Xinergistix Job Vacancy as General Worker 2022: Requires Applicants with Grade 11 Qualification or Below

About Xinergistix
Since its founding in the South African transportation and logistics industry in 1999, Xinergistix has garnered a reputation for being a customer-focused road freight service. The company is known for consistently providing clients with solutions that are efficient, dynamic, and that bring value to their business in a manner that is environmentally responsible.

Customers are reassured by the fact that they are in competent hands with the business’s professional staff thanks to the firm’s years of experience and knowledge, which contribute to the maintenance of long-standing and fruitful connections between the company and its clientele.

About the Xinergistix Job Vacancy as General Worker 2022
Xinergistix is providing an employment opportunity in Joburg (Tulisa Park) who is interested in working as an experienced General Worker for the company. The permanent position will require you to make sure that the exterior walkways are kept clean and clear at all times. For further information on what kinds of responsibilities you will need to tackle on, kindly refer to tasks that are listed below.

  • Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping floors
  • Cleaning of social areas of a workplace on a daily basis, including emptying trash cans, servicing bathrooms, and wiping off shared surfaces
  • Make sure that the paths outdoors are kept clean and clear at all times
  • Notify the administration of the building if any repairs are needed
  • Helping out the office personnel with the preparation of tea
  • Complete sanitation of the premises
  • Maintaining environment
  • General housekeeping duties.

For application purposes, please kindly take note of the Xinergistix Job Vacancy as General Worker’s Reference Number: UNI220505-3.

Eligibility Criteria
First and foremost, you must familiarize yourself with the Xinergistix Job Vacancy as General Worker’s eligibility standards. Each of these criteria will influence whether or not you would be an excellent candidate. In case you’d want to double-check your credentials, please refer to the list of qualifying prerequisites provided below. Ideally, if you want to enhance your chances of success, you should be able to meet all of the requirements on the following list.

The Xinergistix Job Vacancy as General Worker Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Has a Grade 11 qualification or below
  • Medically healthy for the job
  • Can be relied upon
  • Prepared to work in a safe manner by fulfilling the necessary requirements
  • Willing to work through shifts, which includes weekedns and public holidays
  • Has a clear criminal track record
  • Owns a reliable mode of transporation to get to work
  • Willing to handle any heavy equipment and machinery that’s required for cleaning work
  • Can perform any physical activities during work (e.g. walk, push, bend, pull)
  • Has prior understanding of cleaning chemicals, disposamethods, and proper storage systems
  • Organizes their workload well
  • Has a high level of self motivation
  • Willing to clean their work presmises and perform variou houekeeping duties.

Important note: When hiring both internally and outside, the organization maintains a strong commitment to employment equity. It is the policy of the organization to give promotions to current employees if that option is available. Because of this, the company would like to make sure that you are aware that internal candidates would be examined first before considering external applications, provided that this supports the company’s attainment of its Employment Equity goals.

Application Instructions
Apply online: Xinergistix Job Vacancy as General Worker 2022.

It is strongly suggested that you make use of Google Chrome as your web browser if you plan on going to the website that was just mentioned.

In order for applicants to submit their resumes and cover letters, they must first register for an account on the application portal. During the entire duration of the registration procedure, you will be obliged to use this account.

Your account will be more secure at all times if you take the necessary precautions to protect the information associated with it. Under no circumstances should you ever provide your password or any other account information to anyone else.

You also have the option of registering using Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn as an additional choice. You will not have to start from beginning when creating an account, which will save you a huge amount of time.

You will be a part of the evaluation process alongside the other members of the selection committee, and the information that you provide will be held in strict confidence. As a consequence of this, you need to do an exhaustive check to ensure that it does not contain any fictitious information. Candidates run the risk of being placed in a scenario that could endanger their lives if there is evidence that they are supplying information that is not accurate.

The information that you supply will be utilized by the selection committee in order to register you for the event. By submitting your applications, you are granting the committee permission to use your personal information for this purpose and providing them permission to use your information.

Candidates are required to submit their applications by way of the website that was previously mentioned in this sentence. The committee that is responsible for considering the application will not accept any materials that have been submitted in any other manner, including by hand delivery or fax.

Closing Date
Applications for the Xinergistix Job Vacancy as General Worker must be submitted before the closing date on 08 June 2022.

By enrolling as quickly as possible, you can ensure that your application is secured as soon as possible. However, this does not guarantee instant success and is just intended to provide you with a secure position throughout the recruiting process.

Candidates that submit their applications after the deadline will not be considered by the selection committee. All entries received past the closing date will be immediately rejected, regardless of their content.

Xinergistix has the right to offer or deny employment to anybody at its discretion. The selecting committee’s judgments are final and binding on all parties involved.


  1. I’m a very hard worker, and I can work very nice I work under pressure
    I like to communicate about work and I like to be told if I don’t do my work properly
    I don’t get angry if someone shows me or teaches me how to do work. I like to fix my mistakes at anytime

  2. My name is Abigail I’m interested to be the part of the team, I’m fast learning and hard working

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