4-year initiative is tailored for those eager to carve out a career path as artisans. If you’re passionate about honing your skills and embarking on a journey towards becoming a skilled artisan, this programme presents an excellent opportunity to kickstart your professional development.

The Howden Apprenticeships are available for the fields below:

  • X3 Mechanical Fitter
  • X2 Welder

The Howden Apprenticeships are available in these sites: Camden; Tutuka; Sasol Secunda; Medupi/Matimba; Middelburg/Arnot/Hendrina.

For application purposes, plaese kindly take note of the Howden Apprenticeships 2024’s Reference Number: R0015009.

Eligibility Criteria
To increase your likelihood of success, it’s crucial to submit your application for the Howden Apprenticeships as soon as possible. However, before you proceed, take the time to carefully review the program requirements. Your eligibility depends on how closely you match these prerequisites. Please thoroughly examine the qualifications listed below to ensure that your credentials align. Making a concerted effort to meet each requirement outlined will greatly enhance your chances of securing a place in the program.

The Howden Apprenticeships Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Obtain a Technical Matric with Mathematics and Science; or
  • Acquire an N3 with relevant trade subjects
  • Attach a certified copy of your latest school/college results
  • Demonstrate engineering aptitude
  • Motivate yourself
  • Learn quickly
  • Showcase your problem-solving skills
  • Exhibit good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Pay attention to detail
  • Work effectively as a team player
  • Ensure you are medically fit
  • Demonstrate good cognitive abilities
  • Obtain a police clearance to confirm no criminal record
  • Ensure you are medically fit
  • Demonstrate good cognitive abilities
  • Obtain a police clearance to confirm no criminal record.

Application Instructions
Apply online: Howden Apprenticeships 2024.

Please follow the application instructions below:

  1. Use Google Chrome as your web browser for smooth access to the designated website
  2. Create an account on the application portal to submit your application. Ensure you maintain access to this account throughout the registration process.
  3. Submit your application through the specified website. Do not attempt to submit documents through alternative channels, such as personal delivery or fax, as these will be rejected by the selection committee
  4. Wait for an invitation to complete online assessments if you are selected for further consideration
  5. Attend an interview if you are shortlisted based on assessment outcomes
  6. Attend a final interview with line managers if you are included in the final shortlist.

Closing Date
Application is available as long as it is not deleted on its official website.

To bolster the security measures of your application, we strongly advise completing your registration as soon as possible. Although early registration does not guarantee immediate acceptance, it secures your position in the recruitment pipeline.

Throughout the recruitment process, Howden retains complete authority over appointments, ensuring that all decisions align with their strategic goals and organizational requirements.

Company Details

Telephone Number: +27 11 240 4000

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