Woolworths Job Vacancy as Buyers Assistant 2024: Permanent Opportunity in Cape Town

About Woolworths
Woolworths operates as a versatile business, offering an extensive array of products spanning from food and homeware to financial services. Positioned with a vision to become the premier fashion destination in the Southern Hemisphere, the company channels its efforts towards this ambitious goal. With a workforce exceeding 31,000 individuals in South Africa and over 43,000 globally across various offices in South Africa, Africa, and Australasia, Woolworths operates on a scale that underscores its significant presence in the market.

At the heart of Woolworths’ operations lies a steadfast commitment to excellence, embodied in every interaction with clients, every product offered, and every decision made. Guided by deeply ingrained beliefs, the company ensures that these principles permeate through every facet of its operations. From fostering values-based leadership to promoting the brand with unwavering passion, Woolworths remains dedicated to upholding its core values in every aspect of its organizational culture and practices.

About the Woolworths Job Vacancy as Buyers Assistant 2024
Woolworths is seeking for interested candidates who are keen on working as a permanent, professional Buyers Assistant for the established company in Cape Town. The position of Buyers Assistant at Woolworths necessitates your contribution towards achieving team objectives by delivering comprehensive administrative assistance to the Buyer. Your role is crucial in maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of the department or portfolio operations. This involves not only supporting the Buyer but also actively participating in the coordination and facilitation of various tasks and processes within the team. Your efforts are instrumental in fostering a seamless workflow, thereby contributing to the overall success of the department and the organization as a whole.

You will be required to perform the following duties:

  • Aid in guaranteeing timely delivery of the product range to meet the demands of our customers.
  • Contribute insights towards shaping and executing the departmental strategy effectively.
  • Ensure availability of garments for all reviews as per schedule.
  • Oversee Critical Path management through RMS / Quest g.
  • Handle contract and purchase order administration duties.
  • Validate approval of all red and black seals.
  • Oversee the administration of contract and import orders.
  • Manage and upkeep RMS, including item setup and overseeing the buying ordering process.
  • Maintain control over review and marketing samples, including sample sales.
  • Prepare the venue and necessary documents for reviews.
  • Coordinate with stores, franchisees, and suppliers to ensure smooth operations.

For application purposes, please kindly take note of the Woolworths Job Vacancy as Buyers Assistant 2024’s Reference Number: woolw_000795

Duties as Buyers Assistant

  • Conduct market research to identify trends, consumer preferences, and competitor activities
  • Liaise with suppliers regarding product availability, pricing, and negotiations
  • Assist in processing purchase orders, ensuring accuracy and timeliness
  • Support inventory management by monitoring stock levels, replenishment, and allocation
  • Assist in assortment planning by analyzing sales data, customer feedback, and market trends
  • Manage product samples, including receiving, organizing, and tracking samples from suppliers
  • Assist in evaluating product samples for quality, design, and adherence to specifications
  • Maintain accurate documentation of purchase orders, contracts, and supplier communications
  • Provide support to the merchandising team in setting up displays and promotional materials
  • Generate reports on sales performance, inventory levels, and market trends to support decision-making.

Eligibility Criteria
Candidates aspiring to join Woolworths as a Buyers Assistant should ensure they meet specific eligibility criteria before initiating their application process. Each criterion listed below serves as a vital indicator of suitability for the position. To maximize the likelihood of a successful application, candidates are strongly advised to fulfill all the following prerequisites. Failing to meet any of these requirements may lead to detrimental consequences affecting the outcome of your application. It’s crucial to take note of these criteria for personal reference:

The Woolworths Job Vacancy as Buyers Assistant Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Obtain a relevant qualification in fields such as Design, Clothing, and Retail Management.
  • Prioritize administrative experience in a retail setting or consider experience in clothing manufacturing environments.
  • Seek out previous buying experience as it can provide a significant advantage.
  • Showcase your taste level and flair through demonstrated examples.
  • Orient yourself towards customer satisfaction and service excellence.
  • Collaborate effectively as a team player in various work scenarios.
  • Hone your communication skills to convey ideas clearly and persuasively.
  • Exercise planning and organizing abilities to manage tasks efficiently.
  • Develop strong administrative skills to streamline processes and procedures.
  • Drive results and take proactive approaches to achieve goals.
  • Pay meticulous attention to detail in all tasks and assignments.
  • Handle pressure adeptly and perform well in demanding situations.
  • Master computer literacy to navigate relevant software and tools effectively.

Application Instructions
Apply online: Woolworths Job Vacancy as Buyers Assistant 2024.

To utilize the online portal provided, it’s recommended that you access it using Google Chrome for optimal performance and compatibility.

Prospective applicants must complete the registration process on the designated portal to initiate their application submission. This account creation is essential for the entirety of the registration period, ensuring smooth communication and tracking of your application progress.

By submitting your applications, you are consenting to the selection committee’s use of your personal information for registration purposes, ensuring a transparent and efficient application process.

All applications will undergo thorough scrutiny and verification procedures to validate candidates’ authenticity. Any instances of falsification or misrepresentation within applications will result in immediate disqualification from the registration phase.

Candidates are strictly advised to utilize the designated portal for application processing. Submissions via alternative methods, such as hand delivery or fax, will not be entertained by the selection committee, ensuring fairness and consistency in the evaluation process.

Closing Date
Applications for the Woolworths Job Vacancy as Buyers Assistant must be submitted before the closing date on 13 March 2024.

Make sure to submit your applications promptly to secure your place within the registration window. Doing so not only increases your chances of being accepted but also reduces the risk of encountering unexpected issues such as high internet traffic or missing paperwork at the eleventh hour.

It’s essential to adhere to the deadline for submitting applications for the program. The selection committee strictly prohibits late submissions, and any applications received after the closing date will be ineligible for consideration.

Please note that Woolworths retains the authority to appoint individuals during the recruitment phase, and the decisions of the selection committee are conclusive.

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