Tshipi e Ntle Manganese Mining Learnerships 2023-2024: Offering X25 Positions for Candidates

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About Tshipi e Ntle Manganese Mining
Tshipi e Ntle Manganese Mining, situated in South Africa, operates as a prominent ore exporter and stands as a leading manufacturer of manganese ore on a considerable scale. Its position as a key player in the industry is attributed to the unwavering dedication to providing exceptional services to stakeholders within the field. With an impressive track record and years of expertise, Tshipi e Ntle Manganese Mining has earned its reputation by not only serving the local market but also by making significant strides in international markets. This ability to extend its services globally showcases its commitment to excellence and the proficiency to cater to a diverse range of clientele.

Amidst its global outreach and success, Tshipi e Ntle Manganese Mining remains deeply rooted in its responsibility to the communities in which it operates. Recognizing the importance of giving back, the organization actively engages in initiatives and projects aimed at contributing positively to these communities. This conscious effort reflects the company’s ethos of responsible and sustainable business practices, further enhancing its standing as a responsible corporate entity.

About the Tshipi e Ntle Manganese Mining Learnerships 2023-2024
Tshipi e Ntle Manganese Mining is offering several learnership programmes for candidates looking to obtain credible theoretical and practical experience. These learnerships are thoughtfully designed to facilitate comprehensive learning and hands-on exposure within the mining industry.

The Tshipi e Ntle Manganese Mining Learnerships span a duration of 12 months, enabling participants to immerse themselves in a structured learning environment. This carefully curated program allows individuals to not only gain a deep understanding of the theoretical aspects relevant to their chosen field but also affords them the chance to apply this knowledge in real-world, practical settings. By partaking in these learnership programs, candidates will have the advantage of honing their skills, cultivating a strong foundation, and gaining insights into the intricacies of the mining sector.

The Tshipi e Ntle Manganese Mining Learnerships are available for the following fields:

  • X6 Plant Learnership – Mineral Processing NQF Level 2
  • X4 MRM Learnership – Laboratory Practice NQF Level 2
  • X2 Corporate Affairs And People – Learnership – Human Resource Development
  • X3 Engineering Learnership – Diesel Mechanic Aid
  • X3 Engineering Learnership – Fitter Aid
  • X3 Engineering Learnership – Electrical Aid
  • X4 Engineering Learnership – Boiler Aid

Eligibility Criteria
Individuals aspiring to participate in the Tshipi e Ntle Manganese Mining Learnerships must meet specific prerequisites outlined as eligibility criteria before advancing their applications. Each component listed below plays a crucial role in determining your suitability for these bursaries. It is strongly recommended that candidates fulfill all the stipulated criteria to enhance the prospects of a successful application. Not meeting these criteria can significantly impact the overall outcome of your application, so it’s important to carefully note and adhere to these requirements for your personal record.

The Tshipi e Ntle Manganese Mining Learnerships Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Achieve a Grade 12 (Matric) qualification
  • Provide evidence of school enrollment and current residency in the John Taolo district
  • Ensure you are in good medical condition.

Application Instructions
Apply online (Tshipi e Ntle Manganese Mining Learnerships 2023-2024):

Carefully review the queries before completing them with accurate information. Additionally, ensure that you attach the required documents in accordance with the provided instructions.

In addition to completing the queries, candidates are required to assemble the following documents:

  • A brief motivational statement, with attached proof if available
  • A brief CV
  • Evidence of residence
  • Confirmation of acceptance at a tertiary institution
  • By submitting your applications, you grant permission to the selection committee to utilize your personal information for the purpose of registration.

All applications will undergo thorough evaluation and vetting processes to authenticate the information provided by candidates. If any falsification is discovered in any part of the application, the candidate will be disqualified from the registration phase.

Candidates must utilize the designated portal to submit their applications. Submissions through alternative methods, such as email or fax, will not be accepted by the selection committee.

Closing Date
Applications for the Tshipi e Ntle Manganese Mining Learnerships must be submitted before the closing date on 06 October 2023.

The selection committee strictly enforces a policy of not accepting applications received after the specified deadline. Any submissions after the closing date will not be considered during the registration period.

We strongly urge applicants to swiftly submit their applications, ensuring that there is adequate time for a meticulous review of all application details.  Your attention to detail and proactive submission will significantly enhance your chances of a favorable review.

Tshipi e Ntle Manganese Mining retains the authority to decide whether or not to proceed with an appointment during the recruitment process. Final decisions on appointments are solely determined by the selection committee.

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  1. I’m interested able to work under pressure able to work shifts good communication hard working person

  2. I Am interested in applying for the electrical learnership programme, willing to learn and grow in the engineering field.
    Samkelisiwe Mhlanga

  3. I am interested in the job. Your company seems to have achieved a lot of things and that the reason the employer shouldn’t settle for a decent worker, I’m innovative and have leadership skills and I wanna share that with your company.

  4. Hi my name it’s molaodi I’m interested in laboratory practice I like reading I’m a good team player

  5. Able to work shift
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    Works well under pressure

  6. I’m interested in the Job. My name is Themba and I’m a hard worker always up for new things.

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