Status Staffing Solutions Job Vacancy as Gardener 2023: Permanent Position for Matric Applicants

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About the Status Staffing Solutions Job Vacancy as Gardener 2023
Status Staffing Solutions is offering an employment opportunity for applicants looking for a job as a professional Gardener (Healing Garden) with the company. The Status Staffing Solutions Job Vacancy as Gardener is an excellent chance for you to showcase your gardening expertise and contribute to creating a healing environment. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of our team as we work towards making a positive impact through our garden projects.

The Status Staffing Solutions Job Vacancy as Gardener is currently available for the following fields:

  • Ensure stone paths, beds, dams, and channels are kept clean and tidy
  • Implement effective weed control measures, differentiating between herbs, seedlings, and unwanted plants
  • Undertake various garden maintenance tasks, such as sowing, planting, fertilizing, and controlling insects
  • Regularly inspect and upkeep the irrigation system
  • Preserve the cleanliness of structures and plants in the nursery and its surroundings
  • Engage with guests, willingly share knowledge, and provide a welcoming experience
  • Conduct tours and workshops for visitors.

For application purposes, please kindly take note of the Status Staffing Solutions Job Vacancy as Gardener 2023’s Reference Number: PC001266.

Eligibility Criteria
Prior to applying for the Gardener position at Status Staffing Solutions, candidates need to meet specific eligibility criteria. Each of the listed requirements below will be used to assess whether you possess the necessary qualifications for this role. To increase the likelihood of a successful application, it is crucial that candidates satisfy all of the following criteria. Failure to meet these requirements will adversely affect the overall outcome of your application. It is advisable to take note of these criteria for your personal reference.

The Status Staffing Solutions Job Vacancy as Gardener Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Obtain a Matric qualification
  • Gain 3 years’ experience in a similar field
  • Work in a team and independently while maintaining high standards
  • Be fluent in Afrikaans & English (non-negotiable)
  • Demonstrate excellent interpersonal & communication skills
  • Organize and plan activities effectively
  • Show a fondness for herbs and respect for nature.

Application Instructions
Apply online Status Staffing Solutions Job Vacancy as Gardener 2023 at:

We suggest using Google Chrome as the preferred browser to access the mentioned website.

To complete the application form, please input relevant and accurate responses in the appropriate fields. It is essential to ensure that all the personal information provided reflects your current circumstances.

The selection committee, which includes you, will carefully review the information submitted. Therefore, it is crucial to verify that there is no false information provided. Applicants found to have provided untrue information may face potential risks.

By submitting your applications, you are granting permission to the selection committee to use your personal information for registration purposes.

Applications will be subject to additional scrutiny and evaluation to verify the authenticity of the applicants. Individuals found to have provided false information on their application will not be eligible for registration during the designated period.

Candidates must use the provided portal to process their applications. Submissions made through alternative methods such as hand delivery or fax will not be accepted by the selection committee.

Closing Date
Applications for the Status Staffing Solutions Job Vacancy as Gardener must be submitted before the closing date on 02 August 2023.

Applications received after the deadline will not be taken into consideration by the selection committee. Submissions sent after the deadline will not be acknowledged while registration is still open.

It is strongly advised that applicants submit their applications as early as possible. This will allow ample time to thoroughly review the information provided in the applications. Please ensure your applications are prepared and submitted promptly.

Only shortlisted candidates will receive notifications. If you do not receive any communication from the selection committee within 10 days after the closing date, we regret to inform you that you have not been selected for the program.

During the hiring process, Status Staffing Solutions reserves the right to decide whether or not to schedule an appointment. The decisions made by the selection committee are final and binding in all aspects.


  1. I am interested in this job opportunity you won’t regret by giving me this opportunity because I am fast learner and hard worker keep me updated

  2. I am eager and really interested in this job opportunity. I would put my everything and I’m a hard working person.. you won’t regret giving me this opportunity I’m a fast learner and a team player I liked to learn and gain knowledge of knew things

  3. I am really interested in this job opportunity you won’t regret by giving me this opportunity because I am fast learner and hard worker keep me updated on –

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