Hyundai Job Vacancy as Driver 2024: Accepting Individuals with Proper Driving Skills

About Hyundai
Hyundai South Africa is a prominent force in the automotive sector, serving as the representative of the renowned Hyundai brand in the Southern African region. Renowned for its commitment to innovation, Hyundai has established a significant presence in the South African market by providing a diverse range of vehicles tailored to meet the diverse needs and preferences of consumers. The company has built a reputation for manufacturing dependable and fuel-efficient cars, incorporating cutting-edge technology and contemporary design. Hyundai South Africa places a strong focus on ensuring customer satisfaction, delivering comprehensive after-sales services through an extensive network of dealerships and service centers across the nation.

At the heart of Hyundai South Africa’s achievements is a commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility. Actively involved in community initiatives and environmentally conscious practices, the company aligns itself with global endeavors aimed at fostering a greener future. Embracing a dynamic approach to the automotive landscape, Hyundai South Africa continues to evolve by introducing new models and embracing technological advancements, solidifying its standing as a trusted and forward-thinking automotive brand in the region.

About the Hyundai Job Vacancy as Driver 2024
Hyundai is providing canddiates the chance for active employment seekers to find work as a professional Driver in two of the company’s work locations. Take on the role of a Driver in the Hyundai Job Vacancy and guarantee the professional execution of delivering and collecting customers or parts. It is essential to consistently adhere to all road traffic ordinances. Additionally, perform regular checks and maintenance on company vehicles, promptly reporting any damages discovered. Engage in the general delivery of documents to distributors and suppliers as part of your responsibilities.

For application purposes, please kindly take note of the Hyundai Job Vacancy as Driver 2024’s Reference Numbers:

  • Cape Town, Western Cape – Ref. No. MOT240517-4

Driver Duties

  • Offer transportation to customers when requested, supporting service advisors and receptionists.
  • Support the end controller by participating in tasks such as moving cars in and out of the inspection area as required.
  • Handle the movement of vehicles in and out of wash bays as necessary.
  • Employ the Carshop LDV and/or Mobi-Jack to recover vehicles that have broken down, following the foreman’s instructions.
  • Ensure precise recording of the kilometers covered by the vehicle on each trip using the provided logbook.
  • Notify the foreman of any faults identified on breakdown vehicles or the Mobi-Jack.
  • Safely and courteously operate vehicles in adherence to established standards.
  • Inform the workshop foreman promptly about any accidents that occur.
  • Execute additional reasonable duties as delegated periodically at the discretion of management.
  • Support the washbay by assisting in the cleaning of customer and breakdown vehicles.
  • Follow the protocol of reporting to reception upon being dispatched.
  • Strictly comply with all road traffic ordinances at all times.

Application Requirements
Believe you embody the requisite qualities to apply for the Hyundai Job Vacancy as a Driver? Make sure to promptly submit your application! Before proceeding, acquaint yourself with the eligibility criteria for the program. These criteria serve as the benchmark for determining your suitability as a candidate. To evaluate your qualifications, carefully review the eligibility criteria outlined below. It is advisable to meet all the requirements on the list to maximize your likelihood of success.

The Hyundai Job Vacancy as Driver Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Gain 1-2 years of experience as a Driver in the Corporate sector
  • Obtain a valid Driver License (Code 08)
  • Have proper driving skills.

How to Apply
Apply online Hyundai Job Vacancy as Driver 2024 at:

For optimum relevance, please input your responses directly into the designated sections on the application site. Ensure that all personal information is accurate and relevant to your current situation, unless otherwise specified.

The complete selection committee, including yourself, will carefully review this information, and strict confidentiality will be upheld. It is crucial to meticulously verify that there is no misinformation, as this is essential to mitigate potential risks associated with candidates providing inaccurate details.

The information you provide will be utilized by the selection committee for event registration purposes. By submitting your application, you authorize the committee to use your personal information specifically for this intended purpose.

Applicants are required to utilize the designated website for submitting their applications. The committee responsible for evaluating applications will dismiss any attempts to submit documents through alternative methods such as hand delivery or fax.

Application Deadline
Applications for the Hyundai Job Vacancy as Driver must be submitted before the closing date on 24 May 2024.

Register without delay to secure your application in advance, although it’s important to understand that this doesn’t assure instant success; it merely secures your place in the recruitment process.

Should you not receive an interview invitation within two weeks of the application deadline, kindly consider your application as unsuccessful.

Applications submitted after the closing date will not be reviewed by the selection committee; they will be promptly dismissed, regardless of their content.

Hyundai maintains the authority to either approve or reject employment for individuals. The decisions made by the selection committee are final and binding on all parties involved.


  1. Good morning interested in driving job hve code 8 reside in Gauteng worked at Hyundai Edenvale as a fitment technician for 11years willing relocate

  2. Good day.

    I have 16 years of management experience, from staff, equipment, stock, balancing of books, debt collecting, signing of leases, drafting reports, liaising with clients, training and daily banking and cash up
    Thank you

  3. I’m Sandile Fazel I reside in verulam Durban I’m currently looking for open positions….. I have 11 years of experience in driving and 5 years of experience in electricity and electrical equipments.. I’m willing to relocate I’m flexible….im punctual I work well under pressure I’m a refresher and I have gained a lot of experience in handling and responding to customers.. I respect authority

  4. Hi I trust that you are well.i am Mr Adam who is seeking employment urgently.i am sa citizen who is willing to learn and I am a honest reliable responsibile motivated individual who is seeking employment urgently.please feel free to contact me directly on -.. thank you in advance Mr Adam,…. please respond to me.,.thank you…

  5. Dear sir / madam

    I hope this message finds you well, please finds my application for be drivers n sales person I will be happy to hear from you soon to discuss this exciting opportunity

    Best regards

    Mogau kgabane mohlatlole

    44 Kilimanjaro street
    Kilipfontein ext 1

  6. I Sabelo Eugene Mbhele ID no 840108 5417 089 hereby wish to apply for the code 8 drivers position at Hyundai motors, please find my full attached CV below with all my expertise, skills and qualifications sir/madam.
    I trust my application will reach your expected requirements needed by the company. Please consider my application as priority as I am looking forward in being part of the Hyundai motors family team member and player sir/madam thank you.

    Yours faithfully
    Mr SE Mbhele

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