Harmony Gold Bursaries 2021: Financial Assistance for Future/Current Tertiary Institution Students

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About Harmony Gold
Harmony Gold is a company that specializes in the acquiring and procurement of gold mineral and substances. Based in Randfontein, South Africa, the company has gained a positive reputation for being a leading producer of gold in the country. The company has expanded their operations with international ties in other nations rich in gold, such as the islands of Papua New Guinea. Having racked up approximately 69 years of experience under their belt, Harmony Gold has become the premier standard of what a mining company should be. The company produces the largest amount of gold in South Africa, generating a mass revenue of R17.1 billion in 2019.

Harmony Gold’s business practices revolves around the entirety of the gold mining field. Some of their activities include sourcing for gold minerals that will sell greatly in the markets, building mining operations and gold plants, marketing their gold products, and restoring any affected lands that might have experienced damaged during their operations. Revenue generation is indeed an important goal that the company upholds. However, Harmony Gold also believes in achieving a business that is sustainable and environmentally-friendly. With these goals in mind, Harmony Gold is on its own path of becoming a world-acclaimed company.

Harmony Gold Bursary 2021
Harmony Gold is offering bursary schemes to academically-talented students who display remarkable scores and the drive to excel in their educational pursuits. The Harmony Gold Bursary is a grand opportunity for young students to attain financial assistance to pursue their learning journey. Hence, this bursary scheme aims to motivate students to do their best in their academic pursuits without having to undergo through monetary burdens.

Applicants are expected to pursue full-time studies in any recognized South African Tertiary Institution. Applicants should either be planning to enroll for an educational qualification or are already in the midst of continuing their studies.

Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited is looking to award bursaries to top-performing students in their 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of studies.

For 2022, Harmony will be offering bursaries for non-core (Botany, Dentistry, Psychology, etc.) and core mining disciplines.

The following study fields in core will be sponsored: Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Mining, and Rock), Extractive Metallurgy, Geology, and Survey.

Eligibility Criteria
Interested applicants of Harmony Gold Bursary must fulfill a series of eligibility criteria to qualify for the bursary scheme. Each of these items will be used by the selection committee to fully assess all of their candidates. To ensure success with your applications, it is advisable that you fulfill all these requirements below. Failure to do so might cause disadvantageous consequences towards the overall results of your registration.

The Harmony Gold Bursary Eligibility Criteria are as listed below:

  • A valid proof of your Identity Document
  • Valid proof of your available academic results
  • A National Senior Certificate, having passed all subjects with 60% or above
  • Planning to study in the Engineering field, must have a minimum of 70% for Mathematics & Physical Science
  • Students already at tertiary institutions must have obtained an average of 60% & above in all major subjects
  • If you are a Grade 12 student, please send in your Grade 11 December results as well as your Grade 12 June results
  • Valid proof of your Matric qualification (if you are a matriculant)
  • Complete details of your academic transcripts (if you are a student in a Tertiary Institution)
  • Your most recent resume or Curriculum Vitae.

Note: please make sure that you have all the documents prepared. Any missing documents will revoke your registration and you will be disregarded by the selection committee.

Application Instructions
Apply online: Harmony Gold Bursary 2021.

During previous years, applications for the bursary scheme took place by submitting offline application forms. However, this year is different. Please be kindly advised that all applications starting from now must be done through the bursary scheme’s online portal.

Applicants will need an account to start on their applications. This account will store all your personal details and important documents. If you do not have an account yet, you will need to create one.

Since your account will contain sensitive information, make sure you keep your credentials a secret. Otherwise, your account will encounter unwanted privacy breaches.

Closing Date
Applications for the Harmony Gold Bursary must be submitted before the closing date on 30 September 2021.

The selection committee has zero tolerance for late applications. Candidates discovered to be sending their applications past the deadline will automatically be disqualified from registrations.

Important Notes

  • Please be kindly advised that all appointments made under the Harmony Gold Bursary depends on the company’s future labor placements. Hence, there will be a limited number of bursary schemes available for the year
  • Applicants interested in the bursary must not have any previous debts under their name
  • The online application form must be filled in completely and accurately – failure to do so might get you disqualified from the registration procedure
  • The Harmony Gold Bursary will only commence for the following year past the year when the bursary application was received by the committee
  • Bursary awardees are expected to maintain tremendous academic achievements throughout their time under the bursary.

Committee Details
Should you have any further enquiries or concerns regarding the Harmony Gold Bursary, do not hesitate to reach out to the committee through the provided contact information below.

Contact Person:
Olwyn Linden
Learning and Development Manager: Services

Telephone Number: +27 57 904 8889
E-mail Address: [email protected]

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